Thursday, 23 August 2012

Matchday Insight : Week 2

"Ahhhh....I'm no bench warmer!"......
Hello all, the one thing we should all try and learn from the past matchday is that, to try and bring in as many double gamers is the best strategy to go with, although picks like Michu, Petric are not always possible to predict, the double gamers are a safe bet to give you a good overall production. Anyways, back to normalcy and single games weekend where things should be a little less complicated. lets go over the favourable match ups..

So from the outset Swansea look to have come out of the block at full speed and a home game to Westham shouldn't slow them down. Manchester United will like to get things in order at Old Trafford and Fulham would probably fall victim. Totenham vs Westbrom should fall into the favourable match ups category although the first MD for both clubs suggests otherwise, but we will overlook that and consider them.

The Starting XI

1. David DeGea: He pulled off some fantastic saves against everton keeping the score line from becoming and embarrassment. You could see what the hype about him was and this season might be when he lives upto it and a little bit more.
Options: Vorm is a great goalkeeper and swansea are back at their fortress, great pick if you bdoored him or even otherwise.

2. Chico: Looks to be just the sort of player that fits into Swansea's ideology and is not afraid to put his body in for the block. excellent pick for the price.
3. Vidic:  The United captain is never going to be cheaper than this and is coming in to his first home game after a long time. Look for him to go up for the corners and hopefully make us all happy.
4. Ivanovic: He is taking advantage of cheslea's new found attack mindedness and running up across the field to get his owners a taste of the points.
Options: Vertonghen should make the line up if AVB has any kind of common sense filled in him apart from his mind games that he likes to play with...his own mind. Reither is one if is barndoored should be stuck with for the next 4 matches.

5. Cazorla: Seems to be the heart of most of the attacks Arsenal will form this season and likes to shoot as witnessed by most of us. I'm sure he'll go out there and get a decent +10 performance.
6. Michu: Main Mam Michu has lived up to his reputation for the opener. This player for his price could be "Siggy 2.0"in the making.
7. Sigurdsson: Siggy 1.0, the phantom king is playing the hole behind the striker for the spurs. He'll have a big game no doubt.
8. Lallana: The Southampton midfielder is again like our list of midfielders suggest the creative power in the team and he showed that by earning an assist against the champions. should do better against lowly Wigan.
Options: Kagawa got the license to move everywhere in the midfield from fergie and looks to be the david silva of the red side of manchester. He'll be amongst the assist when Rooney or RVP score. Bale comes in for you when you dont fancy siggy to be upto the mark. Its a toss up between them and come down to price and playing position.

9. Lambert: For some reason he started off the bench and when he did come off he scored and what a goal it was. He's the real deal and should for no reason be on the bench again. Look for him to make it 2 goals in 2 against wigan....minimum.
10. Tevez: He paid off so well for the managers who chose him that the managers who don't have should take him too. Against a leaky liverpool missing the first choice defence a strong Tevez performance is highly likely.
11. Hazard: Wow, talk about making an impact. The guy has assisted 5 of the 6 goals chelsea has scored, of which 2 were penalties won. He scored 18 points without having one shot on target in two games played and I say that in a positive way....waiting till he starts scoring. Could be a stud in the making.
Options: RVP, is a great option to go with as there is no doubting his talent and the team he plays for now. Look for both of them to make a statement. Adebayor is back in the frame as the main striker at white hart lane and IF he is starting(we will try and keep you guys updated on that) then he might be worth the starting XI.

So that about rounds up our week second fantasy insight. Glad to be back and writing, season is new and fresh and my target this year is finishing in the top 250. Let me know what you guys are targeting.
take care, see you at the games.


  1. Target: Top 300

    My team so far:


    Chico Vidic Fabio

    Michu Cazorla Lallana Siggy

    Petric Lambert Rooney

    I will hold Petric in discount in my team as Fulham got few really good matches after MU match.

  2. Sitting on
    Vidic Fabio Vert
    Michu Cazorla Kagawa Siggy
    Tevez K2 (assuming he starts) Hazard
    about 2.9 in the tank and holding nasri and Lambert behind the scenes

  3. Differentials for Week 2 :

    Vertonghen, Dyer, Lambert

  4. any comment on chico's injuries? thinking to swap him with gibbs