Thursday, 3 May 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 37

A massive weekend in terms of the title race came to a close with no less a massive result for City with them now in control of their destiny without the worry of what happens in the last 2 games with United. Fantasy wise a big double week in which some great performances from expected players (Jelavic,Pinaar) and some good punts that turned out great(Torres). Now we are in the final stretch. With 2 games left everything still depends on this matchday for the 2 fighting for top honours, the next 4 for the other 2 champions league spots and the scramble at the bottom to stay in the almighty premier league. Let get into details.

We will go League table wise
Manchester City & Manchester United
Both will go all guns out which will be a certain death for Newcastle and Swansea.
Rooney: Big Stage Big player....or so all United fans will hope. He's almost worth a look with his recent price drop but still commands a big cough up although he faces weak opposition and should have strong motivations.
Aguero: Big Stage Big player...and likewise for City fans hopes. He faces a tougher opposition but coming off the last weeks win and the importance of the match dont see him letting off the gas.
Its a toss up between the two with one at 28.xx with the easier matchup and Aguero at 23.xx with the tougher matchup. Who do u fancy for the title?..go for him.
Tevez: Keep him on the discount. The Neutrals Favourite. My Favourite.
Chicarito: Good Cheap option for a United forward.

Valencia: Rested last week, will start this week. Great pick.
Silva: If you prefer the City's "Valencia" option.

Jones: He'll most probably shift in for Evans and Smalling gets moved out because of his invisible performance against City.

DDG: He is affordable after a long time and a good choice for a cs.

Arsenal, Totenham, Chelsea, Newcastle
RVP: 30 mill investment is heavy, really heavy although Norwich is a team really wanting to help out struggling fantasy managers in covering up by shipping in goals for fun. He'll be on the scoresheet. Just hope its more than once to get his worth.
Adebayor: He's a hit and a miss story. Although he misses more often than he hits, he seems to have missed enough to be due a hit.......if that made any sense at all.
P.Cisse: Crazy form. If on a discount...keep it that way till season runs out.
Torres: Against old club. Form is back?. I hope so.

VDV/Bale: High priced High potential.
Rose: Enabler only
Arsenal middies in this order:
Rosicky>Ramsey>Benayoun>Ox>Song. The great enablers of the week.

Gallas: Well priced option.
Gibbs: A bit premium but will get value.

Friedel: Good match. A bit more than affordable. (prefer the below one)
Szceznzy: Good matchup. affordable price

The Relegation Fighters:
Villa, Wigan, QPR, Bolton, Blackburn
Matchup wise:
The Yak vs Di Santo: Both sole strikers of their teams leading the line. There will be goals. Prefer Yak.

Hoilett vs Moses: The Souls of their teams orchestrating the action. Prefer Moses.
Maloney/Beausejour: Cheaper options if not barn doored Moses.
Barton: He's going to need a decent game if QPR need a result and they need a result.
Petrov: He's been in great form so can't be overlooked, though better potential everywhere else.

Ream/Boyota: Decent priced options.

Bogdan: Cheap. Really Cheap.
Kenny: Stoke aren't really free scoring and QPR is decent in recent times at home.

The Rest:
Jelavic: Great matchup, Great Form.

Pienaar: Great matchup, Good form.
Siggy: Everyone has him on discount and doesn't matter who he plays....hes worth every penny and more.

Ok. That about wraps up. Get a good mix of the player in. Try and enjoy the last two weeks of an all exciting end to this season. Have a good one!

Keep the comments running. I'll help where I can.


  1. You are recommending almost 40 players... we have only 11 slots to filled. Can you compare those options instead of just giving the obvious names....

    1. Hello my friend. Im not recommending 40 players. Im helping other fantasy managers get a bit of direction in a bid to make the best team possible with the budget constraints.

      Fo eg. I have suggested 11 forwards in total but that doesn't mean im saying pick any 3. assuming ur playing 343. There r 4 suggested from manchester clubs Rooney is the best matchup...when i say that it means he's the best choice out of the 4....then taking budget in consideration i Have suggested the rest of the 3...Although I out rightly claim that tevez at a discount is the best choice for me out of the 4. Should u want to pick Rooney and spend the money is upto u...not me. My purpose is to highlight the next best thing if the best is out of reach.

      Why I have broken the post down into 3 sections is because at the end of the day we all have a team we support(my biased torres suggestion should be an indicator) and its probable that it is involved in one of the 3 big talking points as this season comes to a close..the title, the champions league, the just to have a taste of the team u support and the best choice for that battle I did this...maybe that has led to so many options to pick from. Its close to the end of the season so thought everyone would want a bit of club support showing in their fantasy teams. Cheers. Hope u get more out of the blog next week.

  2. Great post as always!

    Ream@6.11, Gallas@6.35, Clark@5.42/Boyata@5.62
    Siggy@9.24, Valencia@13.80, Vdv@15.88, Pie@10.40
    Aguero@6.53, Tevez@6.90, Jelavic@12.65

    0.9 left

    Going to bet on the relegation fighters to show some determination to stay in the premier league next season.

    Hope to get Ars/MU attackers (can't stretch to RvP/Roon) but not sure who to replace with. Maybe Tevez to Rosicky?

    Which of Clark/Boyata likely to start & get pts?
    What do you think of my team this week?

    Thanks & good luck!

