Monday, 19 December 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 17

Before we can even brush off this past weekend the mid week matches are hovering over us with a lot of questions luming about who will start who won't, if the early subs or late ones in week 16 are any indication to what line-ps to expect from week 17 or players that were involved for the full 90 would get another full game or not not. We had a mixed results with players not giving great performances but average and below avg performances. Silva and Vermalaen DDG helped most teams end with a decent points total. Let's move ahead to the preview.

The midweek matches that seem to have the most upside are Mancity vs Stoke and Newcastle vs WBA. Let's take a look at which players will be the best to be a part of your fantasy teams

Forwards: Aguero(Discount or no this guy has to be a part of ur plan to have a good week), Dzeko(As we saw Balotelli start next to aguero it is probable that Mancini is likely to give Dzeko this game). Ba(His match against Swansea was a frustrating affair but he did look like the most likely Newcastle player to Score and if you hold him at a discount at 16.88 he should be given this next game).
Midfielders: Silva(I'm sure most of you are holding him any way and if not then this would be the ideal time to pick him. He just gave an example of what he's capable of). Nasri/Milner(The midfield dilemma equating to balo and Dzeko. Nasri started against Arsenal if that's anything to go by). Obertan(A great enabler who gave 5 huge points against his value of 3, nothing wrong with that). Tiote(He is also a good filler with a tad better average than Obertan and can produce the odd goal so see if the upgrade is possible).
Defenders:Perch/santon(If you barn doored any of these then you would probably need to keep a close eye on the healths of R.Taylor and Williamson and make your choice accordingly).
Keepers:Krul(Another great barn door should cost you 4+ and with coloccini/Tiote being back is a great keeper to hold).

The Rest Of The Lot:

RVP: He's back down to 28.25 which only marginally makes him considerable but still it comes down to what you can improve by not having him rather than what u have to downgrade to have him. I still think there is more upside in spreading your points across the board and getting two strong spots rather than one. For those holding him on discounts I feel the one tough match is past him and the good run of matches is looking very promising.
Rooney: He did his average and that's good for the teams holding him at 17+. Not for Market price though.
Yakubu: The situation is well set up- two bad weeks vs below avg. opposition and it's now or never for the Yak. This would be the last time I will suggest him and teams would pick him. He better show up.
Fletcher: With reasonable consistency he is doing decent and can give at least a goal return.
Saha: It would be tough to keep two consecutive clean sheets in a row for Swansea so a good time to get on the Everton offensive.
Suarez: He hit the post twice and had a lively game but didn't return any points. A game against Wigan can be just the catalyst for a 20+ points game.
Adebayor: Have him on discounts then stick with him. Can't believe some people would have him as an enabler too.

Drenthe: In 18 mins he produced two shots and an assist, changed the game for Everton. Hopefully moyes recognizes this and gives him a full 90.
Nani: Good pick if on a discount otherwise look elsewhere.
O'Hara/hunt: If O'Hara is fit then I prefer him otherwise Hunt is a decent option.
Eagles: played just 45 mins but that might be just because he was being saved for this one, the biggest game of their season according to Coyle.
Larsson: Good match-up, great form.
Sessgnon: Good matchup, ok form but economical.

Brown: 6 points was a welcome and just what should be expected from him. Has a possibility of a clean sheet as well this matchday.
Vermaelen: He's stays just as impressive as he's been since his return.
Heitinga: A good cheap option with a high cs probability.
Boyata: Great filler. Good match.
Baines: One of the rare occasions he can be recommended. Even though I would stick to my theory that it's always better to push money downwards than upwards.

DDG: Well no explanation really required.
Howard: A good cheap option this week if you need to look elsewhere from DDG or Krul.

Ok. So there you have it.
Hope you make the best of it.


  1. Last minute changes from VDV and Obertan to Ramires and Cabaye didnt work to well.

    I guess AVB is learning a thing or two about rotation from Mancini.

    Rooney,Silva,Vermaelen, DDG did well for most of us.

    Team for Week 17 as of now is :

    Vermaelen Boyota Santon
    Silva Nani Vdv Obertan
    Aguero Adebayor Rooney

  2. Team as of now.
    TV5 Brown Perch
    Silva Drenthe Ramsey Larsson
    Aguero Ba Suarez

  3. Team as of now:

    Brown Vermaelen P.Jones
    Silva Larsson Cabaye Dempsey
    RVP K2 Yak

  4. 2 teams, 24 hours...
    team 1
    Brown Verm Ferdinand
    Silva Drenthe Valencia Ramsey
    Aguero Ba Dzeko


    Brown Verm Miquel
    Silva Drenthe Valencia Hoilett
    Aguero Ba Dzeko

  5. Prefer the 2nd team
    Hoilett better pick than Ramsey and Miquel could be in for a run with Djourou / gibbs and Santos injured.

  6. Will hoilett play though? Isn't he injured?

  7. As per bbc , he could be fit, suggest you to check team news early tomorrow .

  8. What are the chances of Valencia playing? Will he be rotated with Ashley Young you think?

    This is very stressful. :>

  9. Ashley Young did come on in the 88th minute against QPR , so he a sure starter against Fulham.

    I understand why you want to stick with Valencia.Performed well and could be cheap in your team.

    But he will always raise questions over selection as Alex has Young,Nani,Valencia, Park who all play as wingers.

  10. Final team for Week 17 :

    Vermaelen Santon Boyota
    Silva Nani Vdv Shelvey
    Aguero Adebayor Rooney

    Lets hope we see lots of goals this week.
    Nothing better than watching matches on Tue,Wed, Thursday.

  11. Agreed! Final Team for 17.

    Verm Brown Boyata (sadly)
    Silva Valencia Drenthe Hoilett
    Aguero Ba Fletcher

  12. Hi Trini,

    Good you replaced Dzeko with Fletcher as it seems Dzeko is doubtful.

    Yeah i have Boyota as well , thats how i could get in Vdv and didnt want to replace him.
    Seems Boyota had a bad game last week.
    Dont mind a 0 from a 2.2 investment.

    Ba could be your pick for this week.

  13. Look at the fixtures at right hand side of fantasy home, Newcastle and Liverpool will have a double week matches?

  14. Yes the fixture list does mean that it is a double match week as Liverpool vs Newcastle falls on a Friday.
    But they dont play in week 19 so i dont see any logic in that.
    Either they rectify it or it stands as a double match week.
    I suggest you barn door a few of the players from these 2 teams but dont lose out on the bargain picks you already have.
    I expect Liverpool vs Newcastle to be a tight game. You could get Ba,Cabaye, Adam, Suarez, Santon , Enrique or any Liverpool defenders as they play 2 home games.

  15. Rooney / Nani vs Suarez / Adam

    If you have Rooney ( at a discount of 17.8) and Nani ( at a discount of 17.xx) and are thinking of Suarez and Adam for this double match week , well you must consider that Liverpool/Newcastle dont play in week 19 and Man Utd play at home against Blackburn.

  16. Liverpool totally destroyed Newcastle last night. Bellamy and Gerrard did the magic again. Read more about the liverpool vs newcastle highlights here.