Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 30

Glad to hear that Muamba is showing good signs to recovery and its the strength of the footy family thats transfered the good wishes to him.We do hope you all continue to pray for him to recover fully . #PrayforMuamba

We are into the Week 30's and its the business end of the season where teams try to make their positions safe(r) whichever spot on the table they may belong.Its the top 7-8 teams and the bottom few teams who give it all as there is lots to win or lose.It makes us benefit from no rotations or no resting of players and we would see the best eleven on the field.

Lets get straight to Week 30 and the best matchups :

Liverpool vs Wigan
Norwich vs Wolves
Stoke vs Man City
Arsenal vs Aston Villa
Man Utd vs Fulham

Forwards : Rooney ( With Alex putting all his faith on his top man to score 40+ goals this season, i dont see anything stopping him.He will be looking to add to the 7 goals he has scored in the last 5 games he has played in the league ) Suarez ( Scored a blinder in the FA cup last weekend and is playing a weak Wigan side at home.This could be an all in time where he is concerned) RVP ( If you have kept him at a good discount, this could be your week for redemption again) Aguero(There has been a debate about Aguero not returning enough points and just going off for the last few weeks.But i do feel he still has a part to play for Man City to pose any threat to United in this exciting run in to the end)

If you do like to take a gamble on one of your forward spots, Tevez is cheap at around 7.Also in this catagory is Holt who is also at an affordable price around 8.

In case you cannot afford Rooney in your team, you need to look at Hernandez who should keep his place in the side ahead of Welbeck after his brace last week.

Midfielders : Valencia ( Undoubtedly the best right winger in the league right now and he showed us time and time again that why he is such a threat.Last week was enough to bring him straight into the team and keep him till further notice) Gerrard (No brainer as he is the only Liverpool midfielder who i would put my money on against a weak team that too at home) Pilkington ( Norwich at home against Wigan could see alot of goals for the home side and Pilkington is a good option) Young ( In case you hold him at a discount i would suggest you stick with him as he has had enough rest time last week)

Defenders :Usually all our easy matchups mentioned above are potential good defensive options.Evans ( scored his first goal for the reds last week and has been their best defender for most of this season ) Carragher,Skrtel and Enrique are good picks at home.Its a toss up between Kelly and Glen Johnson as the latter is on his way back from injury and we will know on Friday on the exact status.Vermaelen has been showing some form and has scored in each of his last 2 games.Santos is back in contention and should get a game.Smalling's price is at an all time low(5.79) and its the best time to get him in.

In case you believe in a ManCity clean sheet, Kolo Toure could be worth a look as his price is affordable.

Keepers :No real bargains here this week as most of them cost above 8.In case you are buying a keeper at retail i would suggest you spend that money on either Reina or Ruddy who cost around 9 and 8 respectively.In case you hold Ddg at a discount, its an ideal situation.

Well thats alot of options from the easy matchup, but there are some good options in the other games as well.

The Best of the Rest are :

Forwards    : Bendtner, Yakubu, Sinclair
Midfielders : Sigurdsson, McClean, Miyaichi, Hoilett,
Defenders    : Ream, Bridge, Rangel

Im putting my investments upfront/midfield and bargain picks from favourable matchups in the defenders spots.
How is your team shaping up? Looking forward to sharing your views in the comments section below. We will update all injury or other details on here and on our official twitter @iFantasyEPL

Have a great weekend.


  1. AM please rate..

    evra / enrique / sagna
    siggurdson / valencia / morrison / sessegnon
    rooney / adebayor / suarez

    sub: pilkington / simpson / rise

    1. Solid team for this week.

      Prefer Pilkington to Morrison this week.Rest is good.Good Luck.

  2. I'm currently on


    Bassong, Evans, Bridge

    Valencia, Siggy, VDV@12, Ryo

    D. Cisse, Rooney, Suarez

    with 1.33 left in the bank. I could go Robinson>Reina and VDV>Sessegnon. What are your thoughts AM?

    1. I would prefer Reina and Sessegnon for this week.

      Also no point holding on to Robinson as they face Man Utd next.

