Thursday, 20 September 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 5

With 4 weeks in the new season, i get hold of Week 5 preview and player picks ( my first article for the season ) and yes many more to come as we go along.

Looking at the way things have moved in these 4 weeks, it has to be said that its a long season ahead and things dont get any easier for a fantasy manager. The reason i say this is because every week the scenario is different from the previous week and with champions league group stages on, one should expect lots of rotations from the top 4 teams.

We shall be keeping tract on the probability of starting, form, opposition etc to consider our top 15 for the coming week.

Lets get straight to the easy matchups of week 5 :

Chelsea vs Stoke
West Brom vs Reading
Newcastle vs Norwich
Tottenham vs QPR

Forwards :
1. Defoe 
In form striker, easy opposition, Adebayor injured and AVB's 1st choice makes Defoe our top forward for this week. With 3 goals in the first 4 games, his confidence is great and i wouldnt want to go into this week without picking him.

2. Ba 
Been is good form and showed why he is such a threat upfront. He is back to where he started with Newcastle and playing more of a upfront role which is always great for his potential. In case you have the money to spend on a forward, he is the right fit.

3. R. Lambert
I would somehow pick him ahead of hazard ( played midweek ), Podolski ( plays against Man City ) and Tevez ( played midweek & Aguero fit ).
Playing at home against Aston Villa (who showed what they are all about last week but yet have to win away from home) could be ideal for Southampton to show what they are all about. Having said that, they have been exceptional against both Manchester clubs and literally taken the game to them.

Option : Berbatov
You just cant ignore the quality that he has even though he might be playing for a lower level team.This week Fulham play away to Wigan but still not the toughest of matchups and he will get his chances. I would keep him if i had him at pre barn door prices.

Midfielders :

4. Bale
What i liked about Bale last week was that he played a more central role and just behind Defoe which is the way to go for him. He must be more confident after getting a goal and more over Spurs must be feeling more confident after the impressive win last week. I would put my money on this guy for the week to come. 

5. Ben Arfa
Newcastle are always stronger at home and with the likes of Cisse injured. I would expect Ben Arfa to stand up at this occasion and deliver. This man could be the differential this week and is our pick of the week.

6. Morrison
Been instrumental in West Brom's good start of the season. This week they play Reading at home and i would be all in on West Brom on this one.

When ever Swansea are at home you got to consider Michu as he is so important to how they shape up and at home they look great. At 7.xx he is nailed on and worth every penny you spend on him.

Option :Lallana
He is a good punt this week and at the price he is available at, he is worth it. Good matchup at home against Aston Villa who have yet to win a game away from home.

Defenders  :

8. Ivanovic
One defender i wouldnt mind spending the finds on is Ivanovic as he offers so much more offensively which is an asset in this game.

9. McAuley
Heavy on West Brom against Reading and he has been is great form early on in the season. Averaging 11+ points per game and a goal are some good stats for a defender.

He is due a big game and was just unlucky last week to have given away a clean sheet in the dying minutes of the game last week. He is capable of scoring goals and its just a matter of time he makes his presence felt. He is cheap and worth a shout.

Option : Buttner 
It depends on Alex's team selection on whether he will play Evra or Buttner against Liverpool, but as Evra played in midweek, it would work in Buttners favour. Only thing i would be vary of the whole Suarez - Evra episode last year and would that be any factor on Evra's inclusion in the side. I would still stick with Buttner as he is just the type of left back needed in this game. 

Goalkeeper :

11. Jaaskelainen 
Just gets the nod ahead of other home keepers due to his performances over the last 2-3 weeks and he has made some great saves. Great value for money pick if you have him at lower prices and worth keeping till they play the top 3 teams.

Option : Harper 
At home against Norwich who looked poor offensively last week against West Ham. I would look for an improvement in Newcastle's defense this time around and hopefully they should get the job done. I would not spend alot on Cech against Stoke as Chelsea have been letting in goals lately.

Well that all the options we have for Week 5. Im sure it would help you and get a team strong enough for the weekend. Let us know how your team is shaping up. We will be there to recommend and help.



  1. Defoe started midweek against Lazio, will that affect his starting position?

    Currently sitting on

    Buttner Vidic Maicon
    Kagawa Cazorla Sterling HBA
    Snodgrass RvP Defoe

    Maicon to Mcauley perhaps?

    1. Hi Trini,

      Spurs started with most of their first team players against Lazio plus Adebayor has a slight hamstring injury thats why he didnt even make it to the bench.More chances of Defoe starting this weekend.

      I would make that switch.Somehow Maicon not looking good as a fantasy pick ( plus Zabaleta could share time and they play Arsenal )

  2. My current team (unsaved):

    Gibbs, Vertonghen, Reid
    Michu, Cazorla, Ben Arfa, (Morrison, Sidwell, Duff, Dembele)
    Hazard, Defoe, Lambert

    I can't decide my 4th midfielder, leaning towards either Morrison (home) or Sidwell (away).
    Dropping Tevez and Podolski, both with discount.
    What do you think of my team?


    1. Team looks good all around.

      I would pick Morrison or Dembele as both play at home.

      Like the Defoe and Lambert pick.

    2. Thanks for your prompt feedback... and welcome aboard Morrison!!
      I've made a minor changes and I like it even more!

      Cech -> Jussi
      Reid -> Ivanovic

  3. My current team (saved)

    Ben Arfa,Sidwell,Michu,Sterling

    What do you think of my team for this week?

    1. Decent team there but having no Spurs cover this week ?

      I would put my money more forward than a heavy defensive investment.

  4. Im on

    Ivan vert reid
    Cazorla morison hba gramirez
    Hazard defoe berbatov

    About to swap hazard to lambert.what do u think mr am

    1. I just did the same move yesterday.Go for it and Good luck.

  5. Hi,

    Can you please rate my team

    Ivanovic Jenkinson Reid
    Cazorla Michu Y.Toure P.Neville
    Hazard Defoe Ba

    I'm thinking try to bring in aguero but against in form arsenal...draw without goal perhaps

    my concern is on midfielder, should i trade toure for HBA since their are up against norwich at home..should be favorable result.

    what do you think? any advise is really appreciate.

    1. Hi Roger,

      I would give Aguero this week to get back and get some playing time before picking him.You are right about Arsenal's defense which is doing great.I would pick Aguero next week.

      Yes i prefer HBA to Toure.

      You should also upgrade P.Neville by downgrading one of your back 4.

  6. K.Davies
    Vertonghen Gallas Ivanovic
    Michu Carzola Kagawa G.Ramirez
    RVP Berbatov Defoe

    I decided to kept RVP and Berbatov on discount, what do u think about my team?

  7. Hi,

    My team for this week:

    Vertonghen Ivanovic mcAuley
    Michu Cazorla G.Ramirez HBA
    Tevez Hazard Defoe

    How is it? Any recommendations to make it better? I still have 5.9 to play with.

    Thank you.

    1. Looks great.

      I would upgrade Ramirez to Morrison with that 5.9

  8. It was my dream team mate,,,just exactly whar I thought this week,only that big discount put me apart ,if I were u I will switch tevez to others maybe lambert or miralas or maybe ba

    This is my unsave team;
    ivan mcauly vert
    Cazlrla morison hba gramirez
    Defoe lambert hazard

  9. Help plz mr am

    What u think about pinaar this week,,i about to replace him with ramirez

    Any thought

    1. both are decent. Depends on your funds you have and who would you upgrade if you took Ramirez ( Southampton )