Thursday, 2 February 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 24

The best part about midweek matchdays is that it doesn't let you wait for the next one, which is just 2 days away.Its the momentum that continues from one to another and im sure more clarity about some picks which did or didnt work well in the previous matchday.

Our articles in the last few weeks have started with mentioning Krul as he either makes or breaks your matchday.Well this week he did a brilliant job for most of you who stuck with him.Some of the ex-man.utd players like Campbell,Gibson or Obertan were on the scoresheets.Bale and Dempsey have proven it yet again that they are the best midfielders in the league at the moment.First goal for the season for Kuyt,Gibson and N Zogbia. Last but not the least Carroll did finally score a goal.

Lets get straight to Week 24 :

Keepers are turning out to be an important member in the team where contributing to points is concerned.It does require the defence to be inform and no slip ups at all.Coming off a clean sheet and playing at home against Blackburn does make Szczesny a good bet for this week.

With an improved performance over the last few weeks, you could see alot more from Vermaelen.He did look lively against Bolton and with Blackburn making a trip to the Emirates you could be ready for a good game from him.Another reason to pick him is the weak right back options for Blackburn which will allow Vermaelen free access.

A strong debut for Taye Taiwo yesterday with a shot on target and some passes intercepted.Always prefer a wing back to a centre forward as they keep contributing from their offensive performances apart from the clean sheets.Playing at home against Wolves should be a no brainer and his price hasnt gone up too much to get him in.

There could be some formation changes with the absence of Cabaye for the next few weeks and the return of Ba and Cisse.This could lead to R.Taylor moving up to midfield and therefore not changing the defence too much.Coming off a clean sheet and his price not so high, Santon could be worth a look in for this week against Aston Villa at home.

For leading your midfield, look no further than Gareth Bale who is in a form of his own and doesnt really matter who he is playing against.Even though Liverpool are a good team to play against, top players like Bale could sort any opposition out.Having him in your midfield does provide stability and you are in for a good performance irrespective.With his price gone up making him the most expensive player in the game, you wouldnt want to keep him out of your team at this point.

G.Sigurdsson has looked lively in his first few games and is teaming up well in the Swansea midfield.His contributions have been noticed.Playing against West Brom, who have not won a game at home since November 19th , should be a good matchup.

With the addition of Martin o Neill, Sunderland look like a strong team and have put in some amazing performances.One man who is in the thick of things is Sessegnon who has been assisting andscoring goals for fun.In the last 5 games, he has scored 3, assisted 2 and averages a shot on goal per game.On the other hand Stoke conceed goals at home and not as strong as they used to be.

Sticking with another team with a new manager, QPR seem to have been uplifted in all ways possible with the addition of Mark Hughes.The did look more lively against Aston Villa and now they have easy games against Wolves and Blackburn.Buzsaky,if fit, looks like the player to have in your side.Missed out last matchday but should be back in the line up.His last home game saw him produce a goal,an assist and 4 shots on targets.He does seem to be the pick of QPR midfielders.

After some quiet weeks its about time to support the man,RVP.His value has been on its way down and it does seem in reach with the budgets.There couldnt be a better matchup and timing for Arsenal to play Blackburn at the Emirates.Picking RVP for this week doesnt require any stats, thoughts or any comparisons.

Qpr has the right matches coming up and the morale in the dressing room is sky high.The team has made the right additions in the January transfers and with the partnership of Cisse and Zamora they could be a team to watch out for in the near term.

Having someone like Fraizer Campbell back after a long layoff due to injury must be like a new signing for Martin O Neill.With the absence of Bendtner, it could be a good time to stick with Campbell as the midfield is providing the right support for their frontman.

Well that sums up our best picks for week 24.This week we have put up a different format and a change from the regular.Hope you did like it.Looking forward to a good week and hopefully a high scoring one.

Hope you have a great weekend.You can follow our twitter @iFantasyEPL for all team updates.


  1. AM please rate my team:

    Turner Taiwo Onuoha
    Larsson Sessegnon Sigurdsson Ox
    RVP Donovan Campbell

    6.78 left in my bank.
    Thinking of upgrade someone, most probably Ox, any idea?

    1. 3 of your back 4 are from QPR so 1 goal from Wolves could hurt.
      Why not upgrade Onuoha to Vermaelen ?
      Ox has an easy game against Blackburn.
      Rest looks good to go.

    2. Thanks, Vermaelen is another decent upgrade too!

  2. I got above 80 in week 23, thanks to Bale & Dempsey.

    Pls rate my team for week 24:

    Thanks and best regards!

    1. Hi Tayo,above 80 is a good score and great to know you had those two.

      Your team for week 24 :
      - HBA might be on the bench as Ba and Cisse are back in the squad to face Aston Villa.
      - Kaboul is playing against Liverpool, why not play 3-4-3 and get in someone like Sigurdsson.
      - I like that Rvp and Bale combination.

