Friday, 11 May 2012

The Matchday Insight: Finale Week

"We Got This"......."Yeeeeaaaheheh"
Hey guys sorry for the late post, was a bit caught up this weekend with work. Its been a long fun season for all of us. Alot of ups and downs in our fantasy teams.  Some outstanding  consistency in the likes of RVP and Dempsey....some great bargains of the season like Aguero and DDG....and some new names that will rule the future fantasy teams...Siggy, P.Cisse. For me myself, at the start of week 13 was at a rank of 50000+....right now I sit just inside of the 1000 at 894. Hoping I reach my target of top 500 in this penultimate week. Alright, On to the last of the season's weekly analysis.

Match Ups of Value
ManCity vs Qpr
Sun vs ManUtd.
Wba vs Arsenal
Totenham vs Fulham
Everton vs NewCastle
Stoke vs Bolton

Only these 7 teams have something or I guess everything to play for this season. Rest of the teams could be in danger of heavy rotations.

So the golds...
Aguero: Had a lousy week last time out but still gave 13 points fantasy wise but now he's on home turf and is pretty much unplayable here. Make sure you have him.
Tevez: If you have stuck through with him all this while keep it going. This is a great week to have both the City forwards in ur lineups.
Rooney: The least valuable of the golds, Really poor showing and a tougher matchup this week. Go for the 2 above. This choice will be more for the die hard "United could still win the title" hopers.

Silva: He is the Silva lining for the City midfield. He will orchestrate the decimation of QPR.

The Blues...
RVP: He did what was required of him for his hefty price. If you picked him up on the barndoor look ahead....if not look at Aguero.
P.Cisse: Had a really tough match last week against a very motivated side fighting for the league honors. This time around the story is very different against a nothing to play for team and a champions league spot getting out of grasp. He will be on fire.

Rosicky: He always gives his moneys worth and has alot of upside for big returns.
Ben Arfa: Gone off the boil some what. He would like to make some headlines before this all ends. He's at a great bargain under 10.

Gallas: A good cheap option.

The Reds....
None Of QPR...they have no chance
Petrov: Only if ur holding him on a heavy discount.

The Rest:
Torres/Lukaku: They both are not going to be starting the champions league final and need a bit of boost in confidence.
Jelavic: Good for a discount.

Siggy: No explanation required.
Moses: He'll do well after a mediocre week ups his odds.
Pienaar: Good for good discount.
Ramires: Worth it if on the barn door.

Ivanovic: Well priced, playing home against a relegated team.
Cole: "Read Ivanovic"
Clark: Always finds the points.

Cech: Cech him out as he was rested last week.
Sorensen: He's cheap and getting some action.

Ok guys.
This was great experience, for me and Akhill both....we guys are die hard football fans and hardcore fantasy players since years and getting to interact with this awesome community at this level was a dream for us. We loved the journey through the season and hope to carry on this blog for as long as we can, with ur support. So thanks a ton for visiting our blog and sharing ur love of the game with us. This is by no shadow of a the beautiful game we all love.
Enjoy your weekend.
Role the comments.


  1. Good stuff bro !!

    It's been a great first year for the blog and an amazing response from fans all across.Thank you all for the support.

    Coming to the final week, it's a really exciting one where lots to play for really.3ed and 4th spots up for grabs and could go either way.lots of incentives in store for Hughes if he manages to keep qpr up.Last but not the least the top spot where it's all for City to throw .

  2. My team ATM:

    Bogdan (1.89)

    Ream Jones Ivanovic Ferreira

    Siggy Pienaar Moses

    Tevez RVP Hernandez

    Please give advise to my whole team.

    1. Team is good. Although I'm never a big fan of 433. If u could get a mid instead of a def would be great.

  3. Will cech start? Or will he rest again for c-league and will the play turnball.

    Team ATM

    Ferrier Ivanovic Rafael
    Siggy Young Ramires Vdv
    Tevez Lukkau Di Santo

    if cech starts, turnball will turn into Sorensen and Ivanovic will go down to someone else.

    1. I'm putting my money on him starting as if rdm wanted him to rest he would have rested him for this match rather than the one against Liverpool. He needs to keep his refoexs on and wouldn't want him to lose match fitness. Rest looks good

  4. Hi! here is my team , do you like it?

    Clark Ivanovic Gallas
    Siggy Silva Toure Maloney
    Kun Tevez Holt

    1. Kun tevez combo looks solid. Ur heavy on city which is a very good sign. Other options for holt maybe.

  5. Hi AM,

    This is my team for the week

    Clark Boyata Nelsen
    Ramires Toure Sigurdsson VDV
    Holt Tevez Aguero

    Turnbull and Nelsen are fillers, but there's a chance they might play. Cech might be rested and Nelsen might play at CB with Gallas move out to LB. Make sense? Any suggestions? And thank you for your advice all season.

    1. Good thinking on the gallas/nelsen point bro. Ya turnbull is less likely to play as cech sat out last match too. And keepers aren't really running up and down the field so stamina is not the issue. Only thing that could make turnbull turn up is if rdm wants to avoid anymore injuries that could kill all the chance of a slight victory if cech is ruled out too.

  6. Currently on:


    Ivanovic, Ream, Lichaj

    VDV, Sigurdsson, Moses, Coquelin

    Tevez, Aguero, Torres

    with 0.63 left in the bank.

    What are your thoughts on my team AM? High chances for both Coquelin and Torres to start?

    Thank you as always and all the best for the finale ;)

    1. Hi Rohit here,
      Well coq faces competition from jenkinson who I should have mentioned before. And Torres has nothing to do after this match so should start. Rest of team is good. I have the same forwards if that helps.

  7. Hi AM. How's it going?

    My team at the moment:


    Any comment on my team in terms of changes needed and confirmed starting berth (turnbull & lukaku)? Thanks and have a great weekend ahead ;D

  8. Wow...I better get this turnbull thing right as most of u r banking on him. Hes cheap so him not playing is not as bad as cech not if hes really helping ur team improve go for it. I think lukaku and Torres start .

    1. if torres & lukaku both start...then torres will be drifted down the wings....lukaku will get the center spot

  9. Hi Rohit,

    This is my team for this finale week..

    Ferreira Bertrand Ivanovic
    Ramires Moses Beausejour Nasri
    Lukaku Tevez Aguero

  10. Hi Rohit, I got 1 slot left and got 5.31 in the bank, any good recommendation whether defender or midfielder?

  11. Team For GW 38

    Subs: Given- Petrov-Evans-Wilkinson

    Should i captain Torres?

    I am Chasing a 50 Point lead of my rival. Pretty sure he wont make any changes this week except the freebie.
    His Team: [Last week]

    Subs: McClean-Rangel-Surman

    What are my chances of a miracle :D

  12. Rohit,
    i want to take this opportunity to thank you for all the matchday insights u have provided us fantasy fanatics throughout the season :). Thanks man.

    Will you be doing matchday insights for Euro 2012?. If so would be great to know your opinions throughout the tournament.

    1. Note by match day insights i mean for the official Euro 2012 Fantasy Game - McDonald's Fantasy Football:

    2. Hey Derp....Its been our pleasure blogging through out the season. And yes...Akhill and me do plan to Keep the blog going thru the summer with Euro 2012 fantasy games. We will take a look at both the yahoo and the official one. maybe do a poll for which one w should follow strictly and carry on.
      thanks so much for the support.