Thursday, 15 December 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 16

The Article has been updated.(Rohit)

Coming off a high scoring matchday with the likes of Rooney(40 pts), Suarez(22 pts), Nani(32 pts), Larsson(23.5 pts), Vorm(29 pts),Ba (23 pts) did well and incase you didnt have them in your team, im sure you must have barn doored some of them for the weeks to come.

Up till week 15 we did see most of the teams picking the same players such as Vdv, Rvp,Gervinho,Aguero etc who have given plenty of points in that period but now we do enter the Christmas period where the number of games go up and its time to move up in ranks.

Now the standout fixture for this matchday are Newcastle at home to bad travelling Swansea, Chelsea's visit to Wigan and Totenham host Sunderland at home. The players who would look to shine better than the rest are as follows.
Ba (If you barn doored him at 16.88 is a great pick for at least the next 2 matchdays), Adebayor (If you have him at any kind of discount stick with him), Sturridge (has been steadily climbing the price ladder every week his price for you could vary from 9.5 to 13 till the end of last week and at 14.51 is still a great forward to have). 

Cabaye(Excellent barn door at 7.11 and if you did just go with it, at 9.38 is still worth returning his money),  Bale(Holding him at 16 means you have one of the best midfielders at the best value possible), VDV(The kaboul red card cut his game short so he would be up for a comback), Ramires(A spark in the Chelsea midfield can light up and be a great assest to your team, a no brainer if holding him around 6+), Ben Arfa/Obertan(Expect nothing cause your paying nothing, Still great enablers.)

Perch( Below 4 is value for money as has a tendency to give phantom points with evidence being the last 2 matchdays in which hes scored 11 points with no clean sheets), Romeu( back down to 6.12 is the best of the chelsea defenders to pick from as a he plays in midfield, only issue is rotation as the Totenham match this midweek could be decisive for how AVB goes about this one).

Keepers: Krul( He's cheap and  I dont expect Swansea to have a go like norwich, yes the defence is a bit shaky but if coloccini starts hes a good pick).

The only worry is that players wont be getting full 90 mins with the next matchday just around the corner.

The Rest Of The Lot:

Rooney : (only if Barn doored, not worth at 24+) Ive been waiting for him to score atleast 1 goal so that he could get back to good form.Having followed Rooney closely over the past few years , he could be either in the best of form or in the worst.There is no midway for him.Watching him play last week, I would expect some good weeks from him and Manchester United have some easy games coming up.
Yakubu :(If Holding him at 11+) After his 4 goals in week 14 many of us jumped to Yakubu for some fireworks in week 15, but again playing away from home is totally a different situation when you are a good forward in a weak team.Now at home to West Brom is a perfect script for Yak to perform.Decently priced at around 14.
Aguero: Stick with him at 6.65 or 8.35.

Now For the last forwards I would like to elaborate on the RVP situation:
What to do if you don't have him at 20.47? Well he has a tough match and with the amount of options available this would be a week where his 11% ownership might see a dip. The 14.5 points score also didn't help his cause with alot others scoring 20+ points. I held him at 26.87 and have gone ahead and dropped him with hope that he would end up being available at around 27 again after the next 2. At 20.47 he's still not to be tinkered with. At 26.87 this is a matchweek you could and would consider dropping him. Its a 50/50 after this Matchday he again will go into the can't be dropped category. I couldn't resist the temptation, can you? 

Midfielders :
Nani: (Again a barn door pick at 17, not full price).We mentioned earlier, he was and still is in super form and we saw it again last week.With the likes of Young, Valencia and Giggs way below par, It would be again on this man to control the play from midfield.
Dempsey: He was at a good price before at 16+ and even gave a good performance, before last week during which he missed a penalty. He is considerable at that price but better options available at market price.
O'hara:Has been quiet for a few week due to tough games away from home.Could be a good week with Wolves at home against Stoke. Has been ruled out for this week due to injury
Silva: Keep Holding him at 8.87

Smalling:Again a good stretch of matches coming up and Jones now playing a more central role could keep smalling's place safe.
Vermaelen:With Santos out for atleast 3 months , we could see Vermaelen moving more ahead on the left wing which could add to the points with crosses etc.He is already consistent with assists and Goals.Most of us do have him at a bargain price which is always an asset to have.
Brown: Hold him at 3+. Other wise opt for others

Keepers :
DDG: Now with Champions league out of the way, we could see DDG in goal almost in all games of the league.This is good news for all who have stuck by him and taken the odd zeros in the last few weeks due to CL matches.
Robinson: Blackburn's keeper is a mere 2.21. For that price he gives alot of flexiblity to the rest of the team. If he comes away on the positive side consider it a well picked keeper. 

The Next Macthday comes during the midweek making things alot more complicated with players being rested. I will try and have it up as soon as this matchweek ends.

