Wednesday, 22 February 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 26

Its been a wait for the fantasy world but finally the weekend is arriving and our brains slowly start to phase out to the world of permutations and combinations to get the perfect team setup before we hit the saturday deadline. There has been alot of action during the "fantasy" break with most teams having played a round of FA cup and the first round of knock-outs in europe. Alot new information to decipher so lets get on with it.

The matches this weekend are very inviting with alot of editions of big names vs small ones like Man City vs Blackburn, Newcastle vs Wolves, Norwich vs Manchester United and just for the sake of it Chelsea vs Bolton.
Forwards: Aguero(This is the prime matchup. The must have in your team for the week, Dont make a lineup without him in it.), The City striker on bench in EuropaBa( The next best thing after Aguero and the best option would be to have them both) P.Cisse(For those who would prefer to spread the money and still have a bite of the Wolves, mind you on paper a smaller bite than BAite), Rooney(Good value if held on discount). Sturridge/Mata(One of those chelsea forwards is likely to score ie if chelsea score because now a days thats only how they score.)

Midfielders: Silva(He's been off the pedal for a while but now is the matchup that can bring the best out of anyone one, let alone a good fantasy player). Yaya( A cheap option to have from the city middies), Ashley Young(He's so well priced at below 13 it would be foolish not to consider him), Essien( He's available at 4.55 but AVB is on crack so be careful)

Defender: Any City Defender( All are expensive but have a very strong chance of a clean sheet), Santon( Decent value at under 7 and can be creative at the left back for Nufc), Ivanovic (Available at 7ish and a sure starter even though AVB is on crack).

Keepers: Krul(He's going to be on the positive as he plays home), Cech(Go with him if you believe in "its about time" otherwise be Krul).

Rest Of The Lot:
Zamora: Playing against his old club. Like that has ever happened.
Crouch: Good matchup, and generally shows up after a couple of matches.

Siggy: Stick with him or pick him only 2 options
Taarabt: Hughes has him humming beautiful football. He'll score in the next 2.
Sess: Good price good matchup great form.

Taiwo: A good producer even without the cs points
Vermaelen: Look for him to shift back to his favoured position as a Cb. If he does he could do well against any matchup.
Bassong: A good filler who would play.

Kenny: Good option and decent matchup and unbelievable price and...thats about it.
Sorensen: Good option and decent matchup and unbelievable price and....yup...thats about it.

K guys. That about wraps it up.
Enjoy the weekend and score big!

Take care,


  1. How come no comments yet?
    Are people suffering a hang-over from the long fantasy break?
    Anyway, here's my team set up since the last time out - quite in agreement with your recommendations:
    Your remarks/comments will be appreciated.
    Many thanks and best regards!

  2. Hey tayo,

    Hanging on to some heavy discounts there in Bale ox and RVP. Those are great players no doubt but do face a tough run of matches. Im in the same boat as u when it comes to bale but fortunately or unfortunately dont have to think about rvp and ox this week as i dont hold them...and for some reason that feels better.
    Totenhams next 4 are ARS(A), MUN(H), EVE(A), no fixture.
    Arsenals next 4 are TOT(H), LIV(A), NEW(H), no fixture.

    So personally I dont see too much upside in holding on to those 3 and trying to make a better team with the funds available to u for the next 4 weeks. Only cases I strongly feel u shud hold rvp is if u have him below 22 and bale below 16.50...otherwise see what u can do.

    On the face of it team is strong and lots of dependable fantasy players.

  3. Alright so the team so far

    Taiwo Evra Santon
    Silva Siggy Young Cabeye
    Aguero Cisse Mata
    with 2.7 in the bank

    currently holding RvP, Beasejour, Nani, Clark and Rangel in the background

    horror show of weeks for picks. Just too many options, not enough player spots

    1. Ur team so far looks to be heading in the right direction. There is a lot of options but the midfield choices are very the sense u know atleast which 4 or 5 have the best chance of performing. Silva,Siggy,Taarabt,Young and Cabaye(missed out on his name in the preview) do seem to be the picks of the lot.

