Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Matchday Insight : Week 29

Last week was great as most of us who went all in with Liverpool players did see a good jump in points and rank.A brilliant performance by Gerrard and its important to mention Suarez here as he unselfishly set up 2 of the 3 goals scored by Gerrard.

A much needed boost going in to the last phase of the season.With just 10 matchdays to go, its time to do things differently and thats what we aim to do in our analysis of Week 29.

Lets first take a look at the easy matchups :

Wolves vs Man Utd
Tottenham vs Stoke
Fulham vs Swansea
Newcastle vs Norwich

Forwards : Rooney(the pick of the forwards for this week and the weeks to follow as the fixtures are good, form is good and players in the team are returning from injuries which will only help him to score ) Pogrebnyak ( Fulham at home are a different side all together even though them might struggle away from home.Pogrebnyak has till now been super at home and scored from every opportunity thats come his way.Worth sticking to him even after a bad run again Aston Villa last week.) Ba (His value has come down to aroung 15 and you wouldnt mind paying that for someone who has scored 16 goals this season.Home game against Norwich would be ideal for picking up Ba incase you havent got Rooney or Suarez ) Adebayor ( After a bad run of games,Tottenham would want to put this phase behind them and start putting in some serious performances to secure a top 4 finish.At home against stoke could be an ideal situation to get in a good show)

Midfielders : Dempsey( Fulham have a great record at home and there is nothing that can stop them scoring plenty of goals.Swansea on the other hand have been poor on the road) Young ( He is starting to show some solid form just like the way he began this season.His injury is behind him and will be eager to put in all he has in the remaining games). Bale( He is the key to Tottenham's performances and due to injury he has been out of the side.Now he is back to full fitness and it will be a big boost to Tottenham's finish to the season.he is worth an investment in case you dont have money parked in Rvp or Rooney) Valencia (He has travelled along with the squad for the second leg of the Europa League, meaning he is fit and ready for first team action.His value is affordable but the question remains whether he will play against Wolves.I think he will as it will be a easy game for him to get some playing time) Ben Arfa ( Newcastle are at home against Norwich and Pardew has been putting his faith on Ban Arfa lately.I prefer him to Cabaye as he tends to play a more attacking role.He scored last week against Arsenal and is doing what it takes to cement a starting place in the squad)

Defenders : Man Utd's defenders stand out this week as Wolves are just poor.Evans was cheap before his price went up.Smalling is back in contention and should start as Jones has some injury issues.Kelly is back from injury and will start for Fulham.Newcastle defenders are cheap and worth a look.Santon ( 4.78) is cheap and with the absence of R.taylor he could keep his place in the defence.

Goalkeepers : Freidel ( This is the right time to get him in as Tottenham have had a bad patch of form but i see this as the right opportunity to put that behind them and start fresh at home against Stoke) DDG ( Its been a while since he made it to our keeper recommendations but the stretch of matches is good and their defence is getting their act in order.Though he is expensive and i would rather put that money in midfield or forwards )

The best of the rest :

Forwards     : Suarez, Agbonlahor, Rvp, Cisse (at discount only), Odemwingie is a injury doubt
Midfielders : Gerrard, McClean, Hoilett, Miyaichi, Brunt
Defenders   :  Kelly, Enrique, Bridge, Ream, Vermaelen
Keepers       : Given, Krul

This week matches are spread from saturday to Wednesday next week as there is FA cup action this weekend and therefore midweek EPL games for those who play in the FA cup tie.

Thats all we have in our recommendations .Hope you all have a great matchday and get in good numbers. Feel free to discuss your teams, picks or any queries you have regarding your team.Keep in touch with all updates, injuries etc on here or our official twitter account @iFantasyEPL

Have a great weekend.


  1. How about this team, pls:
    Thanks for your critique....

    1. Hi Tayo,

      Defence looks solid.Overall i think its well balanced assuming Jelavic and cleverley are your fillers.

      How much do you have Jelavic for?

  2. Friedel
    Evans Bridge Tamas
    Young Siggy Gerrard or McClean Andrews
    Aguero Roooney Campbell


    SMALLING Bridge Perch (if he gets the start over santon)
    Young Siggy Gerrard or McClean VDV
    Aguero Rooney Campbell

    very torn this week.

    1. Hi Trini,

      In your 1st team :
      Andrews is an injury doubt.
      Prefer Gerrard to McClean
      Evans/Tamas are good/ safe picks as they will play.

      2nd team:
      Perch may or maynot start
      VDV is a good pick.Could work out

      Just because of Andrew being doubtful.Prefer the 2nd team and i like Vdv in there as your 4th midfielder.

    2. i was leaning towards the second team also. thanks for the closure :P

  3. Hello, what do you think of my team?

    Onuoha / Evans / Ream
    Siggurdson / Miyaichi / Gerrard / Ox
    D. Cisse / Rooney / Agbonlahor


    1. Hi Johnson,

      Decent team.On the positive side you have Rooney,Gerrard,Agbon,Evans,Freidel so its good.Rest can give you points as well.

      Would have liked a Dempsey, Bale or Ba in there along with Rooney to give you those additional numbers.

      One of Cisse or Agbon need to have a big game for you.

  4. bro, pls help.

    Cisse(5)/vermaelean or Agbon/Santon ?


    1. Hi Mzar,

      This week is good for Abgon and Santon.

      If you hold Cisse and Vermaelen at a big dicount then hold on to them.

  5. Hi AM here is how my team currently looks like:


    Gibbs Verm(7ish) Santon

    Siggy(8) Miyaichi(8) Beau(7) Maloney

    Cisse(5) Rooney Ba

    Maloney is my dark horse, about defence will Bridge play? if yes I will pick him instead of Santon, and I am worried about Rooney injury. Any news? Hope you can give opinion to my line up, thanks.

    1. Bridge will play.

      For your info, Santos is back from injury so be careful of Gibbs.

      Santon should play as Newcastle have injury issues in their defence.( Taylor is out & Simpson is doubtful )

      If you have Rooney at 25.xx hold on to him.I dont see any major injury worry.He should be there in your team for remaining season.

  6. Hi
    W. Szczesny
    T.Ream J.Evans T.Vermealen
    Ireland @ 2 A young Hoilett J.Gomez
    RVP Suarez Agbonlahor
    Rate my team plz

    1. Team looks good.
      You could may be switch from Szczesnt to Freidel as the matchup is better.

      Good luck

  7. Team atm


    Should I go Taiwo to Perch?

    1. How much do you have to spend in place of Taiwo?

    2. Not too sure of Perch starting but yes i would get rid of Taiwo.

  8. Ben Arfa or Maloney?

    If Ben starts, I pick him. Thoughts?

    1. Ben Arfa..he has been play well recently and Pardew will stick with him.

  9. My team going into Week 29 :


    Ream Bridge Evans

    Sigurdsson Dempsey Gerrard Rodwell( Filler)

    Aguero Pogrebnyak Rooney

    Sticking with Aguero as Man City have only the EPL to play for now.
    Lets hope this works out.Your suggestions are welcome.