  3. Team after the Barndoor yesterday:


    Clark Santon Taiwo

    Silva Valencia Sessegnon Sigurdsson

    Aguero Campbell Rvp/Ba

    with 2.01 to spare with RvP and 9.13 with Ba in. Go with RvP and leave the team or go with Ba and upgrade somewhere?

    1. Hi Trini,I would go with RVP simply because he is due a big game.He has been quiet for 2 weeks and the odds are good for him to do well against Blackburn.

      You dont need an upgrade elsewhere so you dont need to save funds.

      Ba is a great pick as well but if you had to pick one this week, has to be Rvp.

    2. I decided to go with Ba and turn Taiwo into Kompany for fear of Rvp resting.

    3. Im with you on that one , but will try getting the team sheet before deadline.So suggest you make a back up plan in case we get any info regarding RVP just 5-10 mins before deadline.

      Will update on chat here and twitter

    4. what a way to backfire. Rvp plays and puts up 42. Kompany out with a knee injury. Ba has to put up more than 42 points to justify my switch now. :/

    5. Yes lots of work for Ba to do.Its catch up time.

      Our articles have RVP all over them this week but getting carried away by rumours and other sites just didnt work on a personal level.

      I hope Ba does really well.

    6. 1 goal ...2 more to go !!!
      Come on Ba

    7. never should have switched. next time i'm sticking with my gut. Still turned in to an ok week though

    8. Hard luck and im keeping away from saturday changes as well.Never a good idea. Max see team news on friday and leave it to that.
      Hows ur rank ?

    9. Not terrible but not where i'd like to be. I'm first in my mini-league by about 300 points and sitting in the 4000's overall. Yourself?

    10. Well i wish you asked me this 3 weeks back . Was comfortably in the top 1000 but after 2 bad hits down to 3825.
      Im geared up for the next week already :)
      I got to listen to our blog and not other sites.RULE

  4. AM,
    Could RVP truly be rested this weekend?
    That'll be tough on many of us who just brought him in.
    What's your take on the speculation/story?

    1. We could have the team news around deadline.

      However there is no mention of RVP resting in Wenger"s press conference.

      However Wenger did go on to add that he will make “some changes”.

      On a personal note i dont see RVP resting after a draw against Bolton and they have won only 1 out of the last 5 games.They are in the 7th position in the table and can they afford to rest RVP?

  5. AM,
    Onuha kompany Clark~1
    Gibson~3 Irland~ 2 Sess Valencia
    Suarez RVP Flecther
    Rate my team plz
    And i am thinking change Onuha+Flecher to Ayala+Dezko
    Which one is better?

    1. Good discounts there in your team
      Onuoha and Fletcher play against each other so you need to go for either Qpr or wolves.
      Thats why Dzeko / Ayala is better.

      Why not Ba and Cisse instead of Suarez( against Spurs ) and Fletcher ?

  6. Kenny
    Verm Taiwo [SeaBass]
    Bale Sigurdsson S.Ireland Ox
    Ba RVP Campbell

    Got 3 options for a defender for 3.69.
    SeaBass, Foley, Ayala.
    Personally, I dont like Ayala and have never picked him but guy's playing at home against Bolton. Is Foley certain to start? Does Bassong take Berra's spot or Foley's spot at RB? Plz comment on the strength of my team.

    1. Hi Ryan,
      Your team looks strong.
      Check ox's injury status by tomorrow as he is due a late fitness test.
      I dont like Ayala for the same reasons but the match up is good.I wouldnt go with a Wolves defender.

  7. My team:
    Onuoha Taiwo Vermaelen
    HBA Silva Gerrard Sigurdsson
    D.Cisse RVP Ba

    Any changes I should make? Feels like too many QPR players, but good matchup. I have 1.42 in the bank.

    1. Yes too many players from QPR as they still dont look like a team that can keep clean sheets.

      Forward line looks really strong.

      Not too sure if HBA will start but rest is good.

  8. My Team:
    Vermaelen, Wheater, Taiwo
    Silva, Valencia, Dempsey, Sessegnon, Sigurdsson
    Aguero, Campbell

    Available Fund: 7.58

    Should I go Campbell --> J.Cisse? Campbell might be rested.
    Should I shuffle my team to fit in RvP? Read he might be rested too. If not, Ba could be an option too

    1. Campbell may start on the bench as they dont have any other option to exclude him from the full squad.He could get half a game.

      Keeping him is dependent on whether of you want to keep him for a longer period of time or just this week.If its just for this week then its not worth it.

      You could either upgrade Campbell to cisse or get in Ba as your 3rd forward.Prefer the Ba option if you had to make just 1.

    2. Wow, thanks a lot.. that's a great thought! I think I'll most probably change sessegnon to ba since i would like to keep campbell. Is that a good move?

    3. Thanks, good luck with your team as well and thumbs up to this great blog!