We do hope you enjoyed reading this article and will be great to know how your team is shaping up.
We are always available on twitter @iFantasyEPL so stay tuned for all updates regarding your fantasy teams.
Have a great weekend.


  1. Hi all.

    My team as of now is :


    Vermaelen Perch Boyota

    Silva Nani Vdv Obertan

    Aguero Adebayor Rooney

    Still have 2 days to see how to improve on Obertan as he sucks and i need a decent filler.

    How are you all doing?

  2. no dempsey in ur player recomendation?

  3. im at
    perch boyata romeu
    silva nani valencia cabeye
    aguero adebayor sturridge

    that or cabeye and sturridge to yak and ramires. not sure as of yet.

  4. Hi Kidzac , Not mentioned Dempsey here as there are better picks who are "in form" and having watched him miss a penalty and score an own goal last week , i wouldnt pick him ahead of Nani, Vdv, Bale , Lampard

    Plus you got to see that Fulham played an extra game midweek for Europa League.

    However , Dempsey is a decent pick playing at home.You could consider.

  5. Hi Trini,

    Your team looks good,just that make sure Valencia is not on the bench as Young( if fit ) and Nani start on left and Right wing respectively.

    I would prefer Ramires or Lennon( at home ) to Valencia.

    Yak or Sturridge. Well both are probables for a good scoring matchday.

  6. good thoughts. i just don't seem to have the funds to make valencia into ramires or lennon. cabeye could turn in to either one of those though.

  7. hi Justin , always preferred a forward to a midfielder. Ba has been scoring on a regular basis and home games against Swansea and WBA.

  8. Thought I will get something new here.
    Try again !

  9. Hi Sal,we have updated this article and you could have a look at it.
    Thanks for your feedback.

  10. My Team

    Vermalaen Brown Perch
    Silva Ramires Cabaye VDV
    Aguero Ba Sturridge

  11. is perch confirm will play?

    bow about senderos?

    1.)Bassong/Nani/Sturidge (442 formation)


    2.)Ramires/Cabaye/Rooney (343 formation)



    is senderos comfirm will plays?

    Option 1

    Option 2

  12. Perch is a sure starter as williamson is just recovering and Coloccini is also slightly doubtful. With the next matchday during midweek it is highly unlikely both would be risked.

    Senderos was on the bench during the midweek europa league match and hughes started in his place. With Senderos playing 90 mins against swansea it is probable we see him back in the starting lineup instead of hughes.

    I prefer perch over senderos

    Option 2 is better with Rooney having great backup of 2 solid midfielders

    As I have written earlier about senderos u could go for him. regarding line up I feel you should go for 2 as u have used 433 in option 1. Opiton 2 is also the safer option as ramires cabaye and silva r the most heavily picked midfielders.

  13. i have perch right now. but worried he will not play. that why i,m considering senderos.

    and ok tqvm bro for your advice.

    i might go for option 2. and now to consider perc or senderos

  14. My team
    Brown Vermaelen Perch
    Herd HBA Silva Nani
    Adebayor RVP Ba

    With 2.03 left. All in quite big discount prices. I know, too much fillers in Perch, HBA, and Herd? But my reasoning is that Herd keeps playing week in and week out. Perch will also play because of the Toons defensive crisis. HBA might play with Tiote and Guthrie injured, and Gosling is suspended. Make sense? Any suggestions? Thanks.

  15. you have a great forward lineup. ur mds are balanced with nani and silva...only worry for me would be hba...u never knw what pardew makes of him with best and ameobi both available.

  16. My team for week 16:

    Vermaelen Romeu Boyota
    Silva Nani Cabaye Ramires
    Aguero Adebayor Rooney

    Hope it works out well.

  17. Newcastle team v Swansea: Krul; Simpson, Perch, Coloccini, Santon; Obertan, Cabaye, Tiote, Gutierrez; Best, Ba

  18. Stoke team v Besiktas: Begovic, Wilkinson, Upson, Diao, Higginbotham, Delap, Palacios, Arismendi, Jones, Jerome, Fuller #Potters #SFC

  19. #Norwich team v Everton: Ruddy, R Martin, Morrison, Whitbread, Crofts, Holt, Surman, Hoolahan, Fox, Tierney, Naughton

  20. #Everton team v Norwich: Howard, Hibbert, Heitinga, Jagielka, Baines, Osman, Fellaini, Neville, Gueye, Cahill, Saha. #toffees

  21. #Wolves team v Stoke: Hennessey, Zubar, Berra, Johnson, Ward, Hunt, Henry, Milijas, Jarvis, Fletcher, Doyle

  22. #WestBrom team v Blackburn: Foster, Reid, McAuley, Olsson, Shorey, Morrison, Scharner, Mulumbu, Brunt, Long, Odemwingie

  23. Blackburn team v Albion Robinson; Nzonzi, Samba, Dann, Rochina; Vukcevic, Lowe, Dunn, Pedersen; Formica, Yakubu

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