Thursday, 15 November 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 12

Get on my Bandwagon??...Hell Yeah!

Midweek International friendlies, don't you just love them. I don't read the scores but I do go over starting lineups and subs made, minutes played during the matches with the fantasy implications in mind. Fantasy wise my team isn't putting up great numbers but performing solidly enough to maintain my below 3400 spot. What I need is a blockbuster week to push my self into the 2000s'. So after sorting it all out in my head heres how I think the weekend will pan out...or at least I hope it will. On to the match ups.

The Matchups of utter fantasy attention are the two clubs from Manchester City vs Aston Villa, along with Liverpool vs Wigan, Fulham vs Sunderland, Newcastle vs Swansea and Reading vs Everton giving us alot of option to mull over.

The Starting XI

1. Jussi: This guy is just on fire. He has been putting up unbelievable numbers against the toughest opposition and to think that some of the managers have him at below 4 is enviable. He's a great play at home to week travelling opposition.
Option: Krul is just one goal shy of a clean sheet since 4 weeks and I hope that is no more the a positive way.

2. Shorey: Shorey has made the LB spot his own in the Reading defence and is swinging in crosses left right and centre. He is taking all of the set pcs for his club which is leading to alot of successful crosses and corners won. Regardless of clean sheet potential he should start for your team.
3. Maicon: Came on in the second half for a brief cameo and looked like he was really up for it. showed pass and willingness to put in those balls in the 30 yard box with his crossing ability. He is the only hope for any fantasy potential in the City back line. Keep an eye out for his starting XI conformation.
4. Reither: Fulham's Reither is as good as he gets for the value he is available for right now. A strong home matchup gives him a lot of upside this weekend even without the low price benefit.
Options: Santon has been Newcastle's best performing defender and been quite consistent with his number touching 7.5 points or more 3 times in the last 4 without any clean sheets being involved, a good option this week. Wisdom is the cheapest way to get into the Liverpool defence and home to Wigan is quite favourable.

5. Fellaini: With his new found attacking threat this season, he has helped Everton achieve new heights and will continue to do so as form seems very ripe right now.
6. Ben Arfa: Was heavily involved in the last weekends match and easily feels the hub of Newcastle's creativity, should have a great game.
7. Sterling: He plays alongside Suarez and has lighting quick feet. If these guys click together he could be involved either with a goal or minimum the one creating it, and he's dirt cheap.
8. Lallana: A very consistent performer in the fantasy world and is highly unlikely to put up a "bad score" for your team regardless of who he's facing, although in this case it is QPR.
Options: Nolan either gives a goal or a dud, this season its been mostly goals even though I think he's a tad bit expensive. Silva was back in the frame for City and was looking his old self with incisive passing, an eye for a SOT and should do better this weekend.

9. Berbatov: The Man of the moment for Fulham. Its like we have travelled back in time during his days at spurs. He's a threat on the pitch and is letting his footballing do the talking. Must have in all your lineups.
10. Tevez: With Aguero traveling all the way to Saudi Arabia and playing a full 90 on wednesday night I highly doubt he'll get another full 90. HELLO Tevez, rested during the week all fresh to annihilate Villa.
11. Saurez: Although He's expensive, He's in form and he's facing Wigan at home. Go For him.
Options: Jelavic is benefitting from the improved Everton attack this term and should follow up on the goal he scored last weekend. RVP hit the woodwork twice last weekend and will try to inch those shot in to make the few that own him a bit more happier about their investment, but if you have to spend go for Suarez. *Giroud has been in bright form and heading into a potentially high scoring derby(injury doubt). Consider Chicarito as a good option with Ferguson confirming his starting status.*UPDATED.

Ok now that feels like alot of goals will be scored this weekend for some reason as I was writing few of those names. Hopefully we'll be amongst them and best of luck for those involved in the NMA blog cup this weekend.


  1. 1st again n again,
    Hello rohit/am,comment my team pls
    vert bassong shorey
    caz sterlg fellani granero
    suarez berbatov aguero

    aguero n granero make me sick right now.any thinking about bringing hernandez or jelavic in attack while thinking someone cost 8+++ in place of granero

    1. You can go for Jelavic instead of aguero surely...although i think Tevez is in the same price range. If you down grade bassong to Shane Ferguson of newcastle who is for 2.16, you can have lallana starting in place of granero. So Aguero, Granero, Bass out.....Jela/Tevez, Lallana, Ferguson in.

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  3. Hai, AM/Rohit

    I think i change my XI
    cazorla/sterling/ben arfa/lallana/neville

    good enough ?

    1. Rafael and neville should be switched in my opinion. Go 343 instead if possible as it is a good week for forwards.

    2. then i changed rafael + ben arfa + neville
      gorkss + podolski + kacanklinik or
      s ferguson + Silva + pogrebnyak?

    3. Either go for ferguson + silva and keep Ben arfa or ferguson + giroud and still keep Ben arfa. Basically choose between silva or giroud. I prefer giroud.

    4. Giroud is an injury consider else where

    5. Have a lot discont this afternoon

      here's my new XI, already change giroud

      s ferguson/fabio/maicon
      cazorla/sterling/ben arfa/lallana/

      n still have 4.7 M
      want to change Lallana for Fellaini?
      or should change fabio for riether once again

      are there any chelsea player recommended?

    6. Fabio to riether sounds good. good team

    7. I support Chelsea and still am not considering anyone. The have a tough game at West brom. steer clear. Im holding oscar on discount personally....but thats more heart than head decision.

    8. still wishy washy about maicon?
      will he be play or save for ucl in mid week.

      any suggest for back-up ?
      now i think to change maicon + ben arfa for shorey + kacanikclik?

    9. You can do of all picks I wrote about he is the least likely to start. If you want to hold arfa...bassong is an option...he might work out with Norwich facing RVP and chic with alot of shots blocked a probability.

  4. Hi,

    This is my team for matchday 12:

    Vertonghen Nelsen Ferguson
    Cazorla Fellaini Silva Taarabt
    Giroud Ba Berbatov

    Thinking of changing Ba Silva Nelsen Ferguson to Tevez Ben Arfa Shorey Maicon. Which one is better? Thanks.

  5. how abt B.Jones? Liv keeper?

    1. Reina will take back starting spot this week.

  6. My week 12 team:

    McAuley, Riise, Ivanovic
    Hazard, Fellaini, Michu, Nolan
    Hernandez, Tevez, Defoe

    Bench: Routledge, A.Cole, Barnett, Foster

    Worth making any subs? or spending 4 points to make a transfer?

    1. No points taking a 4 point hit and you have you best 11 playing. max you can start with Cole cause he's probably back. if not mcauley steps in. put all your eggs in one basket. mcauley with hazard means you r expecting one of them to have an off game. Mcauley only scores well if hazard doesnt do anything. If any other chelsea player scores then mcauley anyways does bad.....

    2. barring mcauley getting a goal or an assist. you knw odds of that as good as me.

    3. Thanks for your input. I`ll put Cole in for McAuley.
      Im trying to figure out if Defoe is playing or not, some on twitter says no - but haven`t seen anything official.

    4. derby games you never know. AVB is anyways a mystery to me.

  7. Replies
    1. Ba is more expensive than Tevez,Berba,Chica and just 4 mill short of suarez. So He's in the questionable zone of spending. Rather you take Suarez.