Thursday, 25 October 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 9

We saw some good performances by midfielders in Week 8, with the likes of Nolan, Sterling, Michu and co. scoring and producing double digit scores. It was not a very productive week for defenders or keepers as most of the games were deprived of a clean sheet. 

Week 9 has a lot of potentially high scoring encounters. Arsenal host QPR at the Emirates, City host Swansea, Reading host Fulham and Tottenham are away to Southampton. All these fixtures seem to be high scoring and I would be looking to load most of the players from these teams.

Big one in Week 9 is Chelsea vs Manchester United. With Chelsea is prime form and coming off a loss against Shakhtar in midweek ( their first loss of the season ) are up against a team who are conceding and scoring goals. Man Utd cant afford to be 7 pts behind the leaders and I see this is game as a must win or draw for the visitors.

Well, lets get straight to matchups and picks for Week 9 

Arsenal vs Qpr
Man City vs Swansea
Reading vs Fulham
Southampton vs Tottenham

Forwards :

1.       Defoe  
With 5 goals in 8 games and first choice striker makes Defoe our top striker for Week 9. We do understand that Adebayor has not travelled with the spurs team for their Europa league game due to a back problem.

2.       Ba
Having been is super form this season, Ba is the joint highest goal scorer along with Van Persie. Newcastle play at home against West Brom who have been is good form as well. However we fancy Ba to do well and continue to be a threat for the opposition.

3.       Aguero
Swansea have been letting in a lot of goals lately and their defense is all over the place at the moment. Man City will want to bounce back after their terrible performance against Ajax in midweek. In the same fixture last year Aguero came off the bench and scored 2 goals.

Options :

Berbatov : We didn’t see much from him last week as he came back after 3 weeks being out due to injury. However he will be eager to show up against Reading this week. I would like to have a player like Berba in my team just for the fact that there is a lot of upside in terms of fantasy points.

Midfielders :

4.       Cazorla
Has an easy matchup and stands out as the best player in this Arsenal side. They will be looking at him to get them out of a bad run. With 2 losses in 2 games, I do expect Arsenal to give back to their supporters this weekend. Do expect some good stuff from him against QPR.

5.       Bale
Missed out last week as his better half went into labour just moments before their game against Chelsea. However he is expected to be back in the side this week.  Southamptom look to be conceding goals at home and Spurs seem to be looking threatening. There is definitely lot of goals in this game.

6.       Nolan
With lots of folks looking to replace Michu as he faces some tough opponents in the coming weeks, Nolan looks to be the best bet for a place in the midfield. He has been is good nick this season and playing just behind Carroll , he is getting lots of opportunity. I would suggest you keep him in case you already have him.

7.       Yaya Toure    DOUBTFUL
Nailed on in City’s midfield and definitely worth a look when they host Swansea at home. He has been quiet lately but without a doubt a good option as your fourth midfielder.

Option :
Ben Arfa  , like Yaya, has been quiet for a few weeks now but have a good fixture at home and is expected to be back in the points. Quality player and needs to get back to the way he started the season. In case you don’t have Sterling as your 4th midfielder, he could provide a good option.

Defenders :

8.        Vertonghen
He is living up to the hype that was created before we kicked off this season. Its good to see him getting involved offensively. He is a good fantasy asset and must have this week.

9.       Vermaelen
Didn’t show up last week, but we are testing our patience once again with the man from Belgium. The matchup couldn’t get easier and this is show up time for the gunners.

10.   Cameron
Stoke have been a surprise package this season and really have been the spoilers as they are well know as. Cameron is a good pick and reasonably priced. He seems to be averaging above 7 pts per game which is pretty decent. Still cheap at around 7.

Option :
Lowton  seems to be the pick of the Aston Villa defenders. A home game against Norwich would have been the pick of the game if Villa had shown some kind of form. But unfortunately things have not gone their way till now. However Lowton has been good for them and been their best defender by far.

Goal keepers :

11.   Mannone
Just like Vermaelen , we will stick with an Arsenal goal keeper for this week. Just sense that gunners need to show up as they are 9th in the table and play the bottom most side. Seems to be a good pick for the price.

Option :
Krul is back from injury and is reasonably priced at around 8. They are at home against West Brom and seems like a good game for a home keeper.

Well that’s all we have for Week 9. Im looking forward to it as a united supporter, it’s a must win match for us against Chelsea. Both the bloggers here ( Rohit and myself ) will be going head to head for that one as Ro has been a Chelsea supporter for the longest of time.

Lets hear from you all about your teams and get the comments coming in.

Have a great weekend.


  1. My team;

    If reina injured I will swap guzan.i want defoe or tevez or giroud in my team but could lose suarez n gerrard due to discount.lets said pre finalize team as follow;-

    So what do u think mr AM.yr opinion highly appreciated.tq

    1. Hi Syameel,

      Your 2nd team looks much better.

      Guzan,Perch or Jenkinson ,Giroud,Tevez,Defoe over Reina,Agger,Gerrard,Suarez,Podolski.

  2. My team:

    Cuellar, Riise, Santon
    Michu, Bale (C), Santi Cazorla, Ben Arfa
    Berbatov, Jelavic, Saurez

    bench: Jasskelainen, Dembele (Inj), Rafael, and Shawcross

    Quite set on Bale as my captain but do you think otherwise? My defense could use a shake up but the match ups look right. Is Krul or Jasskelainen the better option this week? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

    1. Krul is a better pick than Jaaskelainen this week.

      Bale or Cazorla as captain.

      You could get in Shawcross instead of Cuellar.

