Thursday, 16 August 2012

Matchday Insight : Week Numero Uno!

"The race for the golden boot?"...bookies think so.
Wow, just two days away from kicking off another season!....One of the most exciting feelings for me personally. Alot of transfer activity has given most teams a fresh feel (barring Man City...they changed their formation to bring in the freshness) and with that a whole lot of new options for us to dig into as we put together our first 11 to grace the virtual fields. A double game week for 2 teams is how we are kick starting this season, those teams being Reading and Chelsea. Lets get to the business end and see where are options stand.

Now with Chelsea playing the double it is but obvious that you should take a serious look at them especially with their opposition being Wigan(A) and Reading(H). A minimum of 4 and maximum of seven should be what we should be looking at. Other good match ups involve the defending champs Man City going up against Newly promoted Southampton & Arsenal vs Sunderland.

The Starting XI:

1. Cech: The first choice keeper for all fantasy managers with at least one clean sheet being a definite possiblity.
Options: If you don't fancy the two gamer then you can look at Szczensy.

2. Ivanovic: He will play both matches at RB for chelsea and has a habit of popping in the odd goal so a  no brainer.
3. Harte: The Reading defender is the set piece specialist and has two bonuses this week, his price and the two games he will play.
4. Fabio: An excellent choice for an enabler at 2.26. Should start the match.
Options: If you can sneek in another Chelsea defender instead of Fabio you could have the perfect setup, Cole Luiz(he has a bit of rotation risk for the double matchday), else if money for cole is a problem then Fulham Riether is a good option.

5. Kagawa: He was an excellent choice till the moment RVP hadn't joined United, now he's still there but maybe would play a bit deeper than previously expected. Still a good choice in the midfield for the price.
6. Cazorla: The new Arsenal forward was a fantasy stud in the spanish version of the fantasy game and is likely to stay that way. A good home game to start with could see him rise quite soon. He scored midweek for spain.
7. Ramires: He is playing the right wing role for chelsea till they find themselves and actual one. He has the pace and was the creator of Torres's go in the community shield. Also can have an odd shot at goal. Don't expect big numbers but above 10+ is very likely.
8. Taarabt: QPR has bought a host of talent around Taarabt and would play him as they key man. He is the step piece specialist and our blogs best bet. He has had a season to get use to the pace of the premier league and his time to shine.
Options: Instead of Taarabt and Ramires, you could go in for David Silva, Lampard or Michu.

9. Torres: You would have heard it everywhere and read it anywhere, He has no Drogba's shadow to worry about...or make an excuse of, no chelsea's old and slow midfield to whine about with hazard and mata behind him to supply him all kinds of through let the goals rain.
10. Hazard: He has a very good habit of shooting when ever the slightest opportunity arises to take a shot even from 30 yards out...for us yahoo managers that is just gold. Don't over think his back heel fail, he has 180 minutes to make you feel all better.
11. Aguero: The man who scored the 23 goals in his debut season with 3 other world class strikers sharing the pitch with him. His 23rd was also the most important goal of the season. This guy is the bookies favourite to be the top scorer of the league and I'm sure he'll get off the mark in week one.
Options: Aguero is expensive and his international team Tevez isn't and is no less when in comes to scoring goals, taking Tevez will help you spread the money through your team and make other areas stronger, it is a trade off that can do wonders if it works out. Giroud is an option if you really want the money be spread elsewhere.

So there you go. Our top XI with viable options. Have a blast this season and we'll be right next to you providing the insight to make it all the more exciting and fun fantasy football season. Enjoy the weekend and support your teams!

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  1. Its great to be back on the blog and i cant wait for kick off on saturday. The double matchday has just taken away the choices one could have had otherwise. Looking at the picks above, its the only way to go. Only choice one can really make is to go with more chelsea defenders and reduce the investments in midfield.

    Looking forward to a great season ahead.

  2. 1.Fabio+Ramires
    Which one is better?

    1. Prefer Ramires this week.Only Chelsea midfielder who you can expect 180 minutes over two games.So Fabio and Ramires

  3. Welcome back boys

    Team atm:
    Cole Ivanovic Harte
    Kagawa Ramires McAnuff Cazorla
    Hazard Torres Aguero

    I'm assuming everyone's matchday 1 team is going to look similar to that. Stupid double gameweek. Gonna have to bd Fabio and possibly michu as a season keeper at their current prices

    1. Hi Trini, Welcome back mate.Hope the break has been productive for you.

      Yes unfortunately most spots this week are similar.The real differential starts after this.

      Im looking at Terry at the back and maybe Michu in mid.

  4. Hey Trini,
    Thats correct.....seems that almost 5-6 selections will be the same, so differential will be down to the rest.

  5. Replies
    1. Lets us know what you think of the format, or if you prefer the old one. Its your opinion that matters. thanks.

    2. bring back the old format

  6. Time for some differential picks :

    Vermaelen, Yaya Toure, Petric

    1. Jeez how on earth did you pick Petric

    2. The guy has scored some 6 goals since he joined Fulham in the summer.Goals include all friendlies played in the break and 1 on saturday.

      How did you do? You joined our blog league ? Team name ?