Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 19

Now that was a week we all didn't expect. Rooney and Nani being billed as top runners and rightly so gave a total of 5.5? Unbelievable. We have to be wary of these real world managers being very unpredictable with lineups and getting a sure shot team on the scorecard atleast. I was lucky enough to have all my players partcipate and giving me a decent total of 76.5 in this low scoring week. Now the transitional week from 2011 to 2012 is here and it comes only 2 days after the last week. Should we expect surprising lineups and players on the team sheet?...surely, but the least we can do is be prepared so lets get down to it.

Ok, Matchups that are likely to be profitable to invest in are Arsenal vs QPR, Chelsea vs Aston Villa, Manchester United vs Blackburn.
Forwards: RVP(There are not many words to explain what RVP has been this season, a player who can give a total of 23 points without a goal or assist is something exceptional, yes I barn doored him at 27.74. He is 3 goals away from beating Shearer's 36 goal haul for the year set in 1995. I for one wanted to be a part of this historic moment. The fairytale ending is set up and all RVP has to do is step up), Gervinho(Got the solitary goal that was expected of him, but could be rested with the busy schedule still going strong), Sturridge(A good player who was a little less involved than usual but should be back amongst the double figures), Torres(barndoored at 7.92 only)/Drogba(Torres played 90 while Drogba 20, a clear indication to who starts the next 2 matches. I presume Drogba week 19 and Torres Week 20. If you did barn door Torres you have to risk sacrificing this week as Drogba leaves for ACN and Chelsea will have to bank on him), Rooney(Well cause many of you would be still holding on to him at 17.** no reason to let him go now), Welbeck(If SAF sticks to his rotation policies then he should be the obvious starter. Key word IF). I personally think the only reason Berbatov is getting some playing time is to boost his transfer value, maybe that is why Rooney didn't take the penalty also although you could argue that the game was won and it didn't matter. Still between him, Chicarito and Welbeck, I think Welbeck has more upside than other two.
Midfielders: Nani(He is like a magician, appears in one match and disappears the next. Should appear this matchday.) Valencia(The poor mans Nani just made his owners alot richer even though he was playing at the RB spot. Stick with him). Ramires(Back from suspension, playing a weak travelling opposition and maintains a good avg.) Ramsey(Only as an enabler. Ignore the rest of Arsenals midfield as alot of rotation risk)
Defenders: Romeu(Well priced at 5.32 and Chelsea should get a clean sheet this time around), Ferriera(At 3.26 is a great filler with Ivanovic and Bosingwa both out)
Keepers: DDG(Well as SAF has cleared it to all of us that there is no No.1 keeper at ManUtd maybe after this match its time to rethink that DDG season keeper decision.), Szczensy(Fell to 8.03 and worth a shot against QPR home.)

Rest Of The Lot:
Aguero: If you hold him below 13 there is not enough reason to drop him but if in 13 to 16 range can be considered dropping. Although he plays avg. opposition still review your options before sticking with or dropping him.
Ade: Keep on him as he has a double game week coming after this week.
Fletcher: He has been scoring consistently enough to be worthy of recommendation and playing against bolton is a big positive.
Walters: Has been quite for a few weeks now but home against wigan is a good opportunity to make a comeback.

Bale: 33 points made his price shoot up to 23+. If you did barn door him, good for you. Best midfielder in the game.
Etherington: He has produced one outstanding week and rest have been mediocre. This matchday could be a decent 15 pointer.
Dempsey: If you missed barn dooring Bale and are looking for the second best middy look no further.
Modric: He does very consistent scoring and with the double week coming should be kept in mind. 
Ben Arfa: He scored and was well worth his value. If barn doored at 3.23 the no reason to drop. Should get more playing time.
Gerrard: Finally made his comeback as a sub which dropped him to 9.52 so if not this week he's definitely worth barn dooring for the next. They need him there with their faltering season.
Silva: City will be fired up with United getting level on points. For them to do well Silva needs to have a great game. At 8.87 should be kept in team and otherwise also is worth considering.

Verm/Brown: If you have these two on heavy discounts, just keep it that way.
Clark: An excellent enabler who should start with the injuries going around Aston Villa. Only if you have him at 1.2 otherwise go for Ferriera.
Woodgate: Lost out on his clean sheet as subbed at 70th min. Still if you need a cheap filler then you shell out 2.60 for his services.

Krul: If barndoored at 3.36 then you have two tough matchups to face. So Either you suck up and take what you get and reap the fruits after the next two or just drop him now.
Sorensen: A good  barn door at 7.27. Still affordable at 8+ with very a favourable matchup.
Howard/Jussi: This weeks cheap but no guarantee Keepers.

Lastly, just to see how my 5 hunch picks did:
Well that wasn't great but wasn't bad either with 3 giving in decent points. I'm going to stick to this practice and see if I can get better in picking these lesser fantasy picks for the specific week.
For this week the 5 names I'll pick are: Moses, Ruiz, Morrison, Drenthe, Klasnic.

Ok, so that was the last preview of Insight Fantasy EPL's First (2011) year in the fantasy world. We hope that me and AMUnited have been able to give you guys a different view point to the matchdays and in the end make this game more fun and involving. Our thanks to Jeremy, Neal and Nik on NMA to give us a platform to get our thoughts across to all the Fanatsy Managers out there. We thank you all for your opinions and support. 
Good Luck and have a Happy New Year!!


  1. Well Firstly a Happy New Year to all !!!
    Its been a great time writing about what we are so passionate about and the feedback has been overwhelming.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy New Year everyone!

    Sitting on:


    4.19 left. Considering Ferreira for the last spot, or maybe Rosicky (BD 4.15) just in case i can´t save changes on new year´s day and i can profit from rotations on week 20 and also be able to keep VDV. What do you think? Advice?

  3. Both of those are good choices but I prefer Ferriera over Sicky. He will endup playing atleast 1 match of the next 2. Good enablers either way.

  4. hi guys..

    who will start forward for MANU vs Blackburn??
    ronney or berbatov???

  5. Its got to be Rooney as i dont see him on the bench for 2 matches in a row.

    After last year's 7-1 win against Blackburn, you got to go for it.

  6. I'm currently sitting on
    Brown Clark Ferriera
    Silva Valencia Bale Kuyt
    Aguero Rooney Walters

    however i can change Walters to Mata/Gervinho and Kuyt to Ramsey. Everyone else will stay, its just those last 2 spots i'm tinkering with.

  7. Prefer Walters and Kuyt.
    Kuyt could benefit from Suarez's absence and Walter is a good hunch pick this week.

  8. TEAM NEWS : Wenger has confirmed that Walcott is fit to face QPR.

    Ramirez returns from his 1 match suspension.

    Ba is fit to face Liverpool

    Suarez is suspended and will be out for todays game against Newcastle.

    Manutd's team news coming up in the next hr.

  9. Man Utd Team News :

    Smalling is suffering from Tonsillitis and will be available for the Newcastle game on 4th January.

    Rio Ferdinand has an outside chance of making it to the bench tomorrow.

    Jones is fit.

    "Rest of the team will be the same" - Alex