    2. I just swapped cabeye for Taarabt actually, and Evra to Richards. Mata may turn into Drogba depending on whether or not Mata is out injured or not.

  4. My team atm:


    Bassong, Taiwo, Ivanovic

    Silva, Taarabt, Siggy, Young

    Aguero, P.Cisse, Sturridge

    with 2.88 left in the bank. Any changes I should make or suggestions on my team? Thank you.

    1. I'm still thinking of changing bassong to wilkinson/perch/woodgate/barnett. Please comment. Thank you.

    2. Excellent middies, Almost perfect forwards (Ba over cisse) but thats just because of his name, 2 most high potential defenders and the best keeper available apart from too expensive Hart. Change or dont change bassong u have a strong team on hand. Perch has his starting spot in jeopardy with tiote and cabaye back. wilkinson/Onouha if u want to really change.

  5. My Team

    Santon, Taiwo, Ivanovic
    Silva, Young, Siggy, Taarabt
    Aguero, P.Cisse, Sturridge

    Holding Cech,Clark, Bale.

  6. Hi All,

    Been busy with my sisters wedding this weekend,so not had the time to make many changes in my team :

    My team as of now:


    Will try to be on later to check on injuries etc

    Have a great weekend.

  7. AM please rate:


    Bassong Taiwo Ivanovic

    Siggy Taarabt Young Dempsey

    Saha Ba Cisse

    I guess Saha will continue to start, even Adebayor might return, he can produce alot of chance to Saha like last game, hopefully. Anyway I need your precious opinion too, thanks.

    1. The knowledgable AM is not available so you would have to make do with me(Rohit). Saha should start and would be playing against a battered Arsenal defense and if he carries the confidence you have a good shot at a point full performance.

      Apart from that there r some other areas in your team u should think about. For eg. Ur keeper is playing against Taraabt and Dempsey is playing against Taiwo. So Someone is bound to have a bad game in that setup. Ba and Cisse mean both eggs in the same basket. So think of how u can better those situations.

  8. Currently on


    Ivanovic, Bassong, Taiwo

    Silva, Siggy, Taarabt, Ox@2

    Aguero, Ba, Sturridge

    with 1.85 left in the bank. Should I hold on to Ox at that price? Or else I could downgrade Ba to Cisse and upgrade Ox to Young. Suggestions?

    1. Ba or Ox vs Cisse and Young....
      Ox starting spot is in question with gervinho being if not this matchday but in the longrun it can result in some off the bench performances and they have a tough run of next 2. Its a toss up, but I would prefer spreading it.

    2. Actually...I'll try to dig up Ox's starting status...if he starts I'd prefer Ba and Ox.

  9. Hi Rohit, please rate my team..


    Bassong, Taiwo, Santon

    Cabaye, Siggy, Y.Toure, Beausejour

    Ag├╝ero, Ba, Zamora

  10. Team is decent. QPR and NewCastle are good bets to depend on. Lets hope the outperform their opponents. Ur putting ur money in the right place...Great forward lineup.

    1. Zamora will be looking for the commentators giving the most cliched one liners when he scores. "He's come back to haunt them!"...."they shouldn't have sold him"...etc etc.

  11. sorensen
    bassong onuoha santon
    ox bale siggy young
    cisse ba sturridge

    hoping stoke shutsdown swansea. considering selling siggy to get yaya toure too. also holding dempsey@15 in the background. not sure what to do with him. afraid i might regret selling him and then puts 2 against qpr. what do you think rohit

