Friday, 18 November 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 12

Finally the international break seems to be coming to an end and how much have we missed the EPL these two weeks.In previous years i used to somewhat look forward to internationals where England were playing but ever since Capello and Terry have taken over the team i just dont bother watching them playing and stick to the post match score updates.

Without wasting much time , lets get straight to Week 12 picks :

Easy Matchups :

Norwich vs Arsenal
Wigan vs Blackburn
Everton vs Wolves
Swansea vs Man. Utd
Tottenham vs Aston Villa
Man City vs Newcastle

Forwards :

Dzeko / Balotelli
Di Santo

Rvp would still remain our pick of strikers and he is worth it at any price as he is just on another level. After him , there seems to be a huge gap and we have strikers like Dzeko / Suarez in a level below Rvp. Then there would be Aguero / Balotelli / Adebayor / Hernandez / Gervinho  in a similiar bracket where they may or maynot play or outperform and then we could be in a level of strikers who are either playing at home to a weak team or in super ( short term ) form for e.g Klasnic , Di Santo .

As we cant have them all , choosing 3 out of these different levels would differentiate your team from the others. Most of it would depend on how much funds would you like to spend on them. RVP, Aguero, Dzeko, Adebayor, Di santo should do well this week looking at their matchups.

Midfielders :

Vdv ( 75% chance of playing against Villa )
O Hara
Ben Arfa

Bale is our pick of the midfielders this week because of his form lately and when this guy is in form you cannot stop him. Vdv is not fully fit but could feature in the game. Silva is a long term pick so wouldnt suggest you to keep him out . Ohara / Drenthe / Moses are good picks this week . Its finally time Ben Arfa starts more regularly as 2-3 key midfielders of his Newcastle seem to be injured.

Defenders :

Santos or Gibbs

Vermaelen is our pick of defenders not just for this weak but for the season if he is fit. Richards / Wheater / Jones seem to be solid at the back and decent matchups. Watch out for team news before early kick off regarding the arsenal starting line up. Woodgate , Brown and Caldwell could be good cheap options.

Keepers : 


These two look good options this week and value for money picks. I dont think Alex will rest ddg again and will be back in the starting line up this week. Apart from these options you could go with the Arsenal defense and keeper . It looks like a safe bet

We apologise for the delay in posting this article and as much i would like to write more , this is where i would have to end as im on a vacation. But im going to be watching some good matches on TV this weekend.

Hope you liked the article. Your comments would be highly appreciated. Cheers !!!

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