    1. Great team u got there. I guess if ur already holding ream u could go for clark as he tends to get more phantom points than boyata.

      Getting rosicky in will only be a downgrade to any of ur midfield. Stick with this.

      One area u could work on is the keeper defender combo. If u want to look at bogdan and replace ream with a high end defender....but thats about all the tinkering i suggest.
      good luck.

    2. Hi Rohit,
      Hmm.. bogdan or kenny? Vs wba or vs stoke? Stoke doesn't score well away from home and qpr needs a win. Not sure about wba though.
      And I mean replacing tevez with rosicky in 3-5-2 since I already have kun. Is that a good move?

  3. Team atm

    Ream Gallas Jones
    Siggy Valencia VdV Rosicky
    Tevez K2 Hernandez

    took me a while to sort through all the players. how's it looking?

    1. Well spread. Just feel the "vs Wolves" factor is missing. Though u have a forward line up to cover up. I wrote what i wrote about K2 before the bolton match so...hoping he hits again for u.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Currently on


    Lichaj, Ream, Jones

    VDV, Siggy, Rosicky, Pienaar

    Jelavic, Tevez, Hernandez

    with 1.36 left in the bank. This team looks balanced but i'm worried i'm lacking premium players like RVP or Rooney; the former seems to be a must for this week.

    Should i work on getting at least one of them in my team (which means downgrading my defense and my keeper) or should i just leave my team as it is?

    I'm currently leading my grp with only 30+ points and my rival has K2 and VDV. Suggestions? Thanks.

    1. Well, the only forward u would think of replacing for those 2 is chicarito.....and as u rightly suggest it means downgrading ur keeper sneezy....or defender jones...maybe both. Ur team right now is the safe role.....the other option would be putting all eggs in one basket. I generally tend to lean towards the safe spread the risk option as it has worked for me this season. So go with what has worked for u...ur leading ur I guess u would make the right spread! Safe spread! U have VDV....jelavic will take care of K2.

  5. Team For GW 37
    Torres-Adebayor-Rooney [captain]

    1. GO Torres!...
      but given is a bit of worry. Ur striker is going up against ur keeper. take a look at that. And all ur defence is playing away from home...not ideal. Mata seems to be tiring.
      but still ....Go TORRES!

    2. Yeah that team was great for last week [in which my captain was VDV among other top scoring studs]. Cant be taking more than a four point hit now. i replaced gerrard with silva and suarez out for rooney. My other gk is Vorm who has a horrible fixture against united :D. My thinking is now on whom i could bring in for the last week of the season

  6. Subs: Petrov-Evans-Wilkinson

  7. I am looking to over take my opponent in the mini- league before the close of the season. He has a 50 point lead going into this week [Few Months ago it was 250 points :)].
    Opponents team: [Last Week]

    Subs: McClean-Rangel-Surman

    1. He has great strikers. Tough to beat man to man. Midfield u win. U should try and improve the D and Keeper if any free transfers available. I hope u do great cause that would mean NewCastle getting run over and chelsea performing.

  8. Hi Rohit, this is my team atm:


    Ream Clark Boyata

    Siggy Pienaar Moses(12s)Rose(2s)

    Tevez Hernandez RVP

    Thinking of change RVP+Rose to Taarabt+Jelavic(without disc), should I?

    And rate my other players too, thanks!

    1. Rvp Rose is a great combo. Rose at 2 is great. Rvp is Rvp. Keep it that way. The other three options r top mid picks. A workable defence and kenny can do the good return even if the cs goes out. So stick with.

  9. Great post. Playing it somewhat safe here, what do you think:


    Ream@5.89 Gallas@7.13 Flanagan@1.4

    Siggy@7.37 Rose@2.07 Pienaar@12.58 Moses@17.23

    P.Cisse@13.06 Tevez@6.9 Jelavic@16.85


    1. Ur keeper is a heavy investment playing away from home. Yes Wigan is in good form but I think u should put a bit more and get sneezy...can't spell his name or a home keeper and have the odds with ur team. Sacrifice one big spend....moses or pienaar....get Maloney/beausejour or rosicky....put in flan and habsi spots. Then ur actually really safe.

  10. Current team
    Wht do u think rohit.

    1. Team looks good. See if u could replace Maloney as u have Moses already and get some man utd midfielder...Valencia.

  11. hi , here is my team

    clark ream smalling
    siggy rose taarbat valencia
    rvp tevez bean

    wt do u think? Thanks!!!

    1. I'm not sure of smallings starting keep a check if any indication leaks thru. Sorry for my unknowing...ness, if that's a word....who's bean?

    2. thanks , i change a little bit , any problem?
      clark ream bassong
      siggy rose taarbat valencia
      rvp tevez hernandez

  12. Bogdan

    Lichaj, Ream, S.Kelly

    VDV, Siggy, Rosicky, Rose

    Jelavic, Rooney, Tevez

    Thoughts Rohit?

    1. Is tevez full price? And how much for Kelly? Forwards r very effective. Mid feels a tad thin.

  13. Jones confirm starts? If not I forced to change to Kelly.

    1. With Evans ruled out it's between Smalling, Jones and Rafael to start between 2 spot....cb and rb. When Evans last didn't start jones played full 90 both times. Is he confirmed to start? No he's not..but my instinct and past says he most probably will.

  14. Waiting for Arsenal team news before deadline...