Friday, 28 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 20

Outnumbered?.....I doesn't think so.
A well below par week for most of us the last time out as we all felt the pinch of rotation during the festive period by managers, or for that matter no rotation for Dzeko owners. These write ups are coming thick and fast, which is generally the case this time of year. Hopefully this weekend will fill a bit more in control with things clearer than the midweek matches. The matches after the jump.

Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 19

"Hear that Music?"
I'm writing this with a little over 3 hours left to the deadline as was busy with family & christmas past few days. Any how, no time for small talk so lets get down to the matchups and picks.

Friday, 21 December 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 18

Back after a long break from writing an article here and looking forward to a busy Christmas period for us fantasy managers as matchdays come by rather quickly.

It was good to see QPR register their first win of the season, hopefully it should get them on track from here on. Cazorla once again proved his talent with a hatrick against Reading. Liverpool clearly seem to be struggling to keep up with the top.

Looking forward to Week 18, lets get to the best matchups :

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 17

Tada!....I'm Back!!
Hello everyone, I'm just going to start by saying that when it comes to double gamers its always safer to go with them rather than single gamers as they have a chance to redeem themselves even if they screw up in one match just like this last week.....Or I could be totally wrong as the Sunderland vs Reading match hasn't taken place yet. Anyway moving on from there we are back with everyone playing a single match with two teams totally absent and those being Southampton and Chelsea with the latter in japan playing in the club world cup. Lets see what we have instore for this weekend.

Friday, 7 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 16

...And he walks in your team...Shorely!

Another weekend of fantasy dawns upon us bringing with it two mediocre fantasy teams playing two matches. Those being Sunderland and Reading. The choice of going for a single gamer is a bit tougher than normal as there are no "great match ups" to look out for. Anyways, we will try and work out the best strategy with what we have and aim for a good score. Lets take a deeper look at the games.

Friday, 30 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 15

There isnt any thing better than midweek matchdays as they just make the week look so much smaller. Just 2  days seperate Week 14 and 15, leaving us to make changes quickly and get all geared for another challenging week ahead of us.

Without wasting much time, lets get straight to the easy matchups and picks for week 15 :

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 14

Captain Fantastic!
Hello all, haven't really gotten out of the hang over of last weekend and this midweek is upon us. Caught up in my work was not able to post anything with a hectic monday keeping me away from the computer. Anyway the week went off well for me as I entered the below 1500 spot this week. Now just need the momentum to push me in the 1000's. Matchups look very interesting and have opportunities to score every where, tricky part is knowing who could sit out the mid week or not be in for a full 90. lets get on with it.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 13

RVP - "I will deliver the balls...Oh..I mean goals"
Sometimes things are just that simple. Tevez and Suarez proved it last week, that good matchups at home is just the perfect combination to look for and comparing anything against that is just pulling your odds down. So keeping in with that theme in mind will help us have a very clear cut vision of what is awaiting our teams this fantasy weekend. Lets go over the games.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 12

Get on my Bandwagon??...Hell Yeah!

Midweek International friendlies, don't you just love them. I don't read the scores but I do go over starting lineups and subs made, minutes played during the matches with the fantasy implications in mind. Fantasy wise my team isn't putting up great numbers but performing solidly enough to maintain my below 3400 spot. What I need is a blockbuster week to push my self into the 2000s'. So after sorting it all out in my head heres how I think the weekend will pan out...or at least I hope it will. On to the match ups.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 11

Been watching all EPL, Champions league and Europa League games this week and must admit its non stop entertainment for us fans irrespective of who we support.

Week 11 is right upon us after a week where we saw Man City, City, Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool and Everton drop points. It saw Man Utd taking top spot as a result. Who would have expected the likes of Norwich, Wigan, Aston Villa and West Ham to have a clean sheet over the weekend.

Lets get to Week 11 picks :

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 10

AVB - "I'm not letting you go anywhere..hehe"
Hello all, I'm taking up writing duties from AM this weekend so he could concentrate one of his wavering teams that got off to blistering starts but has gone into stagnation. As we go into week 10 with almost 1/4th of the season over your ranks would be settling and not feeling more like a crazy roller coaster ride. Now its time to dig deep into your fantasy manager brains and start climbing those ranks. Now ranks will represent quality rather than flukes so if your a good manager you would surely move up. Another all important Capital One Cup round midway through with the teams testing their depth in ranks and mostly resting their first team squad. Here's what we have lined up for the weekend.

