Thursday, 30 August 2012

Matchday Insight: Week 3

"You'r our man now...for now"
By the time we get this matchday rolling all teams would have gone through the hustle and bustle of the transfer deadline day and be equipped to go through till january with the players in hand. It would be a relief for us managers with questions such as VDV or Siggy out of the way and our choices not to be spoiled by who starts and who doesn't decisions...not that I still would trust AVB to make the right call.
Anyway onto this weeks matches.

Things are quite defined this week as the Manchester clubs will look to dominate inferior opposition, Totenham and Newcastle will both try and get back to winning ways with highly potent winnable home matches and rest can be swept out of the equation to some extent for this week.

The Starting XI:


1. Krul: He's is so well priced for his value that it gets hard to pick all else that are above him. Playing behind a great combination of Colo and Taylor with Tiote expected back I see no reason why he cant give a great return back. Aston Villa are not really an attacking threat and should be a comfortable win for the maggpies.
Options: Hart playing home on the back of NO clean sheets, no clean sheets for City...well that needs to change, and probably will.


2. Vertonghen: He's another great value play and showed enough that you realize that he could be a good fantasy producer in the future. For the present he's well worth.
3. Santon: Seems to have settled in well since last season and a primary part of the Newcastle back four. Although his forward insurgence does leave you wanting more, it might be just around the corner that he starts producing consistently on the other end.
4. Zabaleta: Of the ample premium defenders he seems to be one that could easily be overlooked but has alot more potential than others. With Richards out for a while he has the RB spot to himself and should be a menace.
Options: Riether is playing away to WestHam and after facing United at Old Trafford this should be a breeze for him and boost his fantasy credentials. Walker is a good play this week as he along with the Totenham defence are due a good return and Norwich home sounds a wonderful opportunity.

5. Cazorla: Lived upto my call of a 10+ performance with just being the catalyst to almost all arsenal attacks, although all were unfruitful. You can expect a similar performance from him inspite of the opposition he faces as he loves to be on the ball.
6. Michu: The solitary goal was all the points scored by Michu, which isn't bad for his price, though at the current price its hard to even consider anyone else instead, hoping his phantom fantasy production also goes up.
7. Bale: He looks to be playing primarily on the left for the spurs but does tend to drift in quite a lot  for the odd pop at goal. His price is up and nothing less than a 15+ production can justify it, but he has all the credentials to provide it too.
8. Kagawa: He did what was expected of him and could have even scored a brace had it not been couple of inches inside the left post. Moves a lot behind the front lone striker and another good fantasy outing is on the cards.
Options: Ben Arfa's a magician with his feet and his feints are quite deceiving, creates space in tightest of situations and has a deadly left foot, all should help in giving Aston Villa a hard time and fantasy managers a decent total. Fellaini is surprisingly still under 10 and given 2 great performances in his new position playing behind the strike.....opportunity doesn't knock twice.

9. Tevez: He is quite clearly the best option to go with out there looking at price, form and matchup. No questions asked, has to be in your lineups.
10. Adebayor: Once he entered the foray last week he was clearly the better option to go with for Spurs. Controlled the ball well, long enough to have the midfield catchup and play with him and definitely should more consistent than Defoe.

11. Petric: He seems to be in for some good run of matches and Fulham have a decent team around him. I'm not sure how much creativity a Dembele less Fulham would miss but he should be still amongst the goals.
Options: The 7.07 Hazard is a clear option if you want to keep the potential stud in the making in your teams for such a low price. I'm taking the 0 hit, to keep this advantage on. RVP is only in the options category for one reason which is his price otherwise he is a definite starter for me with Rooney out and him being Manchester's lone striker upfront. If you can sneak him in the team no reason for you not to go with him. Ba/Cisse is a toss up which is why they are kind of eating into each others fantasy potential, For me it would be Ba by a whisker.

So, Please do the most to enjoy this fantasy weekend to the maximum as it is the last one before the dreaded international disruptions. Things would start rolling again on 15 september. 
Side note: Fifa 13 demo...11 september!...if anyones interested.



  1. No mention of Swansea defenders & Mr. VORM??
    Are you of the opinion that they'll run out of "luck" this weekend with Sunderland coming to town??

    What's your opinion on my proposed team:
    Vorm/Jenk, Fabi, Wilk/Kaga, Mich, Dyer, Fell, Cazo/RvP, Teve...

    1. Hey Tayo...if you have Vorm on a discount he's still worth the play. But yes, the whole Adam johnson(a great pick in coming weeks) , steven fletcher, seb larsson, Mclean!....angle is playing on my mind. I'm just going with odds honestly....Dont think he'll be able to hold the clean sheet anymore. But I don't want to influence you with my didn't mention him in the preview.

    2. Team needs a bit of work in my opinion. If you could down grade Vorm to Krul, get petric instead of dyer and if money is left upgrade jenk or wilk....also get in vertoghen to help with the cash flow then i think u'll be better sorted. Sorry if I just told you to shake everything up. try it out, see how it looks...otherwise "undo all changes". best of luck.

  2. No YToure? He plays a bit deeper I know, but he's amazing at getting fouls and can score goals and make assists...all for under (or just at) 10. Sign me up.

    1. Yaya ya...If I were to give one more option he would probably be it. Maybe for next match week I will start giving 3 options for middies. Just working on a format that's all.

    2. Don't like giving 10 options for 4 spots. Will take it up to 7.

  3. Well i have two teams :). Any insight appriciated.

    Team 1 funds: 0.0 :)
    Krul at 8.79
    Vertonghen at 5.41//Chico at 6.99//Vidic at 7.37
    Cazorla at 5.66//Michu at 5.67//Kagawa at 5.65//Bale at 20.68
    Hazard at 7.01//Tévez at 12.36//P. Cissé at 14.41

    Is Cisse the guy for his price range?

    Team 2 - funds 0.34
    Al-Habsi at 6.20
    Chico at 6.01 // J. Vertonghen at 5.40 // Rafael at 9.92
    Kagawa at 5.64 // Cazorla at 5.66 // Michu at 5.67 //Fellaini at 6.82
    Petric at 7.16 // Tévez at 14.09 // van Persie at 27.09

    Do i stick with Rafael here? I don't know if he is a sure starter.

    1. I like the back 4 of team 1. If you could get fellaini and Rvp in that team that good work well

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Well well, zabaleta is good for this week but after the international break Macon will definitely get involved. That would only leave kompany as the sure shot starter for city. So if u do replace him that's the only option. Although after the matchweek 4 there is the champions league group game so maybe he prefers Macon in that. Still you can take this call later in the week. For me right now you need to bring in some Swansea def as they have the best run of next six matches. Between spurs and Utd, spurs next 6 r better.
      Don't really know how kac will be affected by herbs right now. Wait and watch.
      RVP and kagawa's next 2 r good matches after that a tough run of 3 so ur ok as long as the first 2 r not too damaging. Think of picking the after week 7.

    2. Sorry, deleted comment by mistake.

  5. Hazard down to 8.69. No more an advantage. Drop.