Thursday, 3 November 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 11

Coming off a good weekend as some of the picks continued to give alot of points such as Gea , Vdv , RVP , Hernandez etc . It does sometimes make it tougher going in to Week 11 when we have a 100+ pts target in mind and keeping the rank up . Well thats what we are here for to make things simpler and competitive.

Assuming most of the fantasy teams would have Silva , Aguero , Gea  any of these three doing good or bad doesnt effect the rank much but its the rest of the team that makes all the difference. Keeping these 3 is a must and i would never advise you to change them.

This being a matchday before another long international break , lets get it right to have a good satisfying fantasy weekend.

Easy Matchups :

Liverpool vs Swansea
Arsenal vs WBA
Manchester United vs Sunderland
QPR vs Man City
Wolves vs Wigan



RVP is the pick of this week again playing a weak WBA side. Wenger got him to rest most of the match midweek so im sure he will play the full game.If in 25 mins the guy can score a hatrick, dont know what a full 90 min match has in store. Suarez is fit and ready to score some goals against a team with a bad away record. Having watched Man City vs Villareal , i must admit it has changed my team completely. Dzeko didnt play at all so im sure he will play against QPR , Aguero played for a few 25 mins and again im sure he wont need to rest. For a good cheap option i would look at Agbonlahor as he is always involved and creating chances upfront. I wasnt convinced with any of the Man Utd forwards after seeing Rooney playing in mid field and the rest having not such a big impact.
Any 3 of the mentioned 5 strikers could be a great force.

Midfielders :

Silva ( check injury news )
A. Johnson
Ben Arfa

Vdv is the player in form and he continues to be the pick of midfielders. Silva has been exceptional but news of him getting subbed in CL due to a back injury has to be looked into. Hope he recovers in time for this weekend. Adam should take advantage of Gerrard's injury and continue to controll the game as he did last week. Walcott / AJ / O Hara have been the in form midfielders last 2 - 3 weeks and relatively not so expensive as they tend to consistently score good amt of points. Ramsey and Ben arfa are cheaper options in case you dont want to spend much on a midfielder.

Defenders :


When ever you spend more than usual on a defender he always lets you down and the ones who dont cost much seem to outperform their values. Therefore this season we have had lots of teams with Brown, Boyota , Gibbs picks which havent done all that bad. Lots of affordable picks available this week with Vermaelen , Santos ( if u BD'd him last week ) , Jenkinson , Savic all less than 7 and some close to 5 also.
Expensive picks would consist of Jones , Enrique , Richards etc ( in that order ) and i do hope they will show up this time around.

Keeper :


Would highly recommend a home team goal keeper as most teams are not performing so well defensively away from home . All these 3 keepers have easy matchups this week and do sense a clean sheet from them.

Well i do hope you all have a good weekend and thank you for taking out time to read this article. Cheers !!

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