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 9

We saw some good performances by midfielders in Week 8, with the likes of Nolan, Sterling, Michu and co. scoring and producing double digit scores. It was not a very productive week for defenders or keepers as most of the games were deprived of a clean sheet. 

Week 9 has a lot of potentially high scoring encounters. Arsenal host QPR at the Emirates, City host Swansea, Reading host Fulham and Tottenham are away to Southampton. All these fixtures seem to be high scoring and I would be looking to load most of the players from these teams.

Big one in Week 9 is Chelsea vs Manchester United. With Chelsea is prime form and coming off a loss against Shakhtar in midweek ( their first loss of the season ) are up against a team who are conceding and scoring goals. Man Utd cant afford to be 7 pts behind the leaders and I see this is game as a must win or draw for the visitors.

Well, lets get straight to matchups and picks for Week 9 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 8

Seems like a long break, doesn't it ? There isn't any reason to like these international breaks and its great to be nearing a matchday, an EPL matchday. Its week 8, one-fifth of the season mark, and its time to step up as a fantasy manager.

Good thing about a break is it breaks the momentum in case you have not been doing well and gives you lots of time to reconsider your strategy moving forward. There have been many points that ones got to learn from the way this season has started.

Week 8 starts with a London derby and has some nice fixtures which you could easily call one sided. The pick of the lot are :

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 7

Coming off a very high scoring week 6 where we saw some big numbers from forwards like Suarez, Jelavic, Ba, Crouch etc who have been knocking on the door for a few weeks and it was about time they all got themselves on the scoresheet.It does confirm the fact that "put your money forward" , a rule, which we have been stressing on from day 1.

Week 7 is no less of excitement as there are around 8-9 one sided fixtures and which could all feature in our easy match ups. Options are plenty and this is where differentials will lead you ahead.

Lets get straight to the best 15 picks along with the easy matchups :

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 6

Having got in all the injury updates from the Capital One cup played in midweek, there isn't much damage which is good going into Week 6. However the most concerning news for most managers was the fact that Tevez played the full 120 mins including extra time against Aston Villa in midweek. That doesn't make him any favorable specially with Aguero back and having Dzeko rested.

On the positive side, we saw the likes of Michu, Torres, Giroud, Sahin, Cleverley, Cisse etc get on the score sheet which is good for the weeks to come.

We have a cracker of a weekend coming up, with an early kick off ( Arsenal vs Chelsea ), yes we will have the team news for you before the deadline and it will be interesting to know the starting status of Oscar, Bertrand etc. Then we have 6 games at regular 3.00 pm and Man Utd vs Spurs as a late kick off.

Lets get straight to the easy matchups of week 6 :

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 5

With 4 weeks in the new season, i get hold of Week 5 preview and player picks ( my first article for the season ) and yes many more to come as we go along.

Looking at the way things have moved in these 4 weeks, it has to be said that its a long season ahead and things dont get any easier for a fantasy manager. The reason i say this is because every week the scenario is different from the previous week and with champions league group stages on, one should expect lots of rotations from the top 4 teams.

We shall be keeping tract on the probability of starting, form, opposition etc to consider our top 15 for the coming week.

Lets get straight to the easy matchups of week 5 :

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 4

Roland Juhasz -"Missed you on the Barn door bro..."

Back after the international break, feels like another start to the season. The internationals have done exactly what fantasy managers fear they would end up doing....complicating their lives. The big question this week is the availability of the RVP and Kagawa duo, with potentially the most profitable investments, both a doubt with injuries picked up while playing for their countries. SAF is never one to depend on when it comes to injury status updates, unlike Wenger who tends to be a little more helpful if not direct. Anyways, on to the matchups.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 3

"You'r our man now...for now"
By the time we get this matchday rolling all teams would have gone through the hustle and bustle of the transfer deadline day and be equipped to go through till january with the players in hand. It would be a relief for us managers with questions such as VDV or Siggy out of the way and our choices not to be spoiled by who starts and who doesn't decisions...not that I still would trust AVB to make the right call.
Anyway onto this weeks matches.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 2

"Ahhhh....I'm no bench warmer!"......
Hello all, the one thing we should all try and learn from the past matchday is that, to try and bring in as many double gamers is the best strategy to go with, although picks like Michu, Petric are not always possible to predict, the double gamers are a safe bet to give you a good overall production. Anyways, back to normalcy and single games weekend where things should be a little less complicated. lets go over the favourable match ups..

