Thursday, 13 October 2011

The Matchday Insight : Week 8

Lots happened in the last 2 weeks as England, France, Denmark, Italy etc all made it to the Euro 2012 and while these qualifiers were on, it gave me enough time to take a nice break from the regular.Having said that i must admit that ive missed watching EPL the last few days and im all geared up to watch as many matches i can this coming weekend.

I did have an eye on my fantasy team but could not do much with it as i wanted to be dead sure about injury news as i cant afford to have any one not playing or injured this early in the season.

Okay lets get straight to Week 8 :

Easy Match ups :
Man.City vs Aston Villa
Chelsea vs Everton
Arsenal vs Sunderland
QPR vs Blackburn

Van Persie
Arsenal have yet to get their act together and get their best XI on the pitch without any injuries to get on the top half of the table.Having said that, they do have an easy stretch of games coming up and its time their captain leads from the front.Van persie hasn’t scored as many he would like to but my money is on him to score a few in the coming weeks.Sunderland look weak and without any strikers ( Bendtner is ineligible to play against his parent team) they will not be a threat.
Man City Strikers
Okay this is the tough one. Dzeko played 180 minutes during the international break and did not take part in Thursday’s MCFC light training session , Aguero didn’t play for Argentina as he was not fully fit for the game and had to fly back to Manchester on Wednesday.Tevez has been having issues with his employers but did train today with the team. Balotelli’s availability will be known on Friday.If he is not fit Mancini will be forced to go with Dzeko or/and Aguero.
He has been scoring and creating in every game he has played. Playing on the right wing , he does not face any threat of selection etc.Averaging 15 pts per game and scored in every game this season. 
Being an ex-Everton player and playing with the team that beat Liverpool last season to win the 19th League Title are just a few reasons why Rooney will be ready to give his best in this rivalry match against Liverpool.Players like him do step up against big opposition and perform to their best.
Di Santo
Playing against a weak Bolton’s side and he does have a good average of close to 9 per game.This should be a good match up for him to continue showing his skills and scoring ability.

Midfielders :
Has been the best midfielder this season and had created many chances for the strikers upfront.Manchester City seems to be playing their game around him and with most of the strikers Unfit/injured , Silva will play a vital role.
Same explanations as Silva. Both combine will on both sides of the midfield to create and score goals for their team.
The way AVB has been playing Lampard in important games and resting him at times is paying rich dividends to his team. Not only that, its bringing the optimum performance from Lampard.We say him dominate the game against Bolton and gave a whooping 35.5 pts.Having rested for the last few days should keep him fit and ready to play against Everton.
He has been quiet for the last 2 weeks but he is playing at home against a weak Blackburn side.I do expect him to be back to full form in this one and all of you keeping faith on him since he was worth 4mill, this should be his easiest matchup till date.
This is a good matchup for Arsenal and Walcott will play a vital role on the right side of Arsenal’s midfield.He has not been in good form in the last few games but this is a good time to go for him. When in form he is capable of exploiting any defence on his own.
Been in great form and the heart of West Brom.He brought West Brom back in the game against Sunderland when they were 0-2 down in the first 20 minutes playing away from home. They play Wolves at home and should be a good matchup.   

He didn’t play last week as he was rested and his place was taken by Zabaleta. Now that Richards has not played for the last 2 weeks , he should be fully fit against Aston Villa. Also, Zabaleta did not train today with the rest of the City squad.
Good matchup and has been in good form on the right wing.
Wenger will know the importance of the game against Sunderland and will play his regular players.Gibbs has been given the nod ahead of Santos and i do hope to see him starting this week.
The best reason i could find for picking Boyata is that when ever his team loses big ( 1-5 against Chelsea last week ) even though he scored his one off goal , he does give some points that justify his valuation of 2.6 and gives funds to invest else where.
I do like this Swansea team right from their keeper to the front.They do surprise us with their game.They face Norwich and their defence has been rock solid.

Goal Keepers :
He does play a stronger Liverpool side but when else would you expect him to make the saves he is capable of making. With every save giving you points this could be ideal for DDG to accumulate lots of points.
Good match up at home to Sunderland.He has been the only stand out player for me for Arsenal and he does keep improving every game.His saves have saved Arsenal from alot of matches this season.( Priced at 7.48)
He has been a pick of the keepers this season. Being a part of a newly promoted team and playing in the way he has been playing , it has to appreciated.He has a good average of above 9pts per game and playing against Norwich should be a ideal matchup.He is priced at 8.43.
( Friday injury news will be updated tomorrow, stay tuned to this site and our twitter account @iFantasyEPL ) Thankyou for taking out time to read this article and have a great weekend. Will appreciate your feedback.

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