Thursday, 1 December 2011

Show Rochina The Door?

Now if you barn doored him at 2.28, u might be looking at ur team sheets and thinking is he worth the gamble or not. After putting a excellent performance u might think he is, but we will go back to week 10 to 13 and get some analysis.

Week 10 @ Norwich -  1.5 points  - 68 mins       
Week 11 vs Chelsea   -   4.5 points  - 71 mins
Week 12 @ Wigan    -  -2.5 points  - 82 mins
Week 13 @ Stoke      -  24.5 points  - 90 mins

Well we can't really grasp anything out of this but for one thing that he would surely play. Apart from that its a matter of showing up on that day. The proof that this 24.5 points wasn't a one off is that he has put double figures on the board once before (19 points) in week 4 away to Fulham. 

Need Another reason? his next 3 match-ups :

Week 14 - Swa
Week 15 - @Sun
Week 16 - Wba

Is he worth the gamble home to a terrible travelling team? Surely, just make sure u have two out of Aguero, RVP and Adebayor supporting him.

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