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Matchday Insight : Week Numero Uno!

"The race for the golden boot?"...bookies think so.
Wow, just two days away from kicking off another season!....One of the most exciting feelings for me personally. Alot of transfer activity has given most teams a fresh feel (barring Man City...they changed their formation to bring in the freshness) and with that a whole lot of new options for us to dig into as we put together our first 11 to grace the virtual fields. A double game week for 2 teams is how we are kick starting this season, those teams being Reading and Chelsea. Lets get to the business end and see where are options stand.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Join our blog league

After a great debut season for our blog last year we are delighted to write weekly preview and player picks for the 2012-13 season. We look forward to interacting with you regarding your fantasy teams and hope to bring the best across on a weekly basis.

With less than 2 weeks to go its time to set up leagues so that you can join Rohit and me in our blog league.
Lets get started :

Yahoo Fantasy Football 
Insight Fantasy EPL
Blog league id code : 5046
Password :  ifepl

Official Fantasy Premier League
Insight EPL
Blog league code : 3942-100865

We thank you for your continuous support and look forward to the same in the season to come.

Friday, 27 July 2012

Official Fantasy Premier League : Insight

With just over 3 weeks to go for the start of the season, its that time where we try to fix our fantasy teams with strategies, rough lineups, scouting for season long picks, joining leagues etc. Most of us rather all of us here realize the excitement that goes along with the Yahoo format of the game.The deadline day transfers, barn door, reading player picks, waiting for scores, trying to beat your competitors etc are things which pretty much complete a good week.

However those of you who play the Official format will notice the difference in approach to the game and how strategies are so different when you are allowed just 1 free transfer with no major changes in valuations.

With enough time to make changes to your teams, we though it would be appropriate to put up the
best value picks out there also keeping in mind the double game week to begin with.

Our blog league code on the Official fantasy premier league is : 3942-100865

Friday, 20 July 2012

Fantasy Insight : New Signings

With the launch of the Yahoo game for the 2012 - 13 season , we have seen many players come into the game from different leagues and therefore providing plenty of bargain opportunities. Its surprising to see so many talented players come in and it makes the task of a fantasy manager even more interesting.

We have got here a list of the best transfers made from out of the league and who are launched in the Yahoo fantasy game with base values.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The "Promoted" Top 3 Picks

'He stands at over 6' 3 Rickie, Rickie.. he'll take us to the Premier League Rickie, Rickie...'
The season start is a month away, the fantasy game doors are going to explode open in the not so distant future, so its time to start doing your homework and the best place to start is right at the bottom. The 3 new teams that would be playing in the top flight of english football this season are Southampton, Reading and WestHam Utd. Now with the amount of new players influx expected this transfer window I thought its better we concentrate on the Top 3 players from these clubs as there will be alot of great bargains from already existing teams available to select from. So here goes..

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Gylfi Sigurdsson signs for Tottenham

Andre-Villas Boas today made Gylfi Sigurdsson his first signing as Tottenham head coach. After the heroic display for Swansea last season in a short spell ( on loan ) he did prove that he is meant for the Premier League.Tottenham Hotspurs have been looking to strengthen their midfield as they seem to lose out on 1 or 2 of their key players.

Gylfi Sigurdsson has been on target right from the start of his loan move to Swansea last season and scored 7 goals in 19 appearances for the Welsh Side.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Euro Insight : Matchday 2 & 3 Picks

Matchday 1 has not been the most scoring due to several reasons. Only 2 clean sheets including that of Denmark which was literally against the odds and lots of 1-1 draws from team which are expected to win the tournament.However they have seen their toughest game in the group stages go by and theres all to play for in Matchday 2 and 3. 

Had to make this article really quick due to the timing between matchdays, so lets see whats in store for Matchday 2 and 3 :

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Euro 2012 Insight : Player Picks

With less than a week to go for the games to begin and almost finished with all the friendly games, its time to gear up for the games to begin.With gearing up i am indicating to all us fantasy managers to get the best team out there.The "McDonald's Fantasy Football" is expected to attract fantasy managers from all over the world and it makes the challenge even more bigger and exciting.

Lots of  good players who are ready to show up at this big stage and a lot more differential picks available this time around.