      Vdv has a tough game against Chelsea and Sessegnon should be a better fit.

      Go for it.

  3. This week I'm thinking of picking Odemwingie & Fletcher.

    Odemwingie is back from injury, he scored 3 goals in last 2 games against Newcastle.
    With the absence of O'Hara, Fletcher is likely to prove Terry Connor is capable enough to bring them from relegated.

    What do you think?

    1. I agree with you on Odemwingie as he always poses the threat to score and when he does,he scores BIG.

      The problem with Fletcher is that he has no support from midfield what so ever.With O Hara injured, it makes his support system weaker.Wolves havent scores in their last 3 games.Fletcher might score an odd goal for them but you are going against the odds for that.

  4. Again, this week i'm split between 2 teams.

    Team 1


    Bridge Ream Whitbread
    Siggy Young Valencia Sess
    Aguero Hernandez Suarez


    Bridge Perch Whitbread
    Siggy Young Valencia Miyaichi
    Aguero Campbell Rooney

    1. Hi Trini,

      The question is whether continue to invest heavy on Rooney or spread it around to the best picks for this week.

      I prefer your first team no doubt.

      Reina is 'way' better a pick than Freidel
      Hernandez + Suarez seems heavier than Rooney + Campbell
      Sess has more potential in scoring big than Miyachi

      Its going to be a task for Freidel to keep up with Chelsea at the Bridge.He is still in there in my team but needs an axe.

      My team from last week :


      Thinking of :

    2. Rooney's next three games ( after fulham )

      Blackburn , QPR, Wigan

    3. I dropped Rooney on the BD because it looks like he's playing more of a midfield role with both Welbeck and Hernandez playing in front. I'll be going with overall the better team than spending all my funds on one player. How did you score last week?

    4. Scored 93. Took a zero from Friedel,Ream and Pogre.What abt u?

    5. 93.5 with zeros from Friedel, Smalling and Young and negative from Campbell

  5. A) Szczesny/Coates

    B) P.Kenny/Sessegnon

    C) P.Kenny/Holt

    D) Reina/Campbell

    E) Szczesny/Campbell

    The rest of my team:

    Evans, Bridge, Gibbs
    Miyachi, Sigurdsson, Valencia, VDV
    Aguero, Rooney

    Just dropped to 2nd place in my private league and need to pick up as much point as possible while at the same time looking at future matches.

    1. Reina / Campbell is the most obvious choice.

      I wouldnt go with QPR defence( Kenny ) against Sunderland away.

  6. hey am. would you go for sessegnon or holt this week?

    1. Hi Justin,

      Both are great picks and try to get them both in.

      If you had to choose one i would go for Holt as Wolves keep conceeding goals and this could be ideal for Norwich forwards.

      Also I prefer a forward to an attacking midfielder whenever i get a choice.

  7. thanks alot buddy. your team looks great. quite similar to what i have. bar a few exceptions. like your keeper, sessegnon and aguero. haha. i only can afford either 1 cause im going with suarez this week. hoping liverpool win big. *cross fingers*

  8. Replies
    1. hello Alfred,

      Holt should get more chances to score upfront than Pilkington.

      Prefer the forward.

    2. No love for Hoolahan?

    3. Well incase you dont want to spend or unable to get Pilkington,Hoolahan is a cheaper option.

      Pilkington has scored 36.5 in the last 5 where as Hoolahan has scored 20.5 with a goal each.

  9. Hey AM!
    My proposed team this weekend:
    What's your take on this team? Especially Surman of Norwich?
    Thanks in advance for your answer...

    1. Hi Tayo,

      Surman has a great matchup to lift his performance as he has been quiet lately. The last time he scored double figures was way back in Week 24.

      Hoolahan or Andrews( wba) could also be looked at as they cost similiar.

      Your team looks strong by the way.You just need to improve on Jelavic if you can because you may be a forward short.

