Thursday, 27 September 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 6

Having got in all the injury updates from the Capital One cup played in midweek, there isn't much damage which is good going into Week 6. However the most concerning news for most managers was the fact that Tevez played the full 120 mins including extra time against Aston Villa in midweek. That doesn't make him any favorable specially with Aguero back and having Dzeko rested.

On the positive side, we saw the likes of Michu, Torres, Giroud, Sahin, Cleverley, Cisse etc get on the score sheet which is good for the weeks to come.

We have a cracker of a weekend coming up, with an early kick off ( Arsenal vs Chelsea ), yes we will have the team news for you before the deadline and it will be interesting to know the starting status of Oscar, Bertrand etc. Then we have 6 games at regular 3.00 pm and Man Utd vs Spurs as a late kick off.

Lets get straight to the easy matchups of week 6 :

Reading vs Newcastle
Sunderland vs Wigan
Everton vs Southampton
Norwich vs Liverpool

Forwards :

1. Ba 
Was our pick last week as well and continues to be here with some good form. Newcastle are getting most of their injured plays back such Tiote, Coloccini etc which will make them only stronger. Ben Arfa and Ba have been complimenting each other well and that helps Ba's game altogether. 

2. Fletcher
He has been is good form since hes come on at Sunderland and he has kept them in the thick of things even though as a team they have not hit good form. He has scored 4 goals with only 4 shots on target which is great but not such a good stat for a fantasy manager playing the Yahoo format as you need lots of shots on targets , crosses won, assists etc which make a player worth every penny you spend on him. However its all set up for Fletcher to add to those stats this weekend against Wigan at home. In case you dont fancy spending 14.xx for those stats, there is Suarez who has not done much at all and we do expect more from him when he's up against Norwich. Makes Fletcher safer pick than Suarez so its comes down to your risk appetite.

3. Lambert
In top form, does so much more than just scoring goals and his price is still not so high as just few reasons why Lambert is tailor made for this game.I would pick him ahead of the "big" name forwards on offer this week as he has been in good form and very productive in this game.

Option : Suarez
There has to be one day when Liverpool will get out of the relegation zone and what better opportunity than this weekend away to Norwich. Liverpool have been off since the start of the season but showed some strength against Manchester United last week.There are lots of upsides to this team but its just a matter of time. You got to take your chances with Suarez this week in case you prefer taking risks.

Injury update : Jelavic is fit for Everton.

Midfielders :

4. Ben Arfa
Similar reasons as last week and as explained above in relation to Ba.

5. Fellaini
He has been the pick of the Everton players this week and Moyes is using him at the right place. Such a threat with his height he could make Southampton defenders look weak this week. With Jelavic back in the squad , i would still expect Fellaini to play upfront and continue to do well.

6. K.Nolan
He has been is good form for West Ham and instrumental to their start of the season. He is one of those players who quietly goes about doing his business without making much noise. He has been averaging just close to 10 pts per game which is good. With 3 goals already and QPR  next , he could be a differential this week.

7. Cazorla
Showed immense class against Man City last week and showed that he is ready to face big teams early one. Its these big games like the one coming up against Chelsea, which could bring the best out of players like Cazorla.

Option : Pienaar
Good pick this week as he has been consistently giving good numbers since the start. Last week against Swansea he looked sharp and did set up Mirallas for his goal. In case you dont want to go heavy with Everton, i would suggest Sterling who costs just 3.32 and the least he does is return his value.

Defenders  :

8. L. Baines
One defender i wouldnt mind spending the finds this week is Baines who has been great for Everton this season.His has been taking all the free kicks from outside the box and is just threatening from the left flank. All this apart from the possibility of giving clean sheet points. Worth the funds this week.

9. Rafael
Similar reasons as Baines. This guy has been on fire this season and he just seems to be controlling his game. With the absence of Valencia, Rafael could benefit as he would have lots of space on the right wing to exploit. However, this week he will be up against Bale and he will have to have his work cut out. Could pay off.

10. Santon
The only side i see having the best chance of a clean sheet is Newcastle apart from Sunderland, the rest of the matchups look really like anyones game. Having to pick a newcastle defender, would surely have to be Santon as apart from the clean sheet he does more to offer on the left flanks.

Option : Coates
With Kelly and Agger injured, it will be the likes of Coates and Carragher who will feature in the back 4 for Liverpool. At a reasonable price of 4.44, Coates is worth a look against easier opposition.

Goalkeeper :

11. Mignolet
Good home game against Wigan and they are slowly getting their game in order after an average start to the season. I would go for a home keeper rather than expecting alot from away teams.

Option : Reina 
He is cheap at 5.xx and you wouldn't get him any cheaper. Norwich is not at all a tough team to play against and if Liverpool get their defense sorted, it could be well worth the investment on Reina.

Well, that's all we have for week 6, lots of other options as well  but we have preferred form over other factors this week. Tough to leave out the likes of Berbatov, Aguero etc but thats just the way it is when you try and pick the best for this one week.

Do let us know how your team is shaping us. Have a great weekend.

You are most welcome to keep the chat going in the comments section.




  1. Hi

    Yr are right there's so many option for frontline now headache with current picks.see below

    Baine lichaj perch
    Zorla gerrard fellaini hba
    Suarez lmbert miralas

    q:worth it or not if I sell baine to upgrade either lambert or miralas to ba

    1. Team looks good. I wouldn't get rid of Baines.

  2. My current unsaved team:

    Gibbs, Baines, Perch
    Santi, Fellani, Sterling, HBA
    Lambert, Fletcher, Mirallas

    1.84 left
    Would like to get Santon over Perch but short of 0.03
    Does my team look good enough? Thx

    1. Yes it looks good enough. You could wait for price change on saturday.

  3. Hi,

    Last week is quite a disappointing week for me, unable to hit 80 points and this week need to get back up to chase top league spot.

    can you please share you view on my team below.

