Wednesday, 11 July 2012

The "Promoted" Top 3 Picks

'He stands at over 6' 3 Rickie, Rickie.. he'll take us to the Premier League Rickie, Rickie...'
The season start is a month away, the fantasy game doors are going to explode open in the not so distant future, so its time to start doing your homework and the best place to start is right at the bottom. The 3 new teams that would be playing in the top flight of english football this season are Southampton, Reading and WestHam Utd. Now with the amount of new players influx expected this transfer window I thought its better we concentrate on the Top 3 players from these clubs as there will be alot of great bargains from already existing teams available to select from. So here goes..

RICKIE LAMBERT : Southampton, Striker.

Now in Lambert we  have a striker who has scored a staggering 85 goals in the last 3 years in all competitions for Southampton out of which 31 came last season. That is a massive statement for this 30 years old, 6'2" Striker's ability. The buck doesn't stop there, in last years championship season along with the 27 goals he also was able to create 14 goals for his team and all this was done in 42 games played. So he averaged scoring 1 or assisting 1 in each of his game which is incredible. He is the reason Southampton are in the premier league this season and there is no doubt he will be a great addition to the world of fantasy football.

IAN HARTE : Reading, Left Back.

Ian Harte would be well know to some of us since his Leeds United days. He has in some ways shot to the lime light again since joining up with reading in 2010. Well aged at 34 he has been a huge factor in helping Reading achieve premiership status. Scoring 15 goals from 75 games in the last 2 seasons is an impressive return for a defender and combine that with the 9 assists you have a great asset on your hands. He played 30 games last season in which he scored 4 and assisted 8 goals. Harte is a set piece specialist which is the reason for his impressive stats and we should hope will continue is fine form in the premiership.

RICARDO VAZ TE : WestHam Utd., Striker.

Vaz Tê, the U21 Portugese international was bought by WestHam during the january transfer window from Barnsley from whom he played 22 games in which he scored 10 goals. Since joining WestHam he has played 15 games scoring 10 goals again in the league. Taking his total to an impressive 20 in 37 matches. He should be expected light up the premier league with his speed and technique.Vaz Tê scored the winning goal in the 87th minute, to make the final score Blackpool 1-2 West Ham, thus gaining promotion to the Premier League.

So there you have it, our top 3 picks from the promoted clubs. 
Let us us know what you think and if there are any other player that stand out for you  from these clubs.


  1. ggod stuff!!didnt know much about vaz te, could be a great that shorey has joined the reading team how much gametime will harte get??

    1. I was going to ask the same question. Will he get a game now? If he is still likely to start, he is a very good shout at only £4.5m