Thursday, 13 September 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 4

Roland Juhasz -"Missed you on the Barn door bro..."

Back after the international break, feels like another start to the season. The internationals have done exactly what fantasy managers fear they would end up doing....complicating their lives. The big question this week is the availability of the RVP and Kagawa duo, with potentially the most profitable investments, both a doubt with injuries picked up while playing for their countries. SAF is never one to depend on when it comes to injury status updates, unlike Wenger who tends to be a little more helpful if not direct. Anyways, on to the matchups.

So things stand fairly simple with Arsenal vs Southampton, Manchester Utd. vs Wigan and QPR vs Chelsea as the matches to concentrate your money on. One situation we all should consider is that this is the first week of champions league group stage which means all top club would seriously be considering "preserving" their energies for the big night out, especially SAF who would not take the competition lightly this time around after embarrassing knockouts from previous seasons.

The Starting XI

1. Szczensy: He's is fit and likely to take back No.1 spot. At the start of the season if you would have asked most that are three successive clean sheets possible for Arsenal, most wouldn't have backed a situation like that....same would go for four clean sheets, which is why there is no reason for it not to happen.
Options: Jussi is a good play just for the price he is available to most for, as at less than 4 he can play as a great enabler, so if on discount stick on. 

2. Vermaelen: He's the best premium defender to put your money on this week as he, like always has that extra bit of spark over most players on the field and the bonus of a great matchup.
3. Vidic: Its odd that I'm thinking of suggesting a player who has given 1 point in three matches but then again its Vidic at less than 8 mil... things get tougher for United after this week so this would be the ideal time to capitalise on the bargain.
4. Vertonghen: I keep showing alot of confidence in him and he keeps showing he deserves it....sadly on the international front. What a thumping left foot free kick it was from him. If only it was Redknapp instead of "I destroy London clubs" AVB.....still, he has potential and an excellent run of matches...I'm talking about Vertonghen there, just to clarify.
Options: Jenkinson at the value of less than 5.5 mil and consistently giving a good return he should be an ideal fit in your teams. Another good consideration is Ivanovic just for the form he's been in. If you don't fancy Vidic and still want some Utd. defence then Rafael is the pick for you.

5. Cazorla: He has to have become a must have in all teams by now. He's matching the hype and no doubt will carry this through the season. I think Arsenal have found a great asset and finally filled the gap left by Cesc...and he's better, arguably.
6. Michu: Love these kind of picks who don't involve any kind of ifs or buts or maybe....and this year we have to of them. We all have him, we all love him. More ear twisting celebrations please.
7. Ben Arfa: He seems to be becoming a very integral part of newcastle's setup with a role involving alot of freedom of movement. Although he has scored 2 goals in three he also has only 2 shots in three so if he's going to be a story of hit and miss is still to be seen. I like him playing monday night as a good push to the rank right at the end of the weekend.
8. Duff: Averging a crazy 16 points every match in three weeks Duff seems to have taken no one by surprise as no one is talking of him. Jol has given Duff a great role of creator and he's performing in it outstandingly. With a good strong team and home advantage he could be a pick of the week. By the way, he's the top scoring midfielder till now.
Options: Kagawa is looking less and less likely to start with Dailymail reporting he's definitely out, but if there is a clear indicator that he does, don't think twice otherwise go for Valencia. Dembele should start for Spurs and has more upside than the other overpriced spurs midfielders. Adam Johnson is going to have a home debut for sunderland and will look to shine.

9. Tevez: In scintillating form and a decent run of matches, it is hard to think beyond him even with Aguero returning to training.
10. Hazard: Back from a long break, Back into the lineups, still below 10 and the creative hub of the team. Look for him to return your confidence. He's going to be a safe pick as alot of people will be holding and picking him for the week. Very risky if you leave him out.
11. RVP: The big big question of the week...will RVP start? well this is just down to the information that we will be able to receive before the deadline. One thing is pretty straight forward, If he plays he stays in the team, so if barn doored do not let the discount go just yet. We will have to hang on to this one till saturday and see how things pan out. Have a "back up team" planned and have a "RVP team" planned so that once things are clear or still unclear you can make that choice in an instant.
Options: Podolski is there as a good cheap options playing home against a weak team...things that you would generally want a player to have. Berbatov can bring some change to the Fulham front line and probably will get the nod from Jol in the starting XI. If RVP is out Welbeck can be a straight swap with as much potential with no Rooney, no RVP front line for Utd.

So looks like we are in for quite an eventful time till we hit the deadline with most of the teams in the air with the RVP questing hanging above us. Lets hope we all get some solid news and make it a comfortable sailing towards the deadline as it always is......wink wink.

See you on the other side


  1. True test of a fantasy manager this week, Rvp and Kagawa are key choices in most teams and must haves if you target the 100+ score.

    Friday per match official update from Alex will be key to making any replacements for these 2 players.

    More updates to follow on Friday.

    1. Hi rohit,
      where can i get information about whether they played or not before 6 o'clock Friday?


  2. Hi AM,
    Any thought on new signing Goalkeepers Julio Cesar and H. Lloris?. any chance they might start this week's game?
    currently I'm keeping H. Lloris.

    1. Cesar has a tough match and Lloris is not starting the match.

  3. Reither + Sterling
    Kagawa + Fabio