Friday, 7 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 16

...And he walks in your team...Shorely!

Another weekend of fantasy dawns upon us bringing with it two mediocre fantasy teams playing two matches. Those being Sunderland and Reading. The choice of going for a single gamer is a bit tougher than normal as there are no "great match ups" to look out for. Anyways, we will try and work out the best strategy with what we have and aim for a good score. Lets take a deeper look at the games.

Southampton host Reading and have a decent momentum going into this fixture, Swansea play Norwich who are mirror opposite of their home form. Ofcourse with the shortages of out right good match ups Reading and Sunderland are worth taking a deep look at.

The Starting XI

1. Mignolet: With two home matches to look forward to things cant turn out terrible for the Sunderland keeper.
Option: Federici is the cheaper and much much riskier option. Aston Villa has improved on their home form and Guzan could be a good choice. Lloris on the 2.09 discount is as Gold as it gets.

2. Shorey: Generally a necessary choice for fantasy and even further more this week with the double header.
3. Morrison: He's been very consistent for reading over the past 5 games without clean sheets coming thier way. He has averaged 11 points in the last 3 games and benefitting from the shorey set pc prowess.
4. Cuellar: A surprising inclusion as he and fanatsy points generally don't go hand in hand although its much a different story this season. Worth his hefty price this week.
Option: Romeu at 5.09 is a good investment playing in the midfield. Bardsley is a cheap way into Sunderland but don't have hopes high.

5. Adam Johnson: I'm a fan of his ability regardless and with the double header he's a no brainer for me.
6. McAnuff: Very creative in the midfield is generally at the delivery end of crosses and assists.
7. Michu: He just can't stop scoring and the Norwich defence are going to add fuel to the fire.
8. Robson-Kanu: A very complete midfielder and getting on the scoresheet too.
9. Sessegnon/Larrson: These two are question marks. Larsson is very consistent about his average so expect him to score between 11-13 points guaranteed, on the other hand Sessegnon can end up scoring either a 5 or a 25....the choice is yours. Risk vs Reward.
Options: Cazorla on discount should not be fiddled with. Lallana should be in double figures this week.

10. Le Fondre: He will start upfront for Reading in both matches and is marginally a must have.
11. Lambert: I like his prospects this week with him just below boiling point for the last few matches. He should blow the lid with a 20+ performance.
Options: Wickham/Fletcher is basically all depending on the injury update we need from the Sunderland camp. If we have any solid news moving in that direction is the way to go. Berbatov is a good option with Newcastle coming to town.

So as you see, I think this week is best suited for a 3-5-2 formation, but feel free to experiment with what you presume is the most comfortable lineup for you. Best of luck for the NMA blog cup!.



  1. Hi am/rohit

    vert shorey morison
    caz sterling kanu ajohnson
    suarez fondre fletcher

    my dilemma is either to pick michu instead of fletcher depending on injury news.i had suarez on big discount so he remains there.or should i upgrade fletcher with lambert or giroud.pls help my dilemma?

    1. How much discount do you have suarez on?...he does give a zero as he's suspended.

      Wait for the team news. If fletcher plays, keep him if a doubt then Lambert is a better choice. Giroud will not have podolski and walcott as they both r out so he could suffer.

  2. Fantasy Overlord‘s DT for this week:

    O’Brien, Ivanovic, Riise, Kompany
    Michu, Johnson, Cazorla
    Tevez (C), Berbatov, Fletcher

    Try importing your FPL team and seeing what transfers it recommends.

  3. Fletcher playing both the games is looking less likely as suggested by O Neill.....better look else where. I predict he sits chelsea and plays midweek.

  4. Hi again!
    I have suarez at 18+.between michu n lambert which player u pick to replace fletcher if he's not fit.and why giroud not in yr pick list as they have good match up

  5. Hai, Rohit/AM

    this my XI

    Sterling/cazorla/michu/fellaini/seb larsson

    thinking to swap this riether+fellaini+rodallega
    to jenkinson+lallana+la fondre.
    which one better?

  6. My predicament lies in who I should captain. I have Sessegnon currently as my captain's pick with McAnuff and Fletcher as the other options seeing they all have doubles. Thoughts?

    1. Out of the 3, you hv the best captain possible

  7. Not the best of weeks for your picks. Here's hoping Tuesday makes you look good. *crosses fingers*

    1. Picks scored 126.5. Think that's above avg. I scored 97.5.

    2. Your picks did quite well on Tuesday, just as I was hoping for! My DGers (had 7 of them) pulled me 84 pts for the week w/ about 30 pts coming from Tuesday. Thanks again.