Lets get straight to the best picks for Matchday 1

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Euro 2012 Fantasy : How it works

Im sure by now you all must have registered your teams in the McDonald's Fantasy Football. In case you haven't here is the link

With less than 10 days to go before the games kick off on the 8th of June, its time to get all the facts right before we get to team selection and player picks.

Lets get straight to our point by point analysis of the rules of the fantasy game :

Friday, 18 May 2012

Euro 2012 Fantasy Insight

It's been an exciting finish to the 2011-12 season and we have had an amazing time getting to you the best picks through out the season.

We are equally excited to cover the Euro 2012 and write about the best picks throughout the tournament.

In case you haven't got your team registered as yet,waste no time to get started with the McDonald's Fantasy Football

Friday, 11 May 2012

The Matchday Insight: Finale Week

"We Got This"......."Yeeeeaaaheheh"
Hey guys sorry for the late post, was a bit caught up this weekend with work. Its been a long fun season for all of us. Alot of ups and downs in our fantasy teams.  Some outstanding  consistency in the likes of RVP and Dempsey....some great bargains of the season like Aguero and DDG....and some new names that will rule the future fantasy teams...Siggy, P.Cisse. For me myself, at the start of week 13 was at a rank of 50000+....right now I sit just inside of the 1000 at 894. Hoping I reach my target of top 500 in this penultimate week. Alright, On to the last of the season's weekly analysis.

Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 37

A massive weekend in terms of the title race came to a close with no less a massive result for City with them now in control of their destiny without the worry of what happens in the last 2 games with United. Fantasy wise a big double week in which some great performances from expected players (Jelavic,Pinaar) and some good punts that turned out great(Torres). Now we are in the final stretch. With 2 games left everything still depends on this matchday for the 2 fighting for top honours, the next 4 for the other 2 champions league spots and the scramble at the bottom to stay in the almighty premier league. Let get into details.

Friday, 27 April 2012

Injury Insight : Week 36


Its been a long season and many players are now feeling it physically, there are lots of injury concerns heading into the last 3 weeks of this season.

We have an all important matchday ahead of us where there is lots in store in terms of points and rank movement.Im sure you would want to know who all are available and injured for this week :

Lets get straight into important injury updates and team news :

Thursday, 26 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 36

The last week had 2 teams from the bottom half of the table play twice i.e Aston Villa and Bolton where we saw lots of fantasy managers score more than the125 points mark.There weren't many high average players to pick from but still the outputs were positive.The likes of Petrov and Eagles did turn out to be great investments.Even the cheaper options returned 2 to 3 times their values which was good to see.

After 2 high scoring weeks in a row, we head towards the big double games this week where the likes of Tottenham, Newcastle, Chelsea, Everton, Liverpool, Fulham, Stoke and Bolton play twice.There seem to be many options for you to choose from as all these teams contain high potential players who have had a great season in terms of fantasy points.

In other fixtures we have both the Manchester clubs facing each other in an all important derby, Arsenal who have been off the boil, with Rvp completely out of form, have a tough away trip to Stoke.

Lets take a look at the teams playing double games this week :

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 35

Coming off a great matchday last week where most of the picks did really well and gave high double figures.I was out for most of last week but i did see all your comments and was happy to see mostly everyone had the Tevez-Aguero combination which gave 62.5 pts together.

With just 4 matchdays to go,its all to play for as many teams will be putting their best XI on the pitch and with most of the teams out of other competitions, there is no risk of rotations or resting of players.

Week 35 contains all 10 fixtures plus an additional fixture i.e Aston Villa vs Bolton.Therefore these two teams play two games this week.This is an interesting twist to the tail as most of the fantasy managers now need to compare the good one gamers to lets say an average double gamer options from these two teams who are not in the best of form.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

The Matchday Insight: Week 34

The semi finals of the FA Cup take place this weekend where Liverpool play Everton and Chelsea are against Tottenham.
This has left us with only 6 league games this weekend.
Its an ideal situation for the ones who don't hold many players on discounts but
Incase you do hold 'in-form' players like Cisse,Dempsey,Ben Arfa etc its time to make some tough decisions.
I would suggest you to keep only those discounted player ( who don't play this week) who you have at minimum half their price.For e.g incase you have Cisse at lesser than 13, you could hold on to him and hope he returns the points in the double game week in Week 36. 
Similiarly Ben Arfa could be held on to incase you have him at less than 7.
Marginal discounts should be ignored this week all 6 fixtures look tempting.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 33

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter !!!

