Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Week 22 Insight : Top 3 picks

The focus here is on the best 3 picks who could have a major impact this week in terms of fantasy points.

It may sometime so happen that a player hasnt done much in recent weeks but you know that this is the week he is going to peak.By following such players over time one does know when the big game is round the corner.Ofcourse other factors such as form,opposition,bulidup to the week etc do play an important factor.

Lets have a look at the best 3 picks for week 22 :

1. Defender : Leighton Baines ( vs Blackburn )

We do feel its a game set up for Baines to take control on his own.It may be points from a clean sheet or shots on targets or crosses or goals.Just anything this guy does is simply converted into points.As most of the top players play each other this week, why not invest the money on a player with favourable conditions to perform.

2.Midfielder : Steven Gerrard ( vs @Bolton )

Having played 4 games after his return from injury and having had a good amount of playing time it does seem that the moment is right for him to launch.Playing Bolton could be a great opportunity for a Liverpool outburst as they had a boring draw at home to Stoke last week.With the absence of Cahill, Bolton may just find it difficult to handle Liverpool.Steven G could be a great pick this week.

3.Forward : Torres ( vs @ Norwich )

I usualy dont mention players in posts who have been pathetic and yes most of you would agree that Torres has been poor since he made that 50 mill worth switch.But having seen his performances over the past few weeks, you can see that extra effort he and the club are putting in to get the ball to the back of the net.
Yes these efforts are paying off and he is getting closer to the target.Its just a matter of time that we could see the talent unfold.

Well ,we do hope you liked our picks.We could be in for a cracker of a week and im sure you will have the right ammunition in your teams.

Have a great weekend.
Cheers. AM

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