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The Matchday Insight : Week 7

Most of us have had a moderate Week 6 as we banked on Rooney, who did not play due to a hamstring injury, Dzeko ( had a poor game against Everton ) and Gea gave single digits after 4 weeks of some fireworks.Im assuming most of you did have atleast 2 of the 3 players.

Making a team for Week 7 would require you to answer many questions, im sure ull try many combinations and believe any and every news you can get on injuries , bustups with managers etc.My purpose to write this article is to help you go through this tough ride in a rather smooth way.

Question No. 1 : Do you stick with Rooney / Will he play or no / Is it worth the risk to pick him ?

My Answer      : As per SAF, in the prematch press conference on 30.09.2011 at 09.45 am Rooney,Hernandez and Evans are all fit for saturday's game against Norwich.

Question No. 2 : Whats going on in the Man City camp/ What are the issues relating to Mancini with Tevez and Dzeko ?

My Answer  :  As you saw in many youtube videos, Tevez refused to play as a sub in the CL clash against Bayern which led to Mancini saying that Tevez is not going to play for Mancity again.Do i see him playing again for his club? It may take weeks if not months or may be never.Dzeko reacted in an unusual manner when he was substituted at 55 minutes which led to Mancini saying "Dzeko wiil sit with me in the dugout for the Blackburn game."It does make Aguero and Balotelli obvious choices upfront.

Having said that lets get straight into Week 7 :

Easy Matchups :

ManUtd vs Norwich
Blackburn vs ManCity
Bolton vs Chelsea

Tough calls :
Wolves vs Newcastle ( Both playing well )
Everton vs Liverpool  ( Derby )
Tottenham vs Arsenal ( Derby)/ High scoring
Fulham vs QPR ( Derby)

Forwards :

1. Aguero :
Been the best of the Mancity forwards and most consistent in his performance unlike Dzeko.He has already scored 8 goals in 6 matched with an average of 18.58.I do see a big match from him against a weak Blackburn side.

2. Drogba :
He is coming back from an injury and did get some playing time against Swansea last week. As Torres is out for the next 3 matches because of his straight red card, Drogba will be a sure starter.Im sure he will be eager to show his new manager that he is still a big matchwinner.

3. Welbeck :
Coming off an excellent game against Basel in CL and scoring 2 goals in a gap of 2 minutes would make his a obvious pick of the Manchester United strikers against Norwich at Old trafford.His confidence is sky high and ideal pick for this matchday.

4. Balotelli
As explained in question no. 3 above. Reasonably cheap at 9+ and rested in the CL match against Bayern.

5. Adebayor
The reason ive put him on this list is simply because he plays against his old club Arsenal.This fixture brings the best out of him as he is fully fired up for this one.He will want to find the back of the net and go running to the away supporters to celebrate.Apart from that he is good value ( 10+) and consistent with fantasy points.

Midfielders :

1. Nani
He is the in-form player to have in midfield. Scored 2 goals in his last 2 matches.He only played some 30 minutes against Basel so i do assume he will be ready for an assault against Norwich.Expensive but where else will you spend the funds available from the sale of Rooney.

2. Silva
As i keep mentioning in all my Matchday insights right from Week 1 , he is a must have and Mr.Consistent so far.

He has been a brilliant buy for Newcastle and one of many reasons why they are playing some exceptional football.This frenchman has been impressive and its about time that he frequently gets on the score sheet.The good part about Cabaye is that he doesnt cost much 8 + and justifies that amount by giving 8 - 10 pts minimum every week.As i said abt time he scores and raises that average to double figures.

4. Ramires
He has to be the quickest of all the midfielders around. I do like the fact that this season we have seen him more offensive and finding enough space upfront .Already scored 2 goals and 6 shots on target. He does not have any competition for his position in the Chelsea line up. He costs around 10 and incase you brought him before his price went up last week , its a good choice.

5. Modric
He has been the unsung hero for Tottenham in the last few matches.He has replaced Vdv for taking most of the corners and gets in lots of points as a result. Averages more than 10 pts per game and believe me his price is increasing every week . From 9 now he is worth 13+. I had him last week and he gave me 16 pts from a decent performance.

Defenders :

1. Jones
Playing at home to Norwich and due to injuries to some defenders in the United backline , makes Jones an automatic pick this week. I like the way he speedens the game and moves forward.

2. Riise
At home to QPR, Fulham are coming into this week with a clean sheet.Also Fulham have some easy matchups coming up.Good time to get him in.

3. Brown
At home to West Brom and a cheap option.

4. Richards
Its tough to leave out a defender like Richards. He offers so much more than just the defensive side of the game.He has this tendency of going forward and creates many chances upfront.

5. Bosingwa  
Same explanation as given for Richards.

Goalkeepers :

1. DDG
Been in great form and has made some spectacular saves.He is the future and i say it now and again he is great value to what Manchester United have paid for him.Plays at home against Norwich.

2. Given
At home against Wigan makes him a good option this week.Averaging around 7.5 per game and is available for close to 8.

3. Vorm
He has been impressive since Week 1. He has great skill and plays against Stoke at home. Although they will need to handle Crouch and Delap throwins but Vorm is capable of making crucial saves for his team.His price has gone down to under 7 after the Chelsea game.

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