The deadline for Week 33 is 12.00 noon U.K Time on Monday i.e 09.04.2012 so we have less than a day to get our teams ready.

This is a very brief edition as we will analyze each matchup with best picks, team news and the rotation risks which play a very important part in Easter matchweeks.

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 32

Important news is that the deadline for Week 32 is on Friday and not on Saturday as the matchday begins on Friday - Swansea vs Newcastle and the next week ( Week 33 ) deadline is on Monday.

Before we get into the analysing Week 32, its worth mentioning the high scoring week we have just come through. 12 players scored +20 points and most of you must have seen your score go past the 100 mark for Week 31.Players like Sigurdsson, P.Cisse, Valencia, Vdv, Balotelli have been common picks with most fantasy managers but those who gambled with Adebayor and Torres must have seen themselves go up in ranks.

The point worth a mention is that does one spend 26+ on Rooney or Rvp? or do you spread those funds to get players like Adebayor, Welbeck, Balotelli or may be even the likes of P. Cisse or Young at retail prices.These are crucial decisions as they might cost you huge points and rank movements.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Injury Insight : Week 31

With lots of rumours regarding injuries, its important to get the right facts across to you from all the official statements from the teams.This article will be updated on a regular basis, right till the deadline on Saturday, as and when we keep getting any important information.

Lets get straight to team news & Injury updates :

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 31

Official confirmation from Yahoo is that Week 31 is a regular single game matchday and no team plays twice.A lot of confusion regarding this last week and led to many changing their entire team in the process.

The positives that came out of this was that we all assessed Newcastle players in more detail and BenArfa/Cisse caught our attention all over again.Now that Newcastle play only once at home against Liverpool, do you hold on to them or look else where? These are just a few of many questions coming in to us before we head into Week 31.

This week we have a couple of easy matchups and the remaining ties are all a battle for either existence ( Wolves vs Bolton),(Wigan vs Stoke) or a spot in Europa League ( Newcastle vs Liverpool)

Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 30

Glad to hear that Muamba is showing good signs to recovery and its the strength of the footy family thats transfered the good wishes to him.We do hope you all continue to pray for him to recover fully . #PrayforMuamba

We are into the Week 30's and its the business end of the season where teams try to make their positions safe(r) whichever spot on the table they may belong.Its the top 7-8 teams and the bottom few teams who give it all as there is lots to win or lose.It makes us benefit from no rotations or no resting of players and we would see the best eleven on the field.

Lets get straight to Week 30 and the best matchups :

Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 29

Last week was great as most of us who went all in with Liverpool players did see a good jump in points and rank.A brilliant performance by Gerrard and its important to mention Suarez here as he unselfishly set up 2 of the 3 goals scored by Gerrard.

A much needed boost going in to the last phase of the season.With just 10 matchdays to go, its time to do things differently and thats what we aim to do in our analysis of Week 29.

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 28

The Last Matchday Week 27 started with all negative news such as Aguero, Silva, Taiwo and Richards being rested or injured, one thought of the worst possible outcome but it was the rescue act by Pogrebnyak,Dempsey,Sigurdsson,Riise,Young and RVP which not only saved the day but made it a big week for most of us.

With just 11 matchdays to go,it gets more important to take each matchday on its own merit rather than looking too far ahead.

Week 28 is crucial as it does have an extra game ( Liverpool vs Everton ) and therefore these 2 teams play twice this week.Do we go all in with this game or take a mid way approach or just simply stay away ? The answer to this could be crucial to the way our teams perform at this important stage.

Friday, 2 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 27

Its a Friday edition of the Matchday Insight as we have had to wait for all the team news to come in after the international friendlies and see who all have recovered to play for the coming matchday.Lots of players withdrew before these matches due to a minor knock or just a precautionary measure by clubs.

Liverpool vs Arsenal is the early kickoff and is a buildup to a cracker of a week in store for us.Looking forward to all the matchups, most of the matches are evenly matched making it tough to choose either sides between them.The only ones where we could predict a clear winner are :

Friday, 24 February 2012

Week 26 Insight : Top 3 Picks

There seems to be quite a strong definition in the top picks this matchday. All Have excellent matchups and form coming in, making them sure shot point posters. Alot of huge potential top players vs weak team matchups gives us great options. City is dominating the 2 picks for this week and rightly so with their devastating home record. Lets take a look at who make the Top 3 for this week.

