Thursday, 4 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 7

Coming off a very high scoring week 6 where we saw some big numbers from forwards like Suarez, Jelavic, Ba, Crouch etc who have been knocking on the door for a few weeks and it was about time they all got themselves on the scoresheet.It does confirm the fact that "put your money forward" , a rule, which we have been stressing on from day 1.

Week 7 is no less of excitement as there are around 8-9 one sided fixtures and which could all feature in our easy match ups. Options are plenty and this is where differentials will lead you ahead.

Lets get straight to the best 15 picks along with the easy matchups :

Chelsea vs Norwich
Man City vs Sunderland
Swansea vs Reading
Wba vs Qpr
Wigan vs Everton
West Ham vs Arsenal
Tottenham vs Aston Villa

Forwards :

1. Mata : 
Man in form and playing in a central role , just behind Torres, are key factors why Mata should considered as a top pick this week. He is doing exactly what we all expected Hazard to do before this season kicked off. I would pay the price tag to bring him in my line up.In case you don't want to spend big on him, Hazard is an alternative pick here.

2. Tevez 
Having seen him sit out in the champions league game against Dortmund, makes him a sure starter for the weekend clash against Sunderland. He is involved with everything City do in the offensive side of the game. We have seen many fantasy managers shift to Aguero , but the focus is back to Tevez after being rested in midweek.

3. Jelavic
Back from injury and 2 goals last week makes Jelavic a good pick against Wigan. Everton have been playing some great football and this will only add to Jelavic's output.

Option :
Lambert :
He value has been appreciating every week and he has been performing well every alternate week. Looking at the series of performance, it suggests he is due a big game against Fulham. He is in great touch and a lineup in more secured with him in it.

Midfielders :

4  Bale
Spurs are getting into shape and their result against Man Utd proves that they are serious contenders this season. Bale has finally got to some good form which he lacked in first 4 weeks. He is worth the investment and consistent in his output.

5. Michu
Great matchup to get back to where he started. He has been off lately but there is no doubt that he is a quality player and is capable of a good performance over the weekend.

6. G. Ramirez
Pick of the southampton midfielders and playing behind Lambert makes him a great differential for this week. Coming of a goal should boost his confidence and will be key to their season. No doubt on his price tag Southampton paid in the summer, he is a great investment for them.

7. D. Silva
He has been a serious contender for our picks in the last 2 weeks as his form has been on the upward after signing a new contract. He looks tired in the first few games but now is slowly getting into the "must have" category. City have a decent run coming up and its a good time to consider the last season's "season keeper".

Option :
West Brom have been super at home, yet to let in a goal at home this season. In offense there have been many goals they have scored and Morrison has been key to their success this season. Another differential pick to consider.

Defenders :

8. Ivanovic 
Chelsea have the easiest fixture this week and without doubt their defense will be a great investment. Ivanovic has been is good form since the start even though he didnt show up against Arsenal. Good investment for a defender this week.

9. Vertonghen
Most of us wanted to be part of his first goal of the season and who would have thought it would come against Man Utd. There were many managers who lost patience with him but without a doubt he is a must have for this week.

10. Rangel
Its a good matchup for Swansea and they will have their work cut out for this one. Reading at home is a blessing for them specially when they have been poor in the last 2 fixtures starting from a hammering from Everton. He did provide lot of opportunity from the right flank and gets close to scoring every now and then.

Options :
Chico : Similar reasons as stated for Rangel and he is back from his ban. We all would like him to get back to where he started this season.  His price is affordable incase you cant get any of the above picks.

Keepers :

11. Cech 
Nothing like playing the weakest team out there at home. Chelsea have let is some poor goals but this week they seem to have the best chance for a clean sheet.

Options :
Foster : West Brom have yet to let in a goal at home and those are great stats to showcase a strong defensive unit. Foster has been super and will have lots to offer when they take on QPR at home.

Thats the best 15 picks we have for this week. Do let us know how your team is shaping up in the comments section below.



  1. choice between tevez and mata?

    1. Both.

      To pick one it would be Tevez (based on the forward vs Midfielder theory ) plus Tevez saw out the midweek where as Mata played most of it.

  2. Hi mr am,
    My team currently looks like this;

    Vert ivan jenk
    Gerrard michu cazorla gastonr
    Suarez jelavic hazard

    I still believe liverpool players worth to keep as my own funny feeling version continue....

    What u think mr am?

    1. Looks good.

      Liverpool vs Stoke ( Crouch vs Reina will be a tough battle for the spanish keeper )

  3. Howard

    Sounds okay?

  4. Sounds great in offense
    But demel against arsenal and Clark against spurs ? Asking for too much

  5. Hi AM,

    My team for this week is:

    Chico Vertonghen Ivanovic
    Cazorla Michu Ramirez Morrison
    Hazard Suarez Defoe

    I hold Ferguson (filler), Bale, and Balotelli in the background for Ivanovic, Morrison, and Defoe. Also, can switch Balotelli to Torres.
    Which one is better?


    1. This one is better than what you are holding on to in the background

      Not too sure of balotelli.

      I would save this team.

  6. Mannone
    Vertonghen Jenkinson Tamas
    Michu Cazorla G.Ramirez Bale
    Mirallas Suarez Jelavic

    Just wonder whether Tamas will take right back position instead of Popov with the absence of Reid and Jones? (in case Ridgewell fit to start)

    And also give opinion on my other choices too, thanks.

  7. Good team. I wouldn't change it.

    Tamas should start as RB.