  3. Hi there,

    It been long time since last post at here...busy with works.
    However for these week like usual hope i can have your view on my team.


    Decided to sold rvp and get ba + defoe since their scoring abilities against next oppenent is much higher compare rvp against in form chelsea.

    1. Hi Roger,

      Long time. Hope you're doing well.

      Team looks good. Ba to score against Tamas.

      Bale, Ba and Defoe makes your defense look a shade week. I would balance it a bit.

    2. Hi AM. Yes it been a while. Just doing fine.

      Defender is the problem which i need to tackle...due to lack of fund (bal 0.2) that the best defend can i afford right now.

      Got bassong for 5.47 and tamas for 3.06. Since both of them guarantee play these week so target for 2 points from each of them.

      Or you have any suggestion which cheap defend and 4 point hits?

    3. Try stoke defenders as they have an easy run go matches.

      But not worth a 4 pt hit. Shd stick with this team.

      Good luck

  4. Replies
    1. Good option against Swansea Alfred but prefer a Ben arfa plus funds for other places to upgrade.

      However, in case you have spare funds for a spot in midfield , go for it.

  5. My mi field is cazorla, nasri, Ben arfa

  6. I got giroud, tevez
    Wat u think on ba n p.cisse

  7. Ba is a good pick. Team looks good to go.

  8. Replies
    1. Nope. Played midweek and will be used as a super sub only.

    2. hehe...let's not use that word,he does NOT like it! and Thanks.

  9. what about kolarov? he should probably get a start.

  10. hi , do you think Kolarov and Kun will start?

    1. They both should. I don't see a reason why Mancini will bench Aguero specially when they are trailing.

  11. Mannone
    Verm Vert Gallas
    Michu Cazorla Nolan Oscar
    Giroud Berba Tevez

    pls rate it thanks

    1. Good team there. Would hv liked to see some Newcastle cover though.

  12. Hi AM,
    My current lineup:
    J.vert, g.cameron, tamas (enabler),
    Carzola, michu, bale, nolan,
    Jelavic, giroud (discount) , defoe

    Maintain defoe or change to berba?

  13. Hi Am. Remember me. I find my self in fantasy Premier league, Promised land at the moment :). But feel gutted i missed out winning the First Quarter Overall. Only 20 points Separated me & No.1. How Close is that!. Damn! :). GW History:
    * Any Advice moving Froward. For GW 10 i am considering my options. could save the transfer For GW 11. and Field this team:
    Baines - Cuellar - Clichy
    Sterling - Michu - Bale - Santi Cazorla - Mata
    Tevez - Berbatov
    Subs: Lambert - Clyne Gibbs
    * I face a slight conundrum if i choose to go with this set up. that is who to play from: Michu, Sterling & Lambert. bale or tevez as captain would be good options for GW 10 in this set up.
    * It is becoming increasingly problematic with the lack of RVP in my team. i am weighing my options for the upcoming game weeks. Its Either i get him Now Or i get captain options in Ba GW 11 and Suarez GW 12 is also one tactic i may use

    1. Hi Derp,

      Amazing stuff bro !! Really great stuff...way to go.

      I like Bale as captain next week against Wigan.

      Prefer Lambert and Michu. Bench Sterling.

      Well Man Utd have a great run and you wouldnt want to be without RVP. He is a great captain option for that run.

      Nothing Like RVP, Tevez and Ba/ Berba for the long term.

      But your midfield is great and is keeping you up there.

      Interesting strategy could also be ba for 11 and Suarez for 12. But then no utd cover in that period would hurt you.

  14. If Berbatov injury is confirmed I could also Go with Defoe this week. which is another captain option for this week

    1. Depending on your strategy on RVP. You could save the transfer and play sterling.

      In case you dont want to go for RvP , defoe looks a good replacement for injured Berba.

      Mate have a look at my team Ive been seeing red for 5 gws now but still 70k rank.

      Need to move up quickly and thinking of RVP next week. What would you do to it. You the one in form :)

  15. First of all if that was my team. i would very worried about my defence moving forward. but i won't be making any changes this week. as ba and berba mayby out for this week. i'l be playing baines, McAuley, Riether. In midfield i'll play: Cazorla - Bale - Nolan - Pienaar. If berba is injured you could bring in crouch. wait out ba injury if he is not fit for GW11. would be forced to give aguero another go GW10 without transferring RVP atleast until GW 11. and play McCartney [hoping for a miracle cleany] :). RVP this week is playing against his old club, defenders who knows his game through and thorough. and arsenal will be out to prove a point against him this week. RVP could wait for next week :). see how things pan out this week and make plans to bring RVP next week. also plan on getting a stoke defender asap [cheap one]. it will give you less headache worrying about defence in the near future as you can play baines and the stoke defender plus one from the bench who has a better fixture. In Midfield Mata is punishing everyone who doesn't have him. make plans on getting him before he becomes too expensive. also monitor silva's injury, could be a great differential when he returns. good luck :).
    I got this far by resisting the urge of poking into opponents teams and only focusing on improving mine every week [GW by Gw]. poking into others in my experience has a negative effect which is very difficult explain :). sometimes you just end up chasing the points of your opponents historical game week success :)

    1. * "correction": wait out ba injury if he is not fit for GW10

    2. Yup , cazorla to Mata looks tempting.

      But will need to take a hit to get in RVP next week.

      Thinking of keeping DDG for this run.

      Week 10 : Santi to Mata
      Week 11 : downgrade McAuley to Cameron and upgrade Aguero to Rvp