Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 17

Tada!....I'm Back!!
Hello everyone, I'm just going to start by saying that when it comes to double gamers its always safer to go with them rather than single gamers as they have a chance to redeem themselves even if they screw up in one match just like this last week.....Or I could be totally wrong as the Sunderland vs Reading match hasn't taken place yet. Anyway moving on from there we are back with everyone playing a single match with two teams totally absent and those being Southampton and Chelsea with the latter in japan playing in the club world cup. Lets see what we have instore for this weekend.

The games of interest this week are Norwich vs Wigan, Man Utd. vs Sunderland, Liverpool vs AstonVilla and Reading vs Arsenal. So a host of good games to pick players from and the ones not mentioned also have alot of potential. Lots to dissect and pick from this week.

The Starting XI

1. Bunn: The Norwich keeper is below the 2 mil mark making him a great choice this week playing home to wigan. A great Bargain.
Options: Lloris again at a discount is a good option with a winnable home game to play in.

2. Bassong: He has been the root of good Norwich performances and surprisingly amongst goals being scored, an excellent combination.
3. Rafael: Although this season Utd. aren't amongst the clean sheets Rafael's attacking prowess gives him the edge with terrible form sufferers Sunderland coming to Old trafford.
4. Vertonghen: Has been very consistent with or without clean sheets being registered and will most probably return his investment.
Options: Vidic is a bargain but keep an eye on him to see if he makes the starting lineup. Garrido is a cheaper option if bassongs out of reach. Having Shorey on discount is a privilege.

5. Cazorla: He doesn't stay quite for too many matches and has the perfect opposition to make his points.
6. Michu: You can't ignore this man, especially with the devastating form he is in. He' fixture proof right now.
7. Sterling: A great performance last time out and an even better opportunity waiting this week.
8. Ashley Young: Young has given two decent performances but was just outside double figure in both. This could be a good outing for him.
Options: Taarabt has been a disappointment off late and if QPR are to register their first win this guy need to put in a good one. Fellaini held on discount can be maintained.

9. Snodgrass: A very pivotal player for the canaries and gets enough big number games to make him a must have for this weekend.
10. Rooney: Much more value for money than RVP and should remain the same story.
11. Suarez: Back from suspension to lead the line for Pool and highest chances to get on the score sheet this weekend.
Options: Defoe scored negative and that has made him affordable. Aguero also cheap for his standards  can be in for a good game. RVP only if you prefer him instead of Rooney.

On a personal note:
I'm holding Torres on a discount and taking a 0 for this week. Most might not agree with that decision and in fact I would agree with them if my life depended on scoring big this fantasy weekend..but thankfully it doesn't and even if a score low...I'll survive the weekend. For me Passion for the this game has come from watching certain players over the years that have made the love for this game immense....Torres is one such player for me. I had a conversation with someone during this week who stated that Torres and RVP don't belong in the same sentence with Torres having scored 11 meaningless goals all season and RVP scoring 14 all important all decisive goals. Well I agree with that because for me RVP has no meaning. For me Torres is a great player who made me even more passionate about this sport and I'm not going to start looking him down if he's gotten run down in form. I will support him regardless. He doesn't compare to anyone in my opinion and thats exactly what it is...an opinion, so don't take offence to it. So give respect to everyone's opinion as that is formed through their own experiences through time....they are not always suppose to be based on facts and figures...but on emotions.

Have a good one.


  1. Hi, Rohit i change all of my XI last matchday to Sun and Rea player.

    now i have to pay the price.

    here's my new XI.

    Mcanuff/Sterling/Cazorla/ben ARFA

    good enough?
    or else i should change

  2. i have only 0,26 for availabe funds now. i've to pick Cazorla, Sterling and Defoe again n with about i lost around 7,5 on their discount. coz i sell those 3 last matchday.

    1. why did u sell cazorla?..anyway.
      is Lloris at 2.09?...or full price?
      don't go for 4 defenders. or benarfa.
      Giroud/podolski or Lukaku could be better valued picks as forwards.

    2. try and make a combination with suarez and snodgrass in front.

  3. ya. Lloris still 2.09. coz, at first i think i could buy him again around 9 or 10. but it looks like he still around 11 or 12. now i try to built again from the beggining thanks for the suggest..

    1. use wilshire or shelvey in midfield to free up funds.

  4. here's my new xi


    1. much much better. Valencia & morrison are both in the same boat, Giroud facing reading might have a bit of an upside over cisse.

  5. Dissappointed gw16 for me mr AM/rohit,
    But lets move on
    my teams:-
    vert shorey gibbs fabio
    caz sterling silva
    suarez snodgrass aguero

    im about to change fabio n aguero to vidic n giroud but need yr advice.tq

    1. how much do u have gibbs for?

    2. Gibbs at 9++.he will stay unless injured.any other solution

    3. then go for vidic and giroud


  7. Hi Mr Rohit,

    This is my first eleven team:

    Bassong (1.84)(Now 9.45)/Wilkinson(4.56)/Lichaj(5.42)
    Carzola (6.21)(Now 11.88)/Stearing(6.03)(Now 7.83)/Nolan(9.95)/Dembele(9.13)
    Aguero(15.53)(Now 15.74)/Suarez(21.44)(Now 21.51)/Snodgrass(17.11)

    Is it good enought? please advise...
    Thanks A lot...

    1. Thanks...

      I plant to change Lichaj to K.Toure, and Dembele & Wilkinson chhange to T.Rosicky & N.Shorey... Is it more better?

    2. shorey maybe just gives an edge.

  8. Hey Rohit,

    These are my choices for week 17.


    Or do i replace Rooney with Defoe SWP with YOung & Pischu with K.Toure
    Whats more value according to you?

    Cheers mate!

  9. Hi AM/Rohit

    Here is my XI


    Is it ok?


  10. Hi
    Should i go for
    Wilkinson? K.toure? Or, Piscu?


    1. thanks!..
      my current lineup
      Vert, Bassong, Wilkinson,
      Cazorla, Michu, Dembele, Rose
      Rooney, Snodgrass, Suarez

      bit worried about D.Rose. should i swap to wilshere?

  11. Hi rohit/AM
    this my saved team and final

    vert shorey vidic
    Carz sterling silva a young
    suarez snodgrass giroud

    I sell aguero in place of giroud while gibbs for vidic(will see team news)
    If vidic unfit i will go for wilkinson

    what do u think?

  12. hi , Rohit

    Below is my pick , any suggestion?thanks!

    Shorey piscu s.reid
    carz sterling shevely taarabt
    giroud RVP suarez

  13. Instead of Reid maybe wilkinson has better chances of cs and steve clarke's put a big question mark on who is fit or not so risky to go for reid. Great front 3.

    What other combo can you come up with instead of taarabt and shelvey...invloving maybe Valencia.

  14. Letting torres go...not worth after price change.