  10. Can you tell me which of these 3 Arsenal midfielders starts: Rosicky, Ramsey, Ox??? I've had all three in my lineup in the last 24 hours and I can't figure it out... Worst part is I'm a Gooner... Team as it sits:


    Ream, Carragher, Vermaelen

    Siggy, Gerrard, Rosicky, Sessegnon

    Suarez, Holt, Klasnic

    Oh and if you could verify that Klasnic starts that'd be awesome too... Thanks. Great articles btw, much appreciated.

    1. Arsenal midfield should be :

      Walcott Song Arteta Rosicky and the fifth mid is a toss up between ox/RamseyGervinho

      Ngog starts along side Klasnic or Davies so its a risky pick

      No point going for spots which have a risk of rotation.

  11. Reina
    Taiwo, carragher, bridge
    Silva, gerrard, Valencia, Sesegnon
    Suarez, Hernandez

    Pilkington or holt, I think pilkington wil take all the set piece?

    1. Hi Alfred,

      Nice team there.

      Sure he will take all set pieces.He needs to score some points which he hasnt done for 4-5 weeks now.

      I think 11+ is alot of Pilkington but if you have spare funds to splash, go for it.Its a safe pick.

    2. If I prefer to hold back demba ba

    3. Not worth holding on to Ba,better options this week and Ba plays Liverpool next.

  12. Not really fancy my team this week

    Bridge, Evans, Gibbs
    Siggy, Ryo, Valencia, Sess
    Kun, Roon, Holt

    Exactly $2 fund available for any tweaking.
    Any suggestion? Thx & good luck!

    1. oh yeah... forgot to mention

      Robbo, Sess and Holt are at retail price so these are the area I can tweak.
      I can go Robbo --> Bogdan

    2. Your keeper is going to be key.

      Bolton vs Blackburn is not going to be one sided as both are fighting to get out of the relegation zone.

      If you had to pick one, i would suggest Bogdan.Bolton would be up for this one.

      Try reaching out to Ruddy and see if you can downgrade either Sess or Holt to may be Hoolahan or Andrews

    3. Gotta give u credit for tis one... I switched Robbo (-6) to bogdan(5) while keeping both sess and holt. that's 11 pts different. Than for your useful advice.

  13. Hi AM:

    Can you let me know whether Torres will starts before deadline? I will pick him as dark horse if yes. Thanks.

    1. Sure.You can check here or our twitter @iFantasyEPL around 10-15 mins before deadline.

  14. My team for game week 30

    Subs: Schwarzer-miyaichi-williamson-kelly

    1. Pretty solid team.

      I wouldnt change anything except Cahill in case you havent used your free transfer and get in Skrtel or Rangel.

      With Terry back, Cahill could make way.

    2. i have used unfortunately to bring in siggy. yeah but the problem is i am a chelsea fan :). hoping for a chelsea win. cahill has popped up with two goals in the last two games. so i see an upside to keeping cahill this week in the starting line up :)

    3. Good luck for Chelsea.Its a must win game for them and they are hitting some good form.

  15. Thanks. But have i made the right decision regarding my choice of captain. i have captained suarez due to need for differential. but he concerns me with his lack of conversion of shots to goals all season. and what are your thoughts on miyaichi vs siggy this week

    1. Prefer Siggy to Miyachi. (5 goals/3 assists in the last 9 games and in great form.)

      Captain for Week 30 : 1. Rvp 2. Rooney 3. Suarez in that order because Suarez isnt coverting many shots to goals.

  16. and also, even with this team i still have 3.4 million in the bank. any suggestions on who i can bring in to strengthen this team for future Game Weeks [And Why :)]. i am cuurently looking at [watchlist]; Keepers: Begovic - Defenders: Caulker, Wilkinson, Bardsley/Turner & Kaboul - Midfielders: Mata, Sessegnon, Toure & Bale - Forwards: Adebayor

    1. You got to look at each week fixtures and pick them

      Plus i wouldnt suggest making many transfers in the official game as it ends up with alot of -ve pts

      Try looking at Dempsey,Mata,Vermaelen,Bale and Adebayor

    2. Dempsey and Vermaelen Seems like intriguing options. yeah i wont be taking any point hits specially at this stage of the season. The ultimate decisions will lie on form + fixture [with more weight on form rather than fixture], but as the season comes to a close i will having one eye on differentials all the time in order to gain a better standing in the private leagues.
      Thanks for the input

    3. Yes a mix of differentials and safe picks is needed.

      You can get back next week to check on picks for Week 31 as well.Would be here to help.