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 26

Its been a wait for the fantasy world but finally the weekend is arriving and our brains slowly start to phase out to the world of permutations and combinations to get the perfect team setup before we hit the saturday deadline. There has been alot of action during the "fantasy" break with most teams having played a round of FA cup and the first round of knock-outs in europe. Alot new information to decipher so lets get on with it.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Evra - Suarez showdown

Man Utd - Liverpool was always going to be the clash of the most successful clubs in the league with alot of history behind them but what was unfortunate to see as a football fan was the continuation of bad behaviour of some one called Luis Suarez.

Firstly the racist comments on Evra for which Suarez was rightfully banned for 8 matches which should have taught him a lesson or two.But it wasn't the case and we had to see the scenes before,during and after the game.

In case you missed it, im sure you would want to see it for your self what went on in the Man Utd - Liverpool game.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Week 25 Insight : Top 3 Picks

Those of you who picked Rvp last week would be a happy lot going into week 25.However if you are spoilt with choices or limited to a few this week,we could help you get to a good pick in defence,midfield and forward.
This week does not have many one sided games and therefore you would have to go with form more than anything else.
Lets see the best 3 picks for week 25 :

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 25

Before we get to Week 25, i do feel its important to lay stress on the massive impact RVP and Ox had on last week.It was a 69 pts combination which either put you right up there or made you feel disgusted for not having atleast one of them in your team.

Lets hope we have the best ammunition for Week 25 :

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Week 24 Insight : Top 3 Picks

Lets see who makes it to our top 3 picks for week 24 :

The Matchday Insight : Week 24

The best part about midweek matchdays is that it doesn't let you wait for the next one, which is just 2 days away.Its the momentum that continues from one to another and im sure more clarity about some picks which did or didnt work well in the previous matchday.

Our articles in the last few weeks have started with mentioning Krul as he either makes or breaks your matchday.Well this week he did a brilliant job for most of you who stuck with him.Some of the ex-man.utd players like Campbell,Gibson or Obertan were on the scoresheets.Bale and Dempsey have proven it yet again that they are the best midfielders in the league at the moment.First goal for the season for Kuyt,Gibson and N Zogbia. Last but not the least Carroll did finally score a goal.

Lets get straight to Week 24 :

Friday, 27 January 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 23

With the weekend full of FA cup 4th round action and Week 23 to be played on Tuesday and Wednesday, we still have another 4 days to go for getting our fantasy teams ready.Most of fantasy managers still haven't got over the gift Krul gave last week and we do hope to stay away from such picks who play tough away games.Dempsey has to be one of the most reliable midfielders in the game and he showed it once again why he is the highest scorer from his country in the EPL.This week could welcome back the return of Adebayor who missed out on last week and hopefully has had enough rest to get his act back in order.We do hope his hunger for goals should get him back in contention in our fantasy teams.

Forwards like Welbeck and Bellamy have been good investments and like the stock market we could call them"mid cap shares" who are outperforming.On the other hand we have picks like Torres who could be termed as a bad investment.Big names like Rooney,VDV ,Gerrard and Rvp have slowed down just a little bit.

This matchday it somehow feels we are spoilt for choices once again with alot of easy matchups and its the right combinations that could prove a big advantage.Before a indepth analysis lets have a look at the easy matchups for Week 23.

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Midweek Insight

With a long wait for Week 23, here is a summary of all the events during the week including transfers,injuries and results from the Carling Cup Semi finals.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 22 Insight : Top 3 picks

The focus here is on the best 3 picks who could have a major impact this week in terms of fantasy points.

It may sometime so happen that a player hasnt done much in recent weeks but you know that this is the week he is going to peak.By following such players over time one does know when the big game is round the corner.Ofcourse other factors such as form,opposition,bulidup to the week etc do play an important factor.

Lets have a look at the best 3 picks for week 22 :

The Matchday Insight : Week 22

Torres reflects on his luck...
We all seem to be left with the bitter aftertaste of yet another miserable unexpected week for most. These seem to be coming on a more regular basis than the usual odd one or two during the course of a full season. I seem to be somehow escaping these weeks with another decent output of 84 but that was more to do with my unavailability to change my team before deadline rather than my picks of choosing.

On to this week there is a sense of comfort that can be felt with 4 of the top 5 teams playing each other making the possibilities of the big name players being added in teams go down. This can be good. Choices will feel simpler and managers will have more confidence going in this week due to the fact that big investments will be avoided and spreading the points is the direction to go with. The best matchups are as follows: