Friday, 1 February 2013

Matchday Insight : Week 25

  Firstly i apologize for not being able to post previews for the last 2 matchdays as i have been traveling extensively for work. It feels great to be back and free to watch a matchday without any backlog.

Good news for us managers is that Week 26 is a double matchday where Liverpool and Swansea play each other in a extra game due to the latter playing the Capitol one cup final. So you should barn door players from these 2 teams before their prices go up.

Lets get straight to Week 25 :

Forwards :

1. Ba : Having been rested last week and coming on to play just 1 minute against Reading makes BA a sure starter against his former club. Looking forward to him showing Newcastle why they made a mistake to let him go.

2. Rooney : Having scored 6 goals from his last 5 starts makes him an inform forward going into week 25. Alex will not be risking any of the EPL matches as he doesnt want to let go of the title again. If you got him in at 17.xx its a great barn door and a good pick moving forward.

3. Fletcher : Has been in a good run for some time and Sunderland look like they are on their way up after a poor start to the season. Playing against Reading makes me feel that there are goals in this game from both sides.

Options : Remy : This is a great pick for those wanting to take that risk. QPR play at home vs Norwich and after seeing how harry has brought in alot of players at the cost of some wealthy owners, it does look like they will fight hard to get out of the relegation zone. At 6.xx he is a bargain and definitely one to look out for.

Midfielders :

4. Fellaini : After a few quiet weeks, its all in time when Everton host Aston Villa at Goodison park over the weekend. Looks like a high scoring affair and i dont want to miss out on this one.

5. Walcott : He has been a part of 10 out of the last 12 goals that Arsenal have scored and thats quite a remarkable stat for a midfielder. He does tend to get the striker role or even if he doesnt, he just takes that role on his own will. He is looking a better fantasy asset than Bale this time around.

6. Taarabt : Like i mentioned for Remy above, its a good matchup for QPR and its time they move up on the table. Its the likes of Remy, Taarabt etc who will be on the drivers seat for this run.

7. Michu : I was surprised with Swansea letting go of Graham at this stage of the season without replacing him. This makes Michu a sure forward in their line up, a out of position for him as he is listed as a midfielder. Great asset this week and the double matchday coming up next week.

Option : Joe Cole : Having been rested last week, he should start this week and is a great option. West ham host Swansea who are not the best defenders away from home.

Defenders :

8. Baines : He was due a big score for some time and did that in some style. Having take on the penalty duties for a long time, always made him an asset but with his high price it did keep us managers away from such investment. However its Aston Villa at home and in case you have the money to splash, he has the best fixture.

9. Fabio : He has been in good nick for the last few matchdays and i will be looking at him this week as they host Norwich.

10. Davies : Good form, a double matchday coming up next week and always a threat to score that odd goal makes him a good pick. You should get him in before his value goes further up.

Option : Debuchy : In case you are looking for a filler, look no further that this man who cost around 4 . or else Terry is also available at 5.xx.

Goalkeepers :

11. Howard : Purely on the basis of fixture and form, i got to say Howard is the keeper to have this week. Rest of the fixtures look even.

Option : Lloris : is affordable at around 7.xx and plays away to West Brom. Not an easy fixture but every chance of a good defensive performance by spurs.

Well thats all we have for your this week. I will be free to comment all weekend as im finally free with all work duties. Looking forward to your comments and views.

Have a great weekend all.


  1. I am slow apparently, but can you provide a link re: the double week? I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  2. Hi,

    This is my team for this week

    Vertonghen Vidic Samba
    Cazorla J.Cole Gerrard Lampard
    Giroud Rooney Mata

    Can't do much because all of them are on big discount except Samba. How is it? Thanks.

    1. Looks decent. Agreed on the discounts part, but I do feel Walcott, Fellaini and michu will be big pointers this week.

      Discounts come with a disadvantage as they restrict ur choices.

  3. Insight, foresight, more sight, the clock on the wall reads a quarter past midnight...

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