      Cheers.Good luck this week.

    4. Guess i made the right call with cahill. Faith that only a chelsea fan could have :). Regretting not playing miyaichi instead of siggy though :P

    5. Hi Derp

      Yeah it worked out well for you.Guess you know your team well.

      Still time for Siggy to get something in the game hopefully.

    6. I am thinking about bringing in either wilkinson for williamson or yaya toure for miyaichi for my free transfer for GW31. which one would be better?

    7. Hi Derp,

      There are alot of other options as well.We will be giving an insight on Week 31 on Wednesday or Thursday.

      I suggest you wait for that article before you make that change.

      We would like to suggest a differential pick so that you can benefit from it.

      Out of the two picks, i would say neither right now.
      Wilkinson is playing away to Wigan( just beat Liverpool) and Miyachi is playing well.

      So ill get back to you regarding this on Wednesday or Thursday.

      Cheers mate.

  17. To AM:

    Gibbs is a sure starter instead of fully recovered Santos?

    Coates definitely won't be start tonight?

    And last, still waiting you to update Chelsea starting line up before deadline.


  18. Gibbs and Coates 50/50 chance...awaiting chelsea team news

  19. Team: Cech; Bos, Cahill, JT (c), Cole; Ess, Lamps; Ram, Mata, Sturr; Drog. - subs: Turn, D Luiz, Mik, Meir, Mal, Kal, Torres. #CFC (SL)

  20. Friedel, Assou-Ekotto, Kaboul, Gallas, Walker, Bale, Parker, Sandro, Modric, Van der Vaart, Abebayor

  21. Final team for Week 30 :


    Bridge Evans Bassong

    Sigurdsson Gerrard Valencia Sessegnon

    Aguero Rooney Holt

    Good luck to all and thank you for following our post.Much appreciated.

    You may continue to post comments regarding current or next week pick.

    I will be there to reply.

  22. what you think about Fulham next match against Norwich and then Bolton?
    who should i barndoor?

    currently on:

    Evans, Gibbs, Djourou, Taiwo
    Sigurdsson, Miyachi, Valencia, HBA
    Aguero, Rooney

    with 1.94 available fund left.

    1. Djourou/Gibbs play next week?
    2. Swan/New is double game week?
    3. Grab Pogrebnyak/Dempsey/Schwarzer on the barndoor?

    1. Hi there,

      Fulham has a great matchup even though they are completely out of form.

      I would consider getting in Pogrebnyak,Dempsey and Schwarzer but i would hope for Man Utd to get alot of goals and all these 3 player's value to fall.

      Swansea and Newcastle are not yet confirmed to have a double week.We will keep you updated in the next 1-2 days max.

      Hold on to Djourou at 2.xx and wait of injury news on arsenal defenders by friday.

  23. AM,

    What's your take on the "DGW" involving Newcastle and Swansea?

    I already gutted my team to make room for double gamers.

    It will be a shame if it's now reversed.

    Thanks and best regards!

    1. Hello Tayo,

      I have spoken to a few contacts in Yahoo and they should be confirming regarding newcastle / swansea game by tomorrow.

      We should have a confirmation regarding this at the earliest.

  24. Ok, thanks!!

    I hope the DGW stands....

    1. Hi Tayo,

      As i understand its a software problem and a double game week is not intentional.

      Therefore they are in the process of rectifying it and shifting Swansea/newcastle to next week.

      Will give you an update as and when i get some more information.

      I understand that you have put in alot of double game players in your team.Dont worry abt it, you will have a good team for this week irrespective of single or double game week.

      Get back to you later mate.