Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 14

Captain Fantastic!
Hello all, haven't really gotten out of the hang over of last weekend and this midweek is upon us. Caught up in my work was not able to post anything with a hectic monday keeping me away from the computer. Anyway the week went off well for me as I entered the below 1500 spot this week. Now just need the momentum to push me in the 1000's. Matchups look very interesting and have opportunities to score every where, tricky part is knowing who could sit out the mid week or not be in for a full 90. lets get on with it.

ManCity go to Wigan hoping to get back to winning ways, United vs Westham is also a good match only with rotation risk marring the perfection, Chelsea host the a London Derby and Benitez will push for his first win as a Chelsea manager and Southampton will have Norwich home and a high chance of making in three wins on a trot.

The Starting XI

1. Mignolet: - He had a howler last weekend and we all know its just an off day....things will surely be back on with QPR visiting.
Option: Lloris is starting to make the number one spot on his own and is still cheap on the list.

2. Shorey: First spot on the defenders and a must have with the fire he is on.
3. Azpilicueta: He will be the preferred RB in the Benitez back four and proved to be a fantasy points generator too.
4. Shotton: Cheap and a part of a very strong defensive setup.
Options: Fabio is back as a filler if money is required elsewhere. Rafael could finally show up this week though he has been under performing. Vertonghen is a good as long as you have him on a discount.

5. Sessegnon: The guy loves to shoot and we love to see him do so...as long as he's a part of our team, so make it happen.
6. Lallana: Arguably the most consistent underrated midfielder out there. Wont be underrated anymore.
7. Silva: Could have a good run against wigan with a much easier matchup than last time out.
8. Fellaini: Back from suspension and facing Arsenal who are not know for their set piece defence.
Options: Ramirez is the cheap option if lallana is being out priced. Michu is generally not having more than one off game in three so odds are with him. Oscar is a good cheap option.

9. Tevez: Rested and ready to do his stuff. Surely starting which is a big relief with no doubts about being rested or not.
10. Defoe: He was back doing what he does best and is the only option for Spurs. Great situation again.
11. RVP/Rooney: Well this is the one I have no clue about and will probably make me go for an option rather than one of these. Both played the 90 last match, One coming off and injury and the other playing 90 of the last three to four matches. Both might start or one might not...its a pure toss up.
Options: Mata is going to be pivotal for chelsea in the derby and he's already shown twice in London derby's this season. Lambert should have a great game against norwich with the good form continuing.

Good Luck to all.

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  1. any news of sunderland/qpr match getting postponed for heavy rain?

    1. Of what I can tell is that today there is a forecast of light rains and tomorrow night of more heavier rains. Should be ok. but keep an eye out till the deadline for any news. Will update if I read something different.

  2. My BD team atm:

    Vert, Shotton, Shorey, Bassong
    Santi, Sterling, Lallana
    Defoe, Tevez, Rooney

    0.18 left.
    How do you rate my team?

    would like Bassong -> Oscar but short of 0.25, will there be a price change soon?

    RvP (retail) VS Rooney (22) -> which one has more potential and/or rotation risk?

    Thanks and good luck!

  3. I like your team a lot....and you dont need my advice as ur thinking of exactly the right change. On Rooney vs RVP...I think this team is possible only with Rooney at the that disc so you should go with him.

    1. The 2 differences in my team are instead of rooney and bass, I have Mata and Lallana. Rest is ditto.

    2. Thanks for your reply.
      How could you have 2 Lallana in your team? Haha

      I could use S.Ferguson 1.83 as afiller to accomodate RvP.
      I really hate it when I drop a player and the next thing he does is scoring goals, afterall, it's @home against WHU!

    3. oh sorry....heh...Sessegnon.

    4. Yeah....You Dont expect RVP to suck against QPR either...and he did. Although you surely don't expect him to suck in two matches in a row...so...If only I knew if he was starting....*sigh*.

    5. another stat. RVP has failed to score in the last 3 matches against Villa,Norwich and QPR. Make what you want of that.

    6. oh my worst fear just came true!
      Even though it was just one goal but it was a MWG and 18 pts

  4. my XI


    hope it's good with the score.