  12. Ok. U have 2 questions...Stoke shutting down Swansea and Fulham(Dempsey) scoring against QPR. Stoke has played 12 matches home and have won,drawn and lost 4 each....conceding 14 in the process, Swansea has played 12 away and scored only 10 and won 2, drew 3 lost yes its a good possiblilty. Now QPR at home isn't too strong as their record reflects 2-4-6 and 20 goals conceded...The issue is Fulham have the worst away record in the league with 1-5-6 ONLY 7 goals scored...So In this case its a matter of what is worse Qpr playing at home or Fulham travelling....I'd put my money on QPR to be honest. But Dempsey has a good run of matches coming with Wolves at home next...So would probably be a must have. What u have to decide is do u lose out on this MD's best option - BA or Aguero to gain a discount of 2 points for next md?... I most probably would pick Ba over Dempsey. Worst comes to worst he does well goes up and u barn door him at 17.68. Best is he falls and drops in value. U do get BA or aguero in ur team instead of him so its a trade off. Mind u...this is how I think....Dont strangle me if he scores a hattrick...the probability is that he wont like the stats suggest. BTW Dempsey has scored 3 of those 7 away goals in the league. His last one came against Chelsea on Christmas. Good Luck.

  13. lol. thanks for your insight man. very insightful analysis. i think im leaning towards ba at this moment. would you pick aguero at his current price?

    1. haha.....i do get carried away when trying to get a point thru....anyway. Yes Aguero over Ba even at retail price.

  14. Hi,

    Currently I'm sitting on:

    Taiwo Vermaelen Bassong
    Siggy Taraabt Silva Ramires
    Aguero RVP P.Cisse

    Only Kenny and Ramires are at retail. Should I make some changes? Thank you.

    1. nope... all good....maybe cabaye instead of ramires

  15. Hi Rohit, please give comment on my current team:

    Schwarzer (4ish)

    Taiwo Ivanovic Santon

    Siggy (8ish) Taarabt Young Beausejour

    Saha (6ish) Ba Sturridge

    You might ask why Schwarzer is against Taarabt, but I think Taarabt can produce a quite number of cross, assist, shot on target, I don't expect he will send me a goal. By the way, in my own analysis, QPR love to shot but not good enough to score, most of the time their team shots is higher compared to their opponent, even sometimes they end up lost. So I think Schwarzer can collect some points from it, even he might concede one or two goals. Another good news is he will face Wolves at home on next fixture after QPR, at 4ish price.

    Just my piece of cake, really hope to hear some precious opinions from you about my current team, thanks!

    1. You can go with that strategy and if it works it would push u up the ranks quite a bit. Its high risk high reward cause for every shot taarabt gets on target u'd get 5 could work out.
      Just one thing that you have no Man city player for what could be a blow out....having silva or Aguero is almost essential this week as most managers hold both. keep that in mind.

    2. cant afford aguero and silva, but will definitely pick balotelli if he starts. but i will never know, so i wont take risk.

  16. Hi there Rohit & co.

    My Week26 saved team:

    Wheater, Taiwo, Ivanovic, Richards
    Silva, Siggy, Taarabt
    Aguero, Ba, Sturridge

    Quite satisfied with it, got Che, City, New, QPR covered.
    Prefered 3-4-3 but can't stretch my funds to get in Sessegnon/Cabaye/Young, suggestion?. Anyone in there is in doubt? Richards starting status?

    Good luck in week26 & feel free to comments/critic...

    1. or should i go

      Richards + Wheater = Bassong + Sessegnon/Cabaye/Young?

    2. I suggest u go 343. Sess is great option.

  17. Hi Rohit,

    Which one is better? Taarabt or Zamora?

    1. Both are good. Taarabt has a marginally more upside.

    2. I have Zamora with 343 but thinking to swap with Taarabt to 352 but to face Fulham this week, I think Zamora will do much about you?

    3. Im just giving Taarabt more upside because he is cheaper...other wise its always better to have a player closer to goal.

  18. hi rohit:

    santon or ivanovic?

    drogba or sturridge?

    pls ignore the price.

  19. Hey man Rohit:
    Whats your finished team????
    need to compare

    1. Working with either

      Krul, Richards, Ivanovic, Taiwo, Silva, Siggy, Taarabt, Sessgnon, Aguero, Sturridge, Cisse
      Sorensen, Santon, Ivanovic, Bassong, Silva, Siggy, Taarabt, Sessgnon, Aguero, Sturridge, Ba.

      Will be down to the last minute to which way I go.