Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Matchday Insight: Week 21

A mildly long break from fantasy football with a lot of FA cup action sandwiched in the middle brings us to this week where all the prospective picks have done well during their cup runs and making it all the more difficult to pick who is going to be the anchor of our teams this time around. The usual suspects are back in the mix with a few new names that will come at some bargains. So read on....

The match ups of interest are plenty this week starting with Man Utd. vs Bolton, Wigan vs Man City, Totenham vs Wolves.
Forwards: Rooney(Scored a double against City in the FA cup to make sure he is one of the first recommendations in the fantasy world even with his form being a bit iffy. Ferguson's tinkering could have a bit to do with this but nothing should hold him back from starting Rooney this week). Hernandez(Another one with form and rotation issues but a cheaper option if you want a United forward at home against Bolton). Aguero(A proven forward with strength, amazing ability and the greatest threat to Wigan this weekend. A must have in my opinion). Adebayor(Honestly this guy has not really been fantasy gold in the last 3 weeks. The biggest advantage he gives you is the discount that you have him on and against wolves should not really be thought of dropping. At his full price he can still be a decent shout).
Midfielders: Valencia(Had become the most consistent producer in the United midfield before the Newcastle match, even surpassing Nani and his price is affordable at 12.98. He's being recommended solely on matchup.) Nani(Too unpredictable with his production and really expensive at 21.30, I rather put the money in Rooney(better avg. Same unpredictability) or Dempsey(Same avg. Less unpredictable. Cheeper!)). Silva(Don't really need to give any reasoning. Only comparable to other middies at full price otherwise is in his own league. He does have an injury doubt so keep an eye on that), Bale(Not too many teams hold this asset, infact only 8%, so it would be very wise to hold him on the discount but at full price could be too much of an investment). VDV(Is a bit cheaper than Bale and on a decent run against mediocre opponents, so if you want some Totenham action in midfield and can't take the best available then VDV would fit perfectly).
Defenders:Ferdinand(Is priced at a 7.82 and Bolton should be held goal less at old Trafford). Totenham's back line isn't cheap although hold the most potential for a clean sheet. Kolarov(Was on the bench midweek as clichy played midweek against Liverpool in the league cup), Richards(A good avg. and below 10 could be considered if you have the money. He has more probability of starting than Kolarov.)
Keepers:Friedel(If you could afford him).

Rest Of The Lot:
Best: He will probably lead the Newcastle front line and has a good chance of being among goals.
Torres:The sure Chelsea starter. His future in Chelsea literally depends on his performances in the coming weeks, atleast that's what one should assume. At a good price below 10 he will not get many more chances to prove his worth.
Henry: The legend is back amongst us. His name is enough to make the you dream of fantasies and take you away from reality....which is that RVP is the main man now. He would probably come off the bench against a tough home opposition. Everyone can be excused of picking him even if he plays a little less than a half as he created the definition of "The fantasy stud". I might just take him out respect.
Carroll: Yet another below 10 pick. The Torres story but just overshadowed by the Torres story.
Bellamy: The more expensive but safer pick of the 2 Liverpool forwards.
Sturridge: The more expensive but safer pik of the 2 Chelsea forwards.

Dempsey: Coming off a cup hat trick and going into a vs Blackburn. Sounds irresistible.
Gerrard: Has started playing regularly and is very well priced at just below 12. He's worth a lot more. If held at 9+ you have one of the best bargains of the season.
Ramires: He's starting to redefine his role and getting on the scoresheet more often and is consistent with his double figure returns. Some hold him at 6.82 and 9.19 which are both great bargains. At 11+ can be overlooked as Gerrard available at same price.
Cabaye: He was a brilliant barn door at 7.73, so if you did go with that..keep him.
HBA/Ireland/Ramsey: All are only worthy if at hefty discounts and as enablers.

Romeu: Chelsea are bound to get a clean sheet in the next 3 so he could be a great pick.
Clark: Most have him at around 1+. He will be a great enabler for some time with good matchups coming along the way.
Rangel: Was available at a excellent price of 6+ and if barndoored should be held on too.
Vermalaen/Brown: Max they would miss is the next match with Verm having a chance to even return this weekend so stick with them at the huge discounts.

Krul: Another barndoor option but also of good value at full price.
Given: He's back from injury and pushing for a starting place and at 6.87 is a very good buy. Just need to keep an eye on the probable lineup.
Reina/Cech/Szczensy: All are in the same boat and similar price range so is down to preference.
Krul is clearly the pick of the keepers this week.

That about wraps up everything. Have a fun weekend and enjoy the games. Good luck!!.


  1. Most of the picks look tempting and im going to be kicking my self for leaving some good contenders.

    Team for week 21 as of now :


    Vermaelen | Rangel | Clark

    Silva | Gerrard | Bale | Ireland

    Aguero | Adebayor | Rooney

    I need to have Henry in my lineup just to enjoy the next 2 months.Dempsey is another good pick at less than 17 who i have an eye on.

    Looking forward to some positive news from the pre match press conferences.

  2. Week 21:


    Brown Clark Ayala

    Silva Bale Gerrard Dempsey

    Aguero Rooney Henry

    3.01 left.
    I don't know what/who to upgrade with my 3 creds.

    1. Team looks solid and the perfect midfield to have.

      You should wait for a price change and try to get Savic(4.97)instead of Ayala.

    2. yeah i hate having ayala there. hopefully tomorrow morning there's a favourable drop in savic so i can afford him.