Friday, 30 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 15

There isnt any thing better than midweek matchdays as they just make the week look so much smaller. Just 2  days seperate Week 14 and 15, leaving us to make changes quickly and get all geared for another challenging week ahead of us.

Without wasting much time, lets get straight to the easy matchups and picks for week 15 :

Easy Matchups :

Liverpool vs Southampton
Arsenal vs Swansea
Reading vs Manchester United 

Forwards :

1. Suarez : Great matchup, good form, no rotation risk are obvious reasons to have him in your team. With Rvp no returning his value in this reason, its a good move to get Suarez in. No threat for his spot in the team and dangerous against any opposition are reasons for which i may look at him for a longer period of time. However, with 4 yellows he is just one away from a one match suspension.

2. Giroud : I tried to analyse his inconsistent performances and came to a conclusion that he only does well when he plays along side Walcott. No doubt Giroud is a good finisher from crosses and only when he has Walcott delivering those to him , he has look threatening. Arsenal have a good run and im sure he will have his chances.

3.Benteke : Looks threatening even though he plays in an average performing side. With this week away to QPR who have been struggling this season , he should make the most of it. Harry will take time to sort things out and i wont expect changes overnight.

Option :
P. Cisse : He has been really off this season and doesnt look anything closer to last years amazing start to his league campaign. However, after seeing him score last week , i do see more of an upside than the other way as i feel he can only get better. At a price tag of 10 before barn door, he did look like a good punt.

Midfielders :

4.Bale : The guy is just on another level and i dont see anyone else get closer to where he is right now. Just a must have in your team against any opposition.

5. Walcott : Even though Arsenal dont have his contract talks sorted, he has been doing well on the pitch apart from his regular injuries. With Arsenals easy run coming up, Walcott looks like a great pick to have with Wenger making him play a more advanced role along side Giroud.

6. Sterling : Still very affordable at 6.00 , he is a great pick for this week no doubt. Plays a very attacking role and his coordination with Suarez is great. Both assist each other well and is a major factor for why Liverpool are doing well enough to climb up the ladder.

7. Fellaini : He countinues to surprise us week in week out. After watching him for so many seasons, he has just been a different product this year and is just becoming a must have in your team.Yes i know they are playing Man City, but he continues to be a threat.

Option :
Taarabt :  An under rated player and I still feel is yet to take off in this campaign. With Harry , there should be a great upside to him for sure. Presently he is trying to do alot but its not working for him, but im sure a good performance is around the corner.

Defenders :
8. Enrique : Never though i would ever see Enrique play where he is presently but Rodger sees things very differently and why not. With a defender playing such an advanced role and a good matchup for a clean sheet,  no doubt he is a great pick for this week.

9. Azpilicueta : With Benitez one thing is for sure, Chelsea have looked much better defensively and yet to concede a goal under him. Yeah i know its too early. Azpilicueta seems to be a sure starter in the right back spot and should continue to do well.

10. Gibbs : Looks set to start this week and having a good run of games coming up, its time to get in an arsenal defender.

Option :
Nelsen : Good option to have this week when they take on Aston Villa at home. He seems to get lots of shots blocked etc

Goal keepers :

11. Mignolet  : Coming off a clean sheet and playing Norwich is a good matchup for him. He shall continue to be a good pick as he is approaching a double matchday next week.

Option : Lloris : Its paid off well for those who got him in for 2.00. With Avb going with him for the last 4 games, this could continue to be a good run of games for him and with his cheap price tag, it does allow you to spend elsewhere.

Well thats all we have for you this week, have a great week end and continue to chat in the section below.



  1. hi, AM

    midweek brings disaster to my point.

    Here's my XI

    what about it

    P Cisse/benteke/Giroud

  2. Hi am / rohit

    my team sheet:-
    enrique zhorey nelsen vert
    cazorla sterling ramirez
    suarez benteke ba

    im still thinking to bring giroud instead of benteke(bd).ramirez(bd) for granero but need to upgrade enrique for the cheap defender.what do u think

    1. I always prefer home players than away and that is the case for who ur thinking of bringing in.

  3. I love giroud this week but still unsure whether worth to sell benteke.due to limited fund i will remain above team otherwise my team should be
    vert shorey nelsen
    caz ster granero ramirez
    suarez ba giroud

  4. Hi AM/Rohit

    my team, plese comment

    Cazorla, Ster, Gerrard, Wilshere
    Giroud, Suarez, P.Cisse


    1. Sorry, missout defender...

      Nelsen, Gibbs, Perch

    2. Perch not playing

    3. yup...go for ferguson for 1.86. rest looks fine.

  5. Hi
    Please rate my team



  6. guzan +lichaj+ bennet??....that could not bode well. QPR just might get their first win.

  7. Is Chris brunt good pick?

    N jenkinson?

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