Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 4

We are back from the international break. This break came just after a blowout fantasy week for some players like Dzeko, Rooney and Young. The Manchester teams were on fire and blew the london clubs away with a total of 13 goals scored between them.
The hammering given by united to arsenal prompted them to act up during the transfer deadline which helped in securing some decent players, even if not the caliber of what they lost in Cesc and Nasri. 

Lets take a look at how fantasy week 4 will pan out for your teams and which players are definite to be a part of your game plan.

The Easy Match-ups

Arsenal vs Swansea
ManCity vs Wigan


Dzeko: With the form that this man is in it would be hard to resist picking him against an arguably weak team like wigan. Playing at the Etihad stadium the confidence and momentum will probably remain and he will continue his extrodinary run of scoring goals.

Van Persie: He managed to get one goal back against untied and seemed to be playing decently, just that he had no one else to play along him. Wenger has gone into the market and tried to sort that problem out by signing two experienced mfs to support him. He plays Swansea at home and will benefit with a new stronger looking arsenal.

Rooney: The master has been scoring goals for fun and if the 3-2 match that was played between Bolton and ManCity is anything to go by, then Rooney surely will be bringing some more goals to add to his brilliant start.

Aguero: He has been over shadowed by the performances of his compatriat since two weeks and for good reason, although he is a cheaper option and good match up Aguero should not be overlooked as he could score a couple any moment. On the other hand he could be benched in favor of Tevez but that is all upto the unpredictable manager.

Suarez: He did everything possible but score a goal against Bolton. Stoke away is a tough match up but they might not be as lucky with this explosive forward playing against them. I do feel there are better options this week.

Adebayor: He is available at a steal and seems to be ready for a start for the spurs. VDV is out injured which opens up an attacking spot and Redknapp could opt for a Defoe/Adebayor duo upfront.

Mata: His 30 minute cameo showed what this mans talent can produce...lots of scoring opportunities and an odd goal every few outings. He would probably play where malouda plays for Chelsea and move about as a second striker. Although he is listed as a forward he plays the role between a forward and a midfielder. Assume you are playing 3-5-2 formation rather than sacrificing a forward spot if you do choose pick him. 


Arteta: The new signing has the perfect setup to kick start his Arsenal career. He will be surrounded by better talent, a brilliant striker in Van Persie who is bound to help him improve his fantasy potential. He does lose out on the Spot kick duties but his overall game will get you more points. 

Silva: His form has been brilliant and most of you would be sticking with him since week 1. Nothing should change that. The signing of Nasri would affect his avg. total a bit but he has taken his game to a higher level this season and that should compensate. He is also the cheaper option between both the players, especially if you picked him in week 1.

Nasri: He was involved directly in 3 of the goals scored by ManCity even though he couldn't get any shots on target. The points share between Silva and Nasri is a toss up as they both will share a similar role in the team. For the price I would prefer going with Silva. 
UPDATE: News coming that he has a broken bone in his hand. Keep a check on the situation to see whether he would play or not.

Taarabt: He showed what he is capable of by racking up a huge number of phantom points last week. It remains to be seen how Barton inclusion in the team will affect the set piece duties of Taarabt. On the other hand Barton could also benefit Taarabt by diverting more attention towards him, giving Taarabt space to move forward. In any case his price is still low and hes worth keeping in the team as a decent enabler.

Young: Stick with him if you picked him up early. Otherwise dont spend the money here. United have some tough fixtures coming up and could see a drop in points potential.

Bale: He will be Totenhams focal point for attack with VDV out. Expect him to put up a decent points total against wolves.


Andre Santos: The new arsenal left back carries a reputation of being a attacking wing back and averages a goal every 5 games, although these stats are from the turkish league. Still with a more or less given starting spot he should be considered just on the basis of the match up.

Metersacker: Arsenals new CB should also start with Vermaelen being out injured for 2 months. Read above, apart from the attacking bit.

Kompany: With Mancini rotating his wing backs every match its hard to suggest who would start and who wouldn't. Kompany seems to be a sure shot starter for City and the only one you should take a call on picking barring his hefty price tag.

Bosingwa: He's putting in good performances and is consistent with his points output. Last week a yellow card and no clean brought that down but those things happen. He should have the backing of the manager and yours too.

Riise: Played 60 minutes for norway during mid week so seems to be headed back in contention for Fulham. If he does then he would be good for his value.


Szczensy: After the -14 he has fallen down to 6.32 and is a viable option. Dont bank too much on Arsenals defence and limit your combination to a maximum of 2 players as it is still new and rebuilding.

Begovic: Stoke is known for its strong tall back line and Begovic is benefitting from it. They do have a tough match up against Liverpool but playing at home should be a big positve factor.

Schwarzer: Playing blackburn at home could be ideal conditions for Fulham to pick up a clean sheet. The team has had a break from european mid weeks and should be fresh and fit to face blakburn.

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