    Gibbs Reid Bassong
    Cazorla Michu Fellani HBA
    Ba Fletcher Lambert

    Everton vs Southampton, should be easy win for Everton right? with their good form right now especially on home side.

    However in order to get HBA, decide to sold ivanovic and bring in HBA plus Lambert. Lambert?? it seem that lot of people outside there pick up this guy. this guy is against Everton...did i make a right decision?

    Any advise is really appreciate..

    1. Hi Roger,

      Everton vs Southampton is a good matchup for the home side just because Everton have been super at home.Not to forget Southampton have been very impressive.

      I hope to see lots of goals in this one.

      Lambert is great fantasy pick for the yahoo game because he offers lots more than goals. He will surely at the least give back the return on investment.Hopefully much more than that.

      Team looks good.Only defense needs to be looked at.Seems a touch week. All defenders have tough matches. vs Chelsea, and vs Liverpool is not easy.

  4. same problem im facing right now whether to consider lambert as i pick him as low as 6.xx with good returns.your team looks good for me just perfect except jussi but worth keep him another week.

    1. keeping Lambert at 6.xx is a no brainer. Thats a good price to have him at.

  5. issue w/ liverpool defense is who is going to play w/ skrtel, coates or carragher? both played 90 minutes mid-week, so you have to assume coates will since carragher will be old and tired.

    Also, BR recently said Agger has a good chance to start against Norwich

    1. If Agger is fit, thats not good for Coates or Carragher as i see liverpool with Johnson,Skrtel,Agger and Enrique.

  6. Reina
    Ben Arfa-Fellaini-Cazorla-Sahin

    Any advice on if Sahin is starting or not?

    1. He scored two in midweek, deserves a spot in the squad and surely will.

  7. Hi,

    My team for this week is:

    Clark Cameron Baines
    Cazorla Fellaini HBA Nolan
    Lambert Mirallas Fletcher

    I have 1.17 left around. Any suggestions?


  8. Hi,this is my current team looks like:

    Nelsen Vlaar Jenkinson
    Michu Cazorla Nolan Pienaar
    Mirallas Suarez Aguero

    Please rate it.

    1. Not sure of having a QPR keeper and defender. QPR's home form has been pathetic and its advantage West Ham in that one on the basis of the 5 weeks we have seen.

      Pienaar is a solid pick there.

      Great front line up. All in all good but i would improve the defense and may be have some Newcastle cover in there.

  9. Hi,

    this is my current lineup.

    j.vert, ivanovic, santon,
    cazorla, fellaini, HBA, michu
    defoe, lambert, mirallas

    I'm having mirallas at BD 6,81. but thinking to upgrade to fletcher. GOOD MOVE OR NOT?

    1. At 6.81 i would keep Mirallas knowing that Anichebe is doubtful.

    2. ...and should I give michu another chance this week after poor returns last week?

    3. i would not get rid of him based on 1 week. He is quality.

  10. couldnt agree more..thanks!!

  11. Its been a while Am. Have been doing extremely well this season so far:
    :). But i am here because i need your advice on how to sustain and remain near these big fish of FPL as long as possible. what are your thoughts on my current team. There is also a sense of added pressure now even on a captain choice for next week. But right now my mindset works on a adventurous / nothing to loose attitude.

    1. Great to hear Derp, Happy for you mate.

      The way to go in the FPL game is "a little bit" of nothing to lose kind of attitude because the more you think about it, the more different ideas ull have for captain and other changes.

      To fight the big fish :
      - Just follow your own instincts
      - Dont make friday / saturday trades unless you get a confirmed injury report.

      - captain got to be your gut feel.

      My suggestion : ( Norwich looks to be the team to beat right now so ill go for a good chelsea win BUT remember they play after a Champions league game, so you could have rotations )

      Reading let in lots of goals and they are away to Swansea. Could bring Swansea back to winning ways.

      Suarez looks dangerous.

      So you have a good team , all can score. Just go with your gut.

      My team is doing decent.Around the 16k rank. FInished 4k last yr.

      Have a look.

      Let me know what you feel. Feel free to suggest.

      Get in touch when ever you need help.


    2. Your Thoughts are exactly as mine in this instance :D. normally i would have captained mata for this fixture or any other chelsea heavy hitter who i have. but because its after a champions league fixture i have been leaning towards Michu as my captain of choice for GW7 :D.
      Dyer looks like the only weak link in your team for the moment. you can bide your time for a berbatov return as international break is just around the corner. But this is a concern even for me: that is not currently owning: Ba & Jelavic. you could consider replacing Berbatov for one of them.

    3. Dyer has an easy game against Reading so i will just let him be there this week.

      Got to wait for any Berbatov news.

      I cant upgrade to Ba or Jelavic without taking a hit unless i switch any of them for Podolski for a free transfer.

      I could also play 3-5-2 and DDG to Begovic and take a hit to Cazorla to Hazard or Podolski to Ba/Jelavic

      Dont know who ill get for 7.1 ( Berba ) instead. May be lambert, thats all.

    4. Don't take a hit. I am Pretty sure fergie wont be happy with his other keepers performance against spurs. so i think DDG will play atleast next week.and no point in ditching cazorla to hazard either. hazard havent been in top form of late. as a chelsea fan, i saw it coming and changed to mata at the vital moment after seeing mata's performance in the league cup.

    5. Yeah, feel the same relating to DDG. Feel Alex has had enough of rotating.

      Agree with Cazorla, may be just keep the same